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Top 5 stale wrestlers/ Top 5 hardest workers in the ring

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First off lets talk about the top 5 stalest wrestlers. When i say stale i mean wrestlers who do the same thing over and their gimmick is up.

5. Triple HH- thier is a very good reason he is practically on the shelf. First he is old we all know that. Second he does the same 4 moves every match and you can just about everytime predict when these are gonna happen.

4. Mark Henry- he been the world's strongest man ever since he broke into the wwe, but even as a hell i still cannot take him seriously. don't get me wrong it was nice to finally see him get a title he deserved it. But i am sorry you can't be a champion if none of your matches are gonna last over 10 minutes. It is just ridiculous/

3. Wade Barre= first off watching him in the ring is just atrocious, he is so stiff in his movements it is sometimes hard to watch. He has decent mic skills but when you can only do a promo for 15 second it is just bad.

2. Randy Orton- I am tired of this guy, he is nothing amazing in the ring. Have the matches he is in the other wrestler has do it best not get injured or make Randy look good. Tired of the whole vintage Orton to. it is not vintage orton if he only been doing the middle rope ddt 2 years. Sorry that is not vintage. All his matches are also so predictable. it will end with some type of RKO supposebly out of nowhere when in all honesty we know when it will happen. Take tonights PPV match vs Barret that was so predictable i hate it.

1. John Cena- no surprise here, it amazes me so many people really do still like him, when was the last time a guy was a babyface for 5-6 years. it just doesn't happen. when you do something for that long you can't help but become stale. I am tired of the same moves in a row for him to get a win. you can't see me followed by "fu" it aggervates me please do something i have not seen before.

Hardest workers in the ring. meaning those who make that sqaured circle thier playground.

5. Daniel Bryan- yes his mic skill are nil/non-existent but dam it if he does not look great in the ring. even if he is getting squashed he sell it so good.

4. Evan Bourne- yes he may do the same move to officially finish people but it is a spectacular move. Again he makes when he gets hit make it look so good. whether he is flipping him up like a pancake to a powerbomb or getting crushed in the corner this guy could sell me a broken washer.

3. The miz- one of few wrestlers that shows what happens to him in the ring. I don't think i have ever seen a wrestler get briuses and bumps and have them show up on his body like him. I know that might not mean much but that means you are working your ass off in that ring. Next he is always trying to come up with new things in the ring. His matches rarely ever end the same way alot of wrestlers can't say that.

2- Cody Rhodes- probably the single most underrated wrestler in the ring. His matches are just superb to watch. you would not think a little skinny guy look so well in the ring. most smaller wrestlers are limited by there size not him he makes what he has worth it.

1. Dolph Ziegler- this is the easily the best wrestler in the business right now, does not matter whether he is winning or losing his match most nights he is always involved in match of the night even if sometimes he carries his opponent. I don't think i seen a better wrestler in the ring since Chris Jericho early in his career. I watch in awe of him, he just amazes me in the ring he can do no wrong. He might have lost the belt tonight but i assure you that was do move him up he deserves his shot and I am not talking about the bullshit 3 day champion he was last year.

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  1. King Scrapper's Avatar
    You made a damn great point about the Miz that I never thought about before. People complain that he doesnt wrestle good and that he is just average but he is defintely improving and you do legit see the pain he goes through. Every time we see Miz he has some new bruise lol. And his matches are never predictable. He's improving and it's obvious but he always wins in different ways (most of the time cheating but thats his character).
  2. rafalafaa's Avatar
    HHH made what could have been a disaster tonight with Kevin Nash into a very entertaining match. Same with WM27 against Taker.
  3. mrbluto's Avatar
    Dolph Ziegler- this is the easily the best wrestler in the business right now
    I would have to disagree with that, Dolph may be a good wrestler but the best in the business???
  4. PSOjedi's Avatar
    Evan Bourne and The Miz in your Top 5 is just a total non sense ! The Miz is just boring and almost awfull in the ring, and just because he takes a lot of bumps you put him in your Top 5 ? Sorry but that's just impossible. For Evan Bourne, he is 0% technical in the ring and do just 2 or 3 high flying moves, and for the rest it's karate moves so I disagree for this one also. CM Punk & Jack Swagger should, even Christian should be in your Top instead. But that's just my opinion of course :-)
  5. blink's Avatar
    God such horrible grammar. I hate you!
  6. Viking's Avatar
    I stopped reading when I came to Wade Barret. Wade is awesome and you are stupid. I'll second blink and leave you with this: I hate you!
  7. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    This blog is why Frank needs to hurry up and put me in charge of this stuff. I'd NEVER allow this mess t go through. Wow... this is horrible. Not the content, although if worded properly and had all grammar in check, would be a good blog but... I can't read this. It's making me sick.
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