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The Next great Face of the WWE

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Say hello to the Miz, he will be the next great face of the WWE. He has everything WWE loves. He does the grind better then any WWE wrestler right now I am not just talking about wrestling matches. I am talking about being the guy in WWE. He promotes the heck out of the WWE he does ton's of Make a Wish wishes. He is what the WWE needs a fresh face.

Yes he has been in WWE now 5 years he worked his way up the ranks the old fashion way hard work. Not being placed their like others have. He started on the bottom rung if their ever was one. He just about won ever Title he could before he ever got a chance to main event. Weather that was the Tag team titles or the United States Champion. He always treated them like they were the most valuable title out their even it it was not.

Then the the middle of 2010 he finally got his chance to shine on center stage. He won the the MITB championship. and what did everyone say about it. They were all negative everyone and I mean everyone thought he would be the first MITB winner to not win the title. But what did he do he won and it not only that he won but who he beat and who he beat as champion John Cena and Randy Orton arguably the biggest names in the WWE.

Then last year he headlined Wrestlemania with the Cena and Rock. He was not just the third wheel that night he was a part of it he was the main part of it. WWE knew what it was doing with the Miz last year.

Yes since wrestlemania he has been on a decline to upper-mid carder but I believe this is just to see what people thought about it. And the WWE universe has spoken, they like the MIZ remember the Money in the Bank PPV he was who the public were pulling for.

I believe WWE thinks he is the next one. When was the last time their has been a match to see who is the first entrant only a couple times in WWE has that happened a week before the rumble. All of the wrestlers that have had that match before a rumble Have either Won the Rumble or have won the WWE championship within 3 months. You don't just get a match like that for nothing.

Almost everyone expects Cena to go heel soon they have just been using this time to figure out who the next face will be. They been discarded MIZ so no one expects it.

So watch it is coming the next great face the MIZ

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  1. n2winlisa's Avatar
    Thanks for all the Comments. The whole debate that I don't don't think the older fans will support we see by Cena that does not have to happen. Much of cena fan base is probably 21 and younger. Who was the last wrestler you saw that was on as much TV that was not WWE programming lately. It is by far Miz. no other superstar comes close to appearances in the last year or 2. But again ty for reading
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Cena is still technically the main face of WWE, but there is one man that will take over that title very shortly, and his name is CM Punk.
  3. Godsmack78's Avatar
    I agree that it will be hard to turn miz face and even harder to make him the MAIN face..think about what youre sayin here..the babyface of the wwe..John Cena is the face.(but to me hes a heel anyway but i digress) for the miz to even get close to becoming the face he would have to beat cena clean..and i dont mean a goofy finish where he rolls cena up for 3. i mean he needs to punish cena and make the fans love him at the same time..and everyone has great opinions on this because cenas fanbase are women and kids. and are under 21... cm punk i love but he is not the best face in wwe right now.. he is a tweener imo..very popular tweener. and back to the miz people that say he didnt pay his dues are dead wrong..and im not a miz fan but i respect the hell out of the guy(real world, tough enough, smackdown announcer, eventual athlete and wwe champion along with us and taq belts under his wing..)he has improved much in the ring over the few years that he climbed the ladder to the top.. he still needs a new finisher stat(i hate that fucking skull crushing finale shit..)
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