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Hey fans. DK Wrestling Savior, or DK Genius for short, is back with another post. I figure 75 people will post their Royal Rumble thougts on the blog board so, as always, I'm throwing a curve ball.

However, it's not much of a curveball is it? My title pretty much says what this blog is going to be. Because I'm officially done with the Chris Jericho saga. Let's look at a run-down of what his return has been.

1. Seven dark-toned videos leaving speculation that it could be anyone, even though we all knew it was him.

2. He returns and pulls the silent treatment for 4 weeks.

3. He finally speaks and says, "The End of the World will happen at The Royal Rumble"

4. Nothing happens at the Royal Rumble.

So there you have it. Since November, we've gone from...will it be Jericho, to, it's Jericho but why isn't he talking, to, making up Jericodes. Now, the level is WHO CARES.

I don't care. I couldn't care less about Jericho's agenda anymore. But I also posted about his silence after his first appearance and all I got was a bunch of flack from readers on how Jericho does his own thing and yap yap yap. Unfortunately, no he doesn't. And my reasoning behind his silence is now sounding a lot more valid than all the negative comments I recieved prior to this. The fact is, the WWE felt they needed Jericho, and then didn't know what to do with him once he got here.

When I saw Jericho lastnight, I saw someone who looked bored to be in a wrestling ring. I saw someone who was soft around the mid-section and needs to hit the treadmill or do some crunches. I saw someone who is very slow in his performance in the ring. And the fact is, I saw someone who would NOT put on a good match with CM Punk. I saw someone who would NOT put on a good match with The Undertaker. Jericho is less than a shell of what he once was. If it wasn't for his name recognition, I simply don't see a scenario where he could actually bring anything of value to Wrestlemania.

Sorry Jerichoholics, but this return is terrible so far. I am/was a huge Jericho fan, and really hope something good can come out of this. I just don't see it right now. And anymore blabbing about The End of the World, will be just that. Senseless Blabber. His credibility on trying to be this mysterious figure with some agenda lurking in the background, is nothing but smoke and mirrors at this point. It's the WWE trying to kill time until they can figure out what to do with him. As for the Royal Rumble, I think the WWE needed to throw the curveball and not have Jericho win, just to surpress the fact that everyone knew Jericho would win.

So what's next for Chris Jericho? If he does challenge The Undertaker, then he really doesn't bring much else in terms of being on WWE TV at this time. So, it seems to make more sense that he will challenge CM Punk. CM Punk's feud with John Laurenaitis may be coming to an end. And CM Punk proved last night that Dolph Ziggler just isn't in his class yet. So there really is no more feud for Punk right now. Jericho is the only logical solution...the WWE just dropped the ball on Jericho in a major way. Even if there is this whole conspiracy where Jericho is in cahoots with Stephanie McMahon and all that, he lost his credibility by announcing The End of the World at the Royal Rumble, and then nothing happening.

And for those die-hards who are still holding on and thinking that this is all part of some bigger plan that's bigger than what we all expect? It's not. this is nothing more than when the WWE dropped the ball on The Nexus Invasion angle.

Thank you everyone for reading. It is a pleasure to do this and honestly, I can't wait to read what all the know-it-alls have to say to try and disprove my thoughts and opinions.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Razor
    You know, I can't say I really paid a lot of attention to his midsection at RR or tonight. I did notice when he left the ring a couple of weeks ago he had a pretty ripped midsection. If having a 6 pack like that is 'soft around the middle', well, I wish I was as out of shape as he is.

    I would also just like to point out that for a heck of a lot of people, judging from their comments after the RR, Great White winning it *was* the end of the world. Is it what you wanted? Nope. Did you get Jerritrolled again? Yup. Will you be back here bitching and whining next time he trolls you? Yup.

    Frankly I really don't care if you enjoy it or not, not my concern. I think your arrogant prick attitude is far more annoying that Jericho losing the RR, but since I enjoy Sheamus, I don't really mind too much. *shrug* I will say I had a blast with tonight's RAW, and thought what Jericho did there is likely the start of the predicted Punk/CJ feud... but then I may have just been Jerritrolled myself.

    I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    Looking forward to it.
    I'm glad you think I'm an arrogant prick. Thank you for reading.
  2. Razor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    I'm glad you think I'm an arrogant prick. Thank you for reading.
    Actually I said you had an arrogant prick attitude, which isn't quite the same thing. In the above I think you were being a whiny bitch, but you do have some valid points. Certainly it's for you to decide how you feel about any given thing, just like it's for me to do the same.

    Blogs like this one annoy me, but you have also written some that were at least 1/2 way intelligent, which is why I actually do read them... you're hit and miss. If you keep up the who "I'm the greatest" schtick in your intros to the particularly whiny ones it'd be much appreciated, it'll help me decide which ones to skip.

    If you're more interested in sparking discussion than prostltyzing (I know I spelled that wrong, figure it out) I'd suggest toning that down, it'll help people take you more seriously. Of course if you don't care and are posting just to spew, well you're doing a fine job.
  3. el gabo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    I have to disagree with you about Jericho coming up with his own idea. He is an employee of the company and he's being paid to do what the WWE wants him to do.
    True to a certain extent. I think Jericho is in a position to pretty much do almost anything he wants. He's a crafty veteran that has paid his dues and delivers. Plus I think most people agree that WWE is better with him than without him, not necessarily that they NEED him, but I think they reached out to him to come back.

    In short, I believe he tells them (WWE) what he wants to and they add or take off 1 or 2 things. He's not Brodus Clay where they TELL him what he has to do.
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