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The Daily Five - Top 5 Punches

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Hi all and welcome to the daily five with Dazzaschofield.

I will be bringing you the top five WWE moments as often as possible. This will consist of top 5 faces, heels, face turns, heel turns, punches, finishing moves and so on...literally if there's a top 5 I'll be expressing my opinion on it.

So tonight I'm going to start off with my top five punches in the WWE.

The Rock

One of the best punches in the history of the WWE, many punches can look like they do not connect but there is no question about the devastation caused by the following punch.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Sometimes Steve Austin was a wrestler and sometimes he was just and out and out brawler. It helped that he had one of the best punches in the business for when he open a can of whoop ass on other wrestlers.

Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon is definitely a dark horse here but his beautiful punch combo seen below is one of the best the WWE has seen.

Road Dogg

A personal favourite of mine is the legendary punches thrown by the D O double G. Seen in the video at the 5:00 min mark.

The Undertaker

Maybe the protection of the gloves he wears allows him to be stiffer of just maybe Takers punches are as devastating as they seem...have a look here at 2:10

Well that's it for the first edition off the daily five. If there is anything 'Top 5' you would like me to list then please feel free to let me know on the comments below...and as always please feel free to agree or disagree as well, all feedback is appreciated.

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  1. Godsmack78's Avatar
    kurt angle has a beautiful right hand.. so does jeff jarrett and jerry lawler, they bring theirs from the backfield..

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