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Bigger badder better

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Imagine the dream, our dream the wrestling dream just imagine.The crowd goes wild, creative love it parents get worried about the violence, the WWE rejects as they call them come for revenge imagine the song that comes to play on an unexcpected day where not even the dirtsheets could figure it out the song plays.


Eric Bischof comes out he warns Mr Mcmahon people are anticipating it, they know what it is they know TNA will invade shortly. Imagine the storylines and chaos. Just when you least expect it


Mexico is invading baby, The fans don´t know who they are they don´t believe it all the dirstsheets are down all of the traffic going on. AAA and CMLL have an alliance going on where they are the most nderrated promotions they are real wrestling

NJPW the rivals of the mexicans they are better in indy wrestling they are the best evrybody knows them americans mexicans british japaneese we all know who NJPW is. When chaos breaks loose a song hits the arena evrybody is fighting they hear the song evrybody loks at the entrance ramp and..........................

ROH hit the ring they attack whoever is in the way the clash of the federations begins modern day invasion as the WWE 12 slogan says Bigger Badder Better.

So many storylines and dream matches put to use. just to list some of them here they are

CM Punk VS Colt Cabana
Abyss VS Kane VS Chessman
John Cena VS Kenta Kobashi VS Cibernetico
Triple H VS El Mesias
Jack Evans VS Evan bourne
Randy Orton VS MR Anderson
Brodus Clay VS Maximo
MVP VS Shelton Benjamin
Mexican American VS Primo and Epico
Sting VS ndertaker VS Charly Manson

How much would you pay?
How mch would y mark out
Who would win?
Who did I miss?

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    Austin Aries vs. Daniel Bryan in an invasion arena, I'd have a Mark-gasm
  2. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    The Brothers of Destruction vs a newly-reformed Team 3D

    Kofi Kingston vs Low Ki

    Santino Marella vs Eric Young

    The Usos vs Generation Me
  3. JavierBa7x's Avatar
    Randy Orton would probably have Mr. Anderson fired xD
  4. AreYaSerious's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JavierBa7x
    Randy Orton would probably have Mr. Anderson fired xD

    Nice blog dude.

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