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The Real-Deal Tag-Team (of nowadays, at least)

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For those who arent familiar with my work, I normally asses WWE singles wrestlers to their entirety. However, now this is a point I have to get across: The tag-teams in the WWE are slowly gaining prestige, almost as slowly as the apocalypse. But the one tag team that stands out to me doesn't even get air time, that tag-team being....Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks. This team genuinly impresses me, so they deserve much bigger, so here we go.

These guys have the same generic tag-team matches as everyone else, back-and-force, Heel is winning, Face gets cought, breaks out, tags in partner, partner jumps 80 feet in the air and nails a closeline, illegal heel partner runs in, gets taken out by illegal face partner, and then the one variable:the Heel lands a cheap move, or the Face gets his finisher for the win. Deja Vu, right?

The Mic Skills
I miss NXT quite a bit, so I am not very familiar with Tyler Reks' promo skills, but Curt Hawkins has known how to be a great heel since his debut as one of two counterfeit Edges, so his promo skills need absolutly no work done for them. But at least they could work with more promo time to establish themselves as real Tag-Team partners.

The Look
Not the best look for a tag-team, because Tyler is a giant beast, and Curt Hawkins looks like a generic Mid-Carder. These two need to have matching ring attire so they don't look like a tag-team set up by Teddy Long for another bad Smackdown main event.

Tyler Reks should have debuted as a tag-team competator, not with his spontanious debut for the sole reason to beat up Kaval and join team Smackdown at Bragging Rights. Curt Hawkins should not wrestle too many singles matches, while Tyler Reks is exclusive to tag-team contests. It would be in both of their best interests to stay as a tag-team on NXT, rather than one of them jobbing to Brodus Clay on RAW. I'm not trying to make these guys seem like the next Rockers, or Hardy Boys, but WWE should at least try to make a legitamite Tag-Team with these two.

Stick together as a Tag-Team, bump their matches with the Uso Brothers up to Smackdown or RAW, get better Tag-Team coreography, give them more promo time (even on NXT), and have them win the title once they have established themselves as a real Tag-Team.

Side Note

I would have included links to Curt & Tyler's youtube show, Mid card Mafia, But they have been deleted by WWE for rediculous WWE-ish reasons.

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Updated 01-27-2012 at 11:49 PM by The Piper

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  1. RatedATB's Avatar
    Couldn't agree more, I used to be iffy on the two but after seeing them on an episode of NXT i quickly latched on. They look like they'd be partners and they're real life friends so you know they have's a shame they don't get pushed.

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