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Blog Wars 10: Top 5 Women's Wrestlers

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Welcome to the 10th episode of blog wars. In blog wars 8 we had a tie so deadly56 has another chance to take the title from Dr. Death. Also I am not sure if most of you remember me saying this but I want all votes to be about the list and if there is someone is on there you don't know about then please research them before you vote to be fair. I want people to speak their minds on their lists and not have to worry about popular opinion.

Top 5 Women's Wrestlers
Criteria: In ring ability, career, achievements, etc.

Hi everyone im back. Thanks to once again Wrestlingfan6615.I hope you lot enjoy the read,and hopefuly I can win this time.



The Ninth Wonder of the World can lay claim to many accomplishments that no other Diva can touch. A two-time Intercontinental Champion, Chyna was the first woman to compete in the Royal Rumble and the first woman to be considered the No. 1 contender to the WWE Championship. After holding her own with the likes of Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero, Chyna simply destroyed every Diva she faced and won the Women's Championship at WrestleMania X-Seven. She held the title until she left WWE in 2001, leaving behind a lasting legacy as the most dominant female competitor of all time.

4Mickie James

Mickie James is a real woman wrestler,she has lots of great moments in her career in WWE. When she first debuted in raw to save Trish Stratus from Victoria.Mickie also has had some sort of feelings for Trish in backstage segments,but she did finaly attack Trish in 2006 right before they had there tag team match at saturdays night main event. Mickie has also won 5 woman Championships,and lets not forget when she won her first Woman belt at Wrestlemania 22.

3Wendi Richter

When Mr. McMahon was turning WWE into a national powerhouse in the early '80s, Wendi Richter was one of his shining stars. With her natural charisma and rock star looks, the sexy Texan was the female answer to Hulk Hogan and had the following to prove it. This popularity was on full display in 1984 when she defeated The Fabulous Moolah live on MTV for the Women's Title, ending Moolah's 28-year reign as champion and drawing one of the largest ratings in cable television history. Richter parted ways with WWE in 1988, but her stellar achievements would be matched by few.

2Trish Stratus

I know a lot of you would like Trish to be number 1,but that spot is taken. That doesn't mean Trish is not great. The three words that define a WWE Diva are "sexy, smart and powerful" and no one woman fits this description better than Trish Stratus. A former fitness model, the stunning Canadian started off in WWE as a manager before bringing her natural athletic ability to the ring. Quickly, Stratus would become the best Diva to ever do it, winning the Women's Championship a record seven times and netting other honors like a Hardcore Championship and the honor of "Diva of the Decade" in 2003. Stratus retired from wrestling in 2006, leaving the WWE as the Women's Champion and the greatest Diva of all time.

1Faboulose Moolah

The number 1 Woman Wrestler I have chosen is none other than the Faboulose Moolah. No athlete has ever held a championship for as long as The Fabulous Moolah. From Sept. 18, 1956 until July 23, 1984, the ferocious Moolah carried the Women's Championship with a steely grasp, defeating every competitor that was placed in front of her for nearly 30 years. Perhaps the most influential female wrestler of all time (she trained many of the women on this list), Moolah was a hated villain for decades, but in later years, she became a hilarious and beloved fixture on WWE television. Moolah was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1995: the first woman to receive this honor.

Dr. Death

Today in Blog Wars 10 we are going to look at the world of Women/Divas wrestling. Who's the best ever and why? We'll answer that question along with the Top 5 Divas/Women wrestlers in the history of pro-wrestling, from any era and any promotion. To do this there must be certain criteria to follow or we might as well throw our hats into the realm of speculation, opinion, and outright gibberish. The criteria we're following today are as follows:
1. They must have had an impact in the wrestling industry.
2. They must have been able to actually wrestle.
3. We must pick at least one from each era.
With these three criteria in place, we may now start our selection of The Top 5 Divas in Wrestling History. This will be hard as there are a lot of women that need to be mentioned, but we only have room for 5 so I'll do my best.
The Top 5 Divas in Wrestling History.

