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The Modern Day Wrestling Fan and The IWC

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Whats up guys? I'm Taylor Westfall, been coming to this site for a long time now catching the news and reading the blogs, and this is my first blog so bear with me if my grammar is awful, if i go off topic or clash topics and what not. i'll try to make this less painful as possible

Now some of you guys yourselves may take offense to this, and if you do i send you my humblest of apologies. But this is something that's been frustrating me and eating away at me for some time now and i've let it slide, but after reading a few comments about the Rumble, i've gotta let it out.

So sitting at home in Arbroath Scotland, the clock struck 3:42am and Sheamus & Jericho were the last 2 men standing in the rumble. The only thought that entered my head was what Jericho was gonna say/do to run down the remaining time after winning the rumble... only for Sheamus to kick his face off and eliminate him; shocking the whole Universe and anyone watching around the world. Now many people believed that the winner of the royal rumble was going to be either Randy Orton with his homefield advantage, or Jericho with all his build up. But you see with Sheamus winning the Rumble itself, the WWE did something that fans have been screaming out for months. Unpredictability. If anyone reading this can say that if they had to bet a huge figure of there own money on a superstar to win the Rumble before the match started, none of you would have placed anything on Sheamus. But you see now that the people got what they had cried out for in unpredictability, they needed something else to cry about...

Since the ending of the Rumble, my twitter feed & facebook homepage has been filled with questions such as;
"What the hell?! Why have Sheamus win?!"
"You serious Vince?! We want answers.. NOW!"
"Did you just pull a winner out of a hat? Answers tomorrow or i'm never watching again"...
Fans around the world are always jumping to conclusions about why wrestling has slumped in the past few years. Many people believe it's WWE's change into a PG show. But their fingers should be pointing to nothing or no one but themselves. The Modern Day Wrestling Fan is too greedy for its own good. I hate to bring up the words "Attitude Era"; but if a guy like Sheamus had won the Rumble back between 1996, and i'll even stretch the time period to 2003, people would have been intriqued to see where the angle was heading. The fans wouldn't be demanding answers, the fans would let the questions unravel themselves. But in the last few years the fans, and the "IWC" has demanded and felt the need to have everything happen straight away.. CM Punk's return last summer for example. Had so much promise, but people wanted it way to early.

Storylines, Matches, Rivalries and Plans; they don't get the chance to unravel and flourish to their content properly because people can't wait for the next Pay Per View or the following, they want instant solutions. The fans want an instant answer to why Sheamus won the rumble, and the annoying thing is they'll get it all sooner than it should be. Which again will leave another possible big and interesting angle to not get it's fully deserved praise.

Could you imagine if The IWC had been around in 1997-2003?
Shawn Michaels career would have been destroyed for the "Screwjob".
People would have moaned and groaned about Triple H main eventing all the time, saying it's all down to Stephanie.
They would have complained that The Rock was too predictable and didn't have enough moves.
Austin winning the rumble for a 3rd time?! Austin-Rock at Mania again?! Where's the creativity with Austin WWE?
Undertaker winning at Wrestlemania again?! So predictable..

So many of WWE's top guys would have been eaten alive by the "IWC". In my opinion the "IWC" is one of the factors in the drop of wrestling over the past couple of years. When you finally get presented with a scenario you've cried out for, for months coming to years maybe... it just isn't enough.

So yeah; sorry if this offends anyone. This is just the pent up frustration being let out in a view that i've had for a while. Would love to hear some feedback about this, and hopefully i'm not the only one seeing it like this?

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