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Top 10 Drawers in Wrestling History

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Hey guys, Knox here hoping all is well. Today I'm going to touch on a very controversial topic which is the top drawers in wrestling history. This truly will be the most difficult blog I've ever done as far as ranking goes. I'll do my best to remain unbiased. Once again, just to reiterate, this list will basically include no one before the 80s.


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Top 10 Drawers in Wrestling History:

10. Ric Flair

He would have been the biggest star ever if he started off in the WWF. He was in the NWA performing in front of a smaller crowd without the buzz of the WWF. If he was in the WWF in the beginning of his career, Hogan would have been in the background. Never have I seen anyone as good on the mic as Flair & Piper.

Flair in my opinion still never got his real credit. The average person will say Rocky was the greatest or Hulk Hogan was the greatest but not enough people put Flair's name on the level it deserves to be.

9. The Undertaker

I gotta give Taker all the credit in the world. He made a "Deadman" gimmick the most memorable gimmick of all time. He was just an amazing athlete for a big man and drew in more ways than one. You can't really talk about wrestling without mentioning the Undertaker. He knows this business better than anyone and knows how to get a reaction from the fans.

8. Sting

Man how many guys could out talk Sting? He was gold on the mic. I think it was the mysteriousness of his character that made him so famous. He drew alot of damn money and as Kevin Nash said, "Sting was the most highest paid guy in WCW. He made more than Hogan. It was a term called Sting Money. Everyone's goal was to make Sting Money".

The Stinger sold merchandise in the millions man. How many Sting masks would you see on Nitro & Thunder? The guy was a money drawer and a ratings man. Simple as that.

7. John Cena

One of my favorites of all time because I love the hate he gets. People can talk all they want but the majority of the people that hate Cena are literally just haters. He's the leader of a new generation which will always generate hate. Anytime your position is the helm of anything, you will receive hate.

Austin & The Rock pretty much made their exit around the same time. Vince was in panic mode. He wanted to know who was going to be that guy to step up and lead the company for the next decade. Cena & Orton stepped up to the plate and grabbed the bull by the horns. Cena was a bit more marketable and has seen a great deal of success.

He's a very untypical wrestler. I mean cmon he wrestled in jean shorts for the majority of his career. He was a rapper. Look at how far he elevated his character to fit into the face of the company.

I for one loved his rapper gimmick. But I hate when people try to blame PG on Cena. As the face of the company he has to be the guy that panders to the kids if the direction is going to be PG. Do you all realize when the WWE was TV-14, Cena was one of the most edgy characters ever. He would make a penis reference almost every week. He was very edgy.

Regardless, Cena is one of the greatest of all time. For those that say he can't wrestle, open your damn eyes. I look forward to reading the comments because I know many of you will label me a "Cena Mark" or a "Cena Fanboy". I could care less. I feel like the majority of the ICW hates Cena because its the "Cool" thing to do.

Has Cena sold merchandise? Has he drew big numbers? He's doing his job and I feel anyone with eyes can see that. He's had to change his gimmick alot to fit in with the direction of the company. But he's the first one to grant a disabled kids wish, appear on any media outlet for promotion, film a movie and show up to work every night and do his damn job for the fans and the money. Yeah call me a "Cena Mark".

6. Bret Hart

Just a stand up guy. Say what you want about this guy but he was the man. He was a no nonsense type of guy that just got the job done at any cost. People will always be critical over mic skills but I for one am not. He cut a very straight to the point type of promo. It wasn't flashy, funny, or catchy....he said what he had to say and made you listen.

He definitely surprised alot of people with how good he was and how far his career went. Vince had the ball in his hand for a long time but unfortunately it was no room for Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart with the same company. Vince had a decision to make and he made it.

5. Triple H

As a heel for the majority of his career he managed to draw some huge numbers. He was the "Go To Guy" for heels back in the Attitude Era. It really is a thing of beauty to see someone so hated "kayfabe" draw such huge numbers. You could put Triple H on an empty canvas and he'd still draw. Gotta love this guy and his overall drive.

He was literally just a guy that many people could relate to. He wanted to win at any cost no matter what. The WHC meant everything to him and his only focus was to have that belt simple as that. How could you not love this guy?

He has a history of screwing every friend he's ever had on WWE programming which were awesomely booked each time. He made a sledgehammer of all things famous. I would have to say Triple H is in the top 3 for the greatest heels of all time. He truly is "That Damn Good" and the "only diamond in this business".

4. The Rock

In a short period of time, The Rock captivated this audience and drew big numbers. Easily one of the greatest of all time regardless of my personal criticism of him. I believe he brought this cool factor back to wrestling. During the Attitude Era, Rocky was the talk of the town in every town. Just an all out stud that knew how to draw a reaction.

His punchlines are second to none. You can't possibly name any wrestler with punchlines and catch phrases better than good ol' Rocky. Great talent. And notice how when he returned in 2011 how the Raw ratings damn near doubled.

