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What I Love About The Royal Rumble Match

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Yo what up, Kid Contra Here! I wrote my first blog a few days ago and to my surprise it was rather successful. I just wanted to thank the community for not only reading my blog and sharing your thoughts, but for sharing intelligent, insightful thoughts, On my Youtube ch which you can check out here... the comments range from cool to you suck and not much in between. Here, people are more intelligent, which is a very nice change of pace then what I am used to. If you want to check out my first blog then please feel free..... I promise I will respond to why one world champ. for both shows will work, but today it's all about the Royal Rumble. So now it's on to the things I love about the Royal Rumble match.

AND THE NUMBER ONE ENTRANT IN THIS YEAR"S ROYAL RUMBLE IS... This year we all know it's going to be The Miz, but in years past, the suspense of who's number one is always one of the most exciting moments of the year in WWE. It sets the tone for what kind of Royal Rumble it's going to be and my heart always gets pounding when I hear that sentence.

WHO'S IT GONNA BE... I love this sentence for all the same reasons as the previous entry. My heart always pounds a bit.

ITS THE BIGGEST WRESTLING UMM I MEAN BOXING MATCH OF THE YEAR... For all of us who love a good slugfest, the Rumble is the biggest slugfest of them all.

THE WHO ME LOOK ON WHOEVER IS THE BIGGEST COMPETITOR... You got to love the look on the face of whom ever that year's giant is when six or seven guys team up to eliminate him. He's always like "who me, I'm only 7feet 500lbs, why are you teaming up against me?" Priceless!

KANE!!! I Love me some Kane as do most WWE fans, He's been there forever, he's mister reliable always there when you need him and he's been so impressive in past Rumbles. He holds the most consecutive Rumbles in a row, the most eliminations in a single rumble match, he's finished in the last four a number of times, yet he still has yet to win. He's in the twilight of his career and every year there is always a glimmer of hope that THIS IS KANE"S YEAR, that is of course until reality sets in. We Love you Kane!

IT SHOWCASES THE TRUE ATHLETES... Just look at the top 20 RR times... is a list of true athletes, minus Vince of course, Mysterio, Flair, Beniot, Rock, HHH, DiBiase, Austin, Edge, even my boy Kane, guys who can really go in the ring for long periods of time.

STAY AWHILE, LEAVE A WORLD CHAMPION... Take another look at that top 20 list, out of the 14 guys who make up the top 20 times, 11 of them became world champ./wwe champ. at some point in their careers, with many more world/wwe champs. in the top 50. Staying in the Rumble actually means something, so pay attention to the guys who stick around for awhile.

STAY AWAY FROM THE ROPES!!! Anytime any wrestler climbs a rope or starts hanging over the ropes, or actually goes over the ropes and hangs on the apron, my heart skips a beat. It's so damn exciting! You never know what might happen.

HES IN AND NOW HES OUT!!! As much as I love the guys who stay in for extended periods of time, I love to see the guy who last under five seconds, it's always a good laugh, my guess this year is Heath Slater.

YOU WILL NEVER SEE THIS AGAIN... One of my absolute favorite things about the Royal Rumble is the odd collection of guys you see fighting each other at one time. I can't wait to see John Cena, Brodus Clay, Epico, Regal and surprise entrant Road Dogg mixing it up at the at the same time, you just won't see crazy combinations like that again.

SO THEY ARE A TEAM NOW, INTERESTING... Also you get weird teams that work together, can't wait to see David Otunga and Randy Orton trying to work together to eliminate Kane. Or Dolph Ziggler and Kofi trying to toss out Mark Henry, it's always an interesting mix.

WE HYPE UP EVEN THE HACKS... 3..2..1 OMG ITS TRENT BARRETTA!!! I love the way that the commentators hype up everyone in the match like they could possibly be the winner, even though we know there's no way in Hell that Trent Barretta is winning the Rumble, but don't tell the commentators that. It always gives me a good laugh.

ENTRANT 31..THE FANS!!! The Royal Rumble is a match that last over an hour, it's usually the longest match of the year, and to the credit of the fans in attendance, they are in it from beginning till the end. The way the crowd reacts to the surprise order of the entrants, eliminations, cheering or booing certain wrestlers and of course the countdown, makes the Rumble come to life. If the crowd were just to sit on their hands all night and wait for someone to win, the Rumble would be just another match on Superstars, but the way the crowd reacts gives the Royal Rumble a dimension all its own. I love when the Camera zooms out a little bit to capture the whole ring and you see everyone out of their seats, its truly a sight to behold.

Well those were some of the things I love about the Royal Rumble match in no particular order. Please leave any comments in the comments section sharing some of the things you love about the Royal Rumble. Hope you had fun reading this, but I gotta go get ready for the 2012 Royal Rumble. And the winner is...

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    Nice way to warm up for the Royal Rumble tonight, cheers for that
  2. kidcontra's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by akbar
    Nice way to warm up for the Royal Rumble tonight, cheers for that
    thanks man that was the plan.
  3. JavierBa7x's Avatar
    I read this during the Divas match, good way to get me excited for the match. More than I already was.
  4. Parallax's Avatar
    Nice to see you excited. I sincerely hope you didn't watch the show though. Because it was the drizzling shits.

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