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Genuine Royal Rumble Predictions + a few tidbits

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Hey Everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here to give my Royal Rumble predictions. But before I do that, I want to touch on just a few little things.

First, my last blog was about the Bleak Future of the WWE. I got a good amount of comments and they were all great. Reading these comments, I feel compelled to answer a few things. It was touched upon that we may be seeing the next Big Superstar and not even know it. Good points were made about Stone Cold being The Ringmaster, The Rock being Rocky Maivia, Shawn Michaels being in The Rockers. And while that point is very well taken, my blog focused more on the way the WWE is structured these days. It's more of a "What have you done for me lately" environment. So if you fail early, there's a chance you get buried. Also, it took years...and I mean years and years, for HBK, Bret Hart, Stone Cold, HHH, reach that status and get pushed. Unlike today where the WWE tries to force people down our throat. Alberto Del Rio is barely in the WWE a year and he's already been WWE Champ twice. Wade Barrett, two years, and has had quite a few title matches and feuds with the top dogs. Just wanted to touch on that.

Also, ever since I posted my Bleak WWE future blog, I've seen two piggy backers. That makes me happy. I'm glad to be the one that people want to piggy back on with their blogs. Just do me some justice and post something interesting at least.

Okay, on to my Royal Rumble predictions. For the actual Royal Rumble match, I'll predict the winner, the final 8, final 4, final 2, and other notables such as surprise entires, time, and eliminations. Hope you enjoy.

World Championship

Daniel Bryan vs Mark Henry vs Big Show
- Triple Threat Cage Match

This will be somewhat intriguing. I don't put too much stock into what's reported. I'm sure Daniel Bryan will somehow pull this one off. But am I alone in thinking that The Big Show should get one good, dominant title run? Maybe I am alone. Anyway, I see Daniel Bryan pulling off some escape when Mark Henry and Big Show hit a big spot.

Winner, and still World Champion: Daniel Bryan

John Cena vs Kane

I'm still sticking by my prediction that this won't even really be a match. Just an entertaining brawl that will end in an out of control, no-contest. I know my last blog I mentioned that the Cena Angry face confirms he will beat Kane in some sort of Luke Skywalker turning to the darkside fashion, but I will stick with my original guy feeling.

No Contest

WWE Championship

CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler: John Laurenaitis as Special Referee

I just don't think it's Ziggler's time. Plus, with John Laurenaitis as the special ref, it's too obvious that he'll screw Punk and all that. Plus, with his job eval coming up, I'm thinking he'll still try to fake the bias, but CM Punk will overcome. Ziggler will tap to the Anaconda Vice.

Winner, and still WWE Champion: CM Punk

Royal Rumble Match

Okay, the three matches I listed were pretty obvious. Plus, I'm not even sure of any other matches going on. So, I'm thinking they're going to put a lot into this year's Royal Rumble. There's a ton of parody and ton of different ways they can go. So, let's jump in with the obvious.

Royal Rumble Winner: Chris Jericho

As if they haven't just emailed the entire WWE Universe the script involving the CM Punk vs Chris Jericho storyline for Wrestlemania. But I'm sure Jericho will get some easy path. Perhaps drawing number 27. That's the lucky number, right? 5 winners with that number?

Okay, let's move on to the interesting parts of The Royal Rumble, since they announced who would win it back in November.

Longest Time: The Miz.

I believe this is the perfect showcase. The Miz is the first to come in. His feud with R Truth is weak and should be squashed NOW. This is the perfect opportunity for...are you ready???? The Miz's face turn. Yes, I said it. A new found respect for the man who lasts almost an hour, just to be eliminated in heart-breaking fashion in probably the final six. That's what I predict for The Miz.

Surprise Quick Eliminations: Randy Orton and Wade Barrett

I see Wade Barrett coming in somewhere in the teens. Randy Orton will be the next one to come out. They brawl. Fight to the back, through the crowd, whatever. Maybe they don't even get eliminated over the top rope, but tempers flare and they are irrelevant to the conclusion. Yes, I know it's in Randy Orton's home town, but he can't threaten Jericho's path.

Surprise Final Eight Appearance: Mick Foley

Not sure how long he's going to last. But that speech a few weeks ago about his kids seeing him wrestle and all, I'm sure he'll be in it for a little while, put on a good showing, and make it to the final 8.

Final Eight: Chris Jericho, The Miz, Mick Foley, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes, Santino, Alberto Del Rio, R Truth

I know it sucks that I had to put Alberto Del Rio in there. But the WWE, for whatever unknown reason, is just so high on him. I personally think he sucks, but they keep him in the limelight. To be honest, I don't even miss him. This is my final eight. Not super exciting, but it's always about the Final Four anyway, isn't it?

Final Four: Chris Jericho, The Miz, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes

I'm very high on Cody Rhodes. I think there's a chance Michael Cole spoiled the great showing for Cody by mentioning his two long time showings in past Rumbles. Sheamus is on a roll, he'll make it to the final four. As predicted, this will be the end of the line for The Miz, in heart-breaking fashion.

Final Two:

Here's where it will get tricky. I think The Miz will eliminate Cody Rhodes to a huge pop, just be eliminated by Sheamus, to some "oohs and oh no's" and Jericho pulls off a sneak elimination to win The Rumble. I don't see a Santino repeat of last year. Instead, I see more of a Stone Cold *first Royal Rumble Win* antic where Jericho might be eliminated, but the refs didn't see because of some brawling between R Truth and Alberto Del Rio, or Wade Barrett and Orton. Sheamus dumps him over but he sneaks back in, eliminates Sheamus, to the chorus of boos that he's looking for.

Surprise Entries: Kevin Nash, Goldust

No real explanation. Just taking a wild guess.

Next Day on Raw Prediction: Undertaker's Return

Before HHH can officially "Fire" John Laurenaitis, I think The Undertaker will return for the Wrestlemania Challenge, distracting HHH and ruining the final segment of the job eval. Just a stab in the dark. If it does come true, I'll seriously consider opening up a psychic reading business.

Well, those are my predictions. I want to thank everyone who reads my blogs. I try to put out entertaining stuff and really appreciate the comments.

Also, I cannot believe the pops that Funkasaurus is getting. I guess that means he'll be World Champion about 3 times before the year is over??? What a joke.

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the Royal Rumble.

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    Santino doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the Royal Rumble, but otherwise I completely agree
  2. Rick Starr's Avatar
    I agree with you on the Triple Threat Match. Bryan is getting a lot of heat, and they are making him a great heal. As for the Cena/Kane match, I think they are testing the waters to see how the fans react to a possible heel turn. So again, I agree with you

    As far as Jericho winning the Rumble...god I hope not! If "The World is going to change as we know it." I would rather him become the new RAW GM, and not the next WWE Champion.

    Then the Punk/Ziggler match. I think Zigger is very much ready to win the WWE Title. He has been one of the hardest workers in the WWE in 2011, he has improved his game, and a screwjob, would only improve Punk's character which is getting a bit stale.

    And my pick for the Rumble....Cody Rhodes.

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