3. Shawn Michaels

I think HBK really helped change the foundation of wrestling. Bret Hart helped as well but at the end of the day, HBK will be remember as the most marketable wrestler of all time. He's very easy to push down the throats of the fans without him becoming stale.

He had the small frame, the mic skills, the greatest in ring skills in my opinion, the good looks, he was a ladies man, he had the catchphrases and the match quality to be considered the greatest of all time. Without a doubt HBK in the greatest of all time. He's the Michael Jordan and Tony Montana on the entire wrestling industry.

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin

I might get a bit of heat for putting Austin before Rocky but I have my reasons. First of all, to me the Rock was at his best when Austin was involved. That's what made him who he was. Rocky was in the WWE for 6 years and was a top star for about 4 of those years but when you think of the Rock, the first thing that comes to mind is Austin for most.

When I think of Austin I think of his great feud with Shawn Michaels, I think about his feud with Bret Hart. I think about his 3 Stages of Hell match with Triple H. I think about his first blood match with Kane. Its so much that Austin has done for this business and its hard to put anyone in front of him.

I think Austin & Shawn Michaels are the two most respected individuals this business has ever seen. You can add the Undertaker to that list as well. These 3 guys really sum up wrestling for me.

1. Hulk Hogan

I couldn't stand Hogan back then and sure as hell can't stand him now. Literally the most overrated wrestler of all time. He was a hell of a talker but a pure crappy wrestler. But you can't take away his ability to draw. He drew drew drew and drew for years. He to me modernized wrestling and made it a household topic of discussion. I wasn't alive in the 80s but I'm willing to argue that Hogan was the biggest television star period in the 80s. I think he brought this business a lot of money and he continues to do it to this day.

Not only that, but he maintained big ratings and continued to draw in WCW after his heel turn and the formation of the nWo. Give this man credit. Because after spending years making yellow and red the new color of the hero, he was able to pull a complete 180 on his character and turn villain and do the exact opposite and still drew big ratings and numbers. I hate his ego but he deserves all the respect in the world.


I hope you guys enjoyed this one and thanks for reading. Please leave feedback negative or positive. I'm anxious to see what you all have to say. Leave me your own lists as well and we can all have a sweet debate on this one. I'm pretty much prepared to feel the wrath but that's why I love blogging and I love hearing what you all have to say.

Guys keep it cool and safe. Until then.

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    IMO, Flair is underrated because he carried on wrestling for too long and fans like me of the early 2000's just saw some old man being made to look like a fool and Triple H's bitch...but anyways good blog, I like that how you rank wrestlers in all these different categories, keep it up (Y)
  2. RatedATB's Avatar
    I know it's your list, and I definitely respect your opinion but I gotta disagree with Hogan and Austin. It's been noted that Austin outdrew Hogan in merch and I'm just going to assume ratings considering the Attitude Era set record ratings and ppv buys. Not to mention the fact that he could easily outwrestle Hogan in any match and he wasn't a political jackass. But again, your list so your opinion, and I definitely agree with the rest of it, good blog!
  3. Braathan's Avatar
    Nice blog man, although I will have to slightly disagree on two of them.

    Firstly, Cena. I'm not a Cena hater, but I dislike him. I respect what he does for charity and for the company, but his character is poor. I don't blame him for the PG era, but I do blame him for being so fake. That's the biggest problem for me, he is so corny and fake that I can't help but dislike him. Even his old 'edgy' promos were ridiculously cheesy. He can definitely draw though, you're right there.

    Secondly, Triple H cannot draw. His job has never really been to draw, except when he was part of DX. HHH's job has always been the opponent of the guy who could draw. Admittedly you could argue he drew indirectly, but put HHH as a face in the main event of a show and I think you'll find the numbers will be a lot lower than you'd expect.

    Overall though, good blog, interesting read.
  4. Mooresy29's Avatar
    Hogan No1? Really?? Its a common and well known fact that Austin is easily the biggest draw in wrestling history, he smashed every single record that Hogan had in terms of merchandise, PPV buys, TV ratings etc etc, records that still stand this day, other than that it was a decent list, though i would have had Taker and Cena(unfortunately) in the top six.
  5. Phillyraines's Avatar
    Did Austin really beat Hogan in drawing power? I'm not arguing...I dont know. I never really paid attention to the finanical stuff. I just figured Hogan did due to being the main event scene so much longer than Austin did. But I knew "austins era" was hotter than "the hulkamania era"...just hulkamania era was much longer. I'm really glad to know that if thats true. Hogan is such an ego-maniac to think he was more popular than Austin...I heavily watched both era's and the Austin era was by far more popular than hulkamania.
  6. Dierdorf's Avatar
    The Rock should have been Top 3!
  7. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    You forgot Andre the Giant. Growing up he would sell out coliseums all the time. He would bring out non wrestling fans, because people just wanted to see him in person.
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