5. Mildred Burke: Mildred Burke was the Fabulous Moolah of the first half of the 20th century. She won the women's world title in 1937 and held it for nearly 20 years.

After her marriage to legendary female wrestler promoter Billy Wolfe ended, Burke found herself blacklisted out of most of the NWA. Her controversial title match with June Byers in 1954 is one of the most infamous "screwjobs" in wrestling history. Burke died in 1989 at the age of 73.

4. Manami Toyota: Toyota is best known for her work with the All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling (AJW). Following AJW's closure she has continued to work in other promotions such as GAEA and NEO. Toyota is a member of the Wrestling Observer News Letter Hall Of Fame.

Besides that, she has also been a part of as good as 12 Match of The Year Awards from 1992-1995 and that speaks volumes about her wrestling abilities. She was awarded the most outstanding wrestler award in 1995. But the things that will always stand out about her, will be her unmatchable passion for pro wrestling and her respect towards her co-workers and for the business. Manami Toyota, is the greatest Japanese Women's Wrestler, and one of the greatest ever in women wrestling ever.

3. Madusa Miceli: Madusa rose to prominence as a female wrestler in the three major wrestling companies of her time, the AWA, WWE and WCW. She was also a successful female wrestler in Japan.
However, despite winning the women's world title on numerous occasions, Madusa is instead remembered for a controversial segment on WCW's "Monday Nitro." After leaving the WWE (where she wrestled as Alundra Blayze) she dropped the WWE women's title into a wastebasket.

2. Amy Dumas: Aka Lita was trained by Dory Funk, Jr., Ricky Santana, Ace Steel, and Kevin Quinn. Lita developed a cult following, for her high flying spots, and her exposed thong in her outfits. It was only natural that she held the WWF Women's championship.

With her fiery red hair and trademark shoulder tattoo, Lita was recognized anywhere she went, whether she was embraced by the fans or not. She decided to end her career in the fall of 2006 and was determined to retire with the championship (like Stratus did) and prove once and for all that she was the greatest Women's Champion of all time.

1. The Fabulous Moolah: Unfortunately for Mary Lillian Ellison there are conflicting reports among multiple sources concerning exactly how long and how often the Fabulous Moolah held women's titles. What is agreed upon is that she held the title for at least 28 years up to 30 years, and of course her place on this list.

Moolah was recognized as the top female wrestler and women's champion by virtually every major promotion. In 1984, Moolah graciously put over Wendi Richter who was thought to be the next great female wrestler. Moolah died in 2007 at the age of 84. Other spots on this list are debatable, but the Fabulous Moolah is clearly the greatest female pro wrestler in history.

Long before they were known as "divas" and "knockouts" female pro wrestlers were just that. Prior to the modern era, female wrestlers were as tough as nails and they didn't need to wear skimpy outfits to get over with male fans. However, many of today's female wrestlers also have outstanding technical skills and some are just as strong as their male counterparts. This ends my list of the top 5 divas in wrestling history.

Great list from both ends and I will decide the winner Monday mourning.

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  1. The Sneakiness's Avatar
    Wow... I seriously cannot choose. Deadly's list contains the greatest publically known female wrestlers and Dr. Death's contain the best of the best.
  2. Muzza_H16's Avatar
    You're blogging about women with the greatest ability to wrestle and not one of you mentions either of the Bella twins :-O

    Sorry.... but you both fail =P
  3. Gameover's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Muzza_H16
    You're blogging about women with the greatest ability to wrestle and not one of you mentions either of the Bella twins :-O Sorry.... but you both fail =P
  4. Destruction's Avatar
    Dr Death
  5. Ravsta's Avatar
    Deadly56 wins
  6. eldoryazdee's Avatar
    dr. death ...
  7. Joonny's Avatar
    Deadly gets my vote
    Chyna, Stratus and James

    But should have changed Wendi Richter with Lita.
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