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Just My Opinion: What Problem?

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As a huge wrestling fan, It saddens me with the amount of people that are hating the current product, I for one, Think that todays product, is just as good as it has ever been.

I will discuss some of the controversial points, that people have claimed are the reasons for the WWE's downfall.

The Current 'PG' Era

Whether people like it or not, This gets blamed more than anything else, for why the WWE isn't as successful as what it once was. Which I think is wrong. The majority of the people that understood what was so good about the Attitude Era, were from the 18-24 demographic, The attitude era, in my opinion, has been gone since WrestleMania 20. 8 years ago. That means that those same fans that loved the attitude era, are from ages 26-32.

Now I'm not going to say I'm certain about this, but I'd say that anyone that was in that age group, would probably say that the attitude era was a load of immature crap. They would say that, because the wrestling that knew and loved, didn't have any of the attitude stuff.

Wrestling fans are far too scared of change, So many people carry on that they don't make wrestlers like they did in the attitude era, they don't make another Rock, or another Austin, and they blame that to the simple fact that the product is PG. Anyone who has seen Jack Swagger, can tell that WWE has tried to create another Kurt Angle, and the IWC hates on the WWE for this. It comes to the point where everything they do, can be related to something else, and apparently that's no good.

The PG era isn't a problem.

John Cena Sucks!

The reason people think this, is simple. There is no other superstar that can touch him. He is the best the WWE has ever seen on the microphone. He oozes emotion out of people. Everyone has a different opinion about John Cena. They can't put over another superstar against him, because it's not believable. The WWE audiences is what makes superstars in the WWE.

There has been cases where the WWE has tried to make superstars, regardless of what the fans think, and have failed. Sheamus was supposed to be as big of a superstar as Triple H, Alberto Del Rio was supposed to be the future, but neither have really been what they were expected to be. Zack Ryder was being chanted everywhere. It was even chanted at a TNA event. They put him on TV, and it wasn't good enough.

What were they to do with Ryder? Be himself? Well his persona in the WWE is pretty much exactly to the persona he created on his own YouTube channel.

John Cena is not a problem, I think that the issue of Cena could easily be fixed if the fans would let in another superstar.

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  1. -TxCxL-'s Avatar
    About cena, it is not just the fans that make him the superstar. They are most used to seeing him cause of booking, its the company as much as fans.
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    The last two weeks have been really great for WWE, at least nowaday main-event is better than the Attitude Era.
  3. Braathan's Avatar
    You actually touched on the problem about Cena in your defence of him. You said they can't put another superstar against him because it'd be unbelievable. That's the point, he's been crammed down our throats so much he's became stale and fake and because he's the face of the company, it makes the WWE seem stale and fake. I was only a kid during the Attitude era, but I can see going back and watching past PPVs and feuds that today's product is just not up to scratch.
  4. Theicon's Avatar
    Agreed Bra
  5. Godsmack78's Avatar

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