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ShowTime: The Next Main Eventers of The WWE

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Ladies and Gentleman its your UltimateOpportunist and it's ShowTime!

First of, whatever i'm about to say is just my opinion, idea, or point of view. I do not want to offend anyones believes so if you comment please do keep that in mind.

Alright, lately everyone has been on about the Royal Rumble and who will win it, or who they want to win it but that is just not my style. You see i like the 'OH MY GOSH, ITS EDGE' sort of moment where no one expects it and BOOM we got ourselves a suprise. It was the same thing with the Jericho return, i wanted to just wait and be surprised (which really did not happen :l), anyway let's get to the topic at hand. Who will be the next big stars of the WWE?

Dolph Ziggler: Yes I'm 100% convinced that he is the next merchandise selling, posterboy of the WWE, and man has he got the moves. Not only that, he can also talk (quite well actually). What better time to be pushed than in Wrestlemania season. His chances of beating punk may be low, but i cannot see why he shouldn't be carrying the gold around his waist for next years or so, i mean when was the last time that we had a solid WWE champion who did NOT lose the belt every 3 months (or in Del Rio's case weeks). He has the elements and we know it, its now down to the WWE to make it happen. Push Dolphin even further make him the Man.

Cody Rhodes: From the legacy drop-out, to the dashing (boring) Cody Rhodes, to the aggressive, dark but yet flashy 'Grotesque' Cody Rhodes. It's not easy to come up with such an brilliant transition all by yourself (unlike little jimmy) this shows how much he is ready to do just to be in the spot light, yes he is a second generation 'superstar' but unlike Orton the fame wasn't shoved down his throat. He has charisma, he can talk the talk/walk the walk squak the squak whatever it is he can do it. So make him World Champion already and give him more fueds with big guys like Orton, Big Show and maybe Mysterio later on. I can see him carrying the company alongside Dolph in the near future.

Wade Barret: There was a time with The Nexus where i thought he should have been the champion, however it never came together. But im not talking about main eventing smackdown or raw, i'm talking about Main Eventing PPV's and being the 'go to guy'. The Barret Barrage has proven itself enough already, make it happen let him impress in the Rumble and maybe even win. By SummerSlam i expect Barret to at the very least have held the World Heavyweight Championship. Barret as well as Sheamus (who already is a main eventer) both need to be pushed the hell out of because they can entertain. Unlike a certain someone (three guesses who).

And finally Drew McIntyre can he be a Main eventer, Hell yea he can. He has an awesome theme, and the talent to be a Main eventer. Wake up Vince give him a shot at the top, make this year McIntyres year, just like you made last year Dolphins year and the year before The Miz's year.

That's all from me, comment and rate. ShowTime is over.

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Good blog bro, I agreed with everything you said..excluding Drew. I think he has missed his chance of being at the top. Just my opinion though
  2. pjpjr6's Avatar
    Nothing you said hasn't been said a million times already.
  3. Gladys Cockhandy's Avatar
    You are a god among humans for bring Drew McIntyre into this. WOO WOO WOO, You Know It!!
  4. Godsmack78's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pjpjr6
    Nothing you said hasn't been said a million times already.
    nothing he says about ziggles is making any sense

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