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An Intellectual look at the Royal Rumble

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I am a hardcore pro wrestling fan. And as a pro wrestling fan who believes he knows it all, I have certain responsibilities. I was going to save my next blog for after the Royal Rumble but decided that this was not very brave of me. No, no, no. One of my key responsibilities is to spray you all with my arrogance and start making some predictions.

The most important of these is clearly who is going to win the Royal Rumble itself. I have finally settled on a winner. Wade Barrett - and that is my final decision. The WWE will continue to push the Barrett Barrage as too much time has been invested in the angle to throw it away now.

Now lets dismiss the other contenders via a simple elimination process -

I'm aware that the WWE wish to have Chris Jericho face CM Punk in a "best in the world" match at Wrestlemania. I would hence write off Jericho as a potential winner of the Rumble. I believe the feud between Jericho and Punk would create enough interest in it's own right without having a title at stake. The claim to being "the best in the world" would be enough to get fans to shell out their hard earned readies.

Historically, it is a common occurance that the winner of the Royal Rumble does indeed to go on and lift the respective world title that they challange for at Wrestlemania. In fact, off the top of my head, I can't think of a wrestler - Outside of Alberto Del Rio, who has won the Rumble, gone to Wrestlemania and then lost. So I'm predicting the winner will indeed be the next WWE or World Champion. This theory, in my opinion, takes Sheamus out of the running. As someone who has lifted the WWE title twice already, I do not believe that the creative team will re-visit old ground and have him lift the title again. I think Sheamus will have a much more productive role in the build up to Wrestlemania as the "hard done by" babyface.

I also hear rumours of Randy Orton 'winning'. Randy Orton has suffered a recent, legitimate back injury and it's still unclear whether he will be fit to return in time for the Rumble. I do not believe that the WWE will hype a Wrestlemania main event around someone who appears currently so fragile in the injury department. So there will be no raising the vipers hand in victory this year.

I can't think of another plausable winner outside of Christian who I believe will return at the Rumble. Who knows, some surprise outside interference from Edge and he would be my dark horse pick. I know the WWE want to get Edge some TV time in the run up to his hall of fame induction and Christian may ultimately benefit from this with a long over due main event spot at Wrestlemania.

Remember folks, you heard it here first.

The undercard looks ok. I have very little interest in John Cena Vs Kane. However, as stated previously on the Rocksoc forum, if Zach Ryder were to come to ringside and Cena were to turn heel on him - then this may ultimately grab my attention.

CM Punk will retain the WWE title as Dolph Ziggler just isn't quite there yet. I do believe that CM Punk will ultimately lose the title before Wrestlemania though.

Daniel Bryan has to retain the World Title because his charecter is sooooo good at the moment and in a real key stage of development.

But remember kids, what ever the outcomes - I will still be more knowledgable than you ....... Yes, I am a model.

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  1. Kryptonite's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Viking
    Listen to me now: CM Punk will win the Rumble
    Tell me you were under influence or joking when you said that?
  2. Viking's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kryptonite
    Tell me you were under influence or joking when you said that?
    You just wait and see. On sunday Punk will win the Rumble and Ziggler will win the strap, but loose it again in a rematch monday, set up by HHH due to Lauranaitus beeing unfair.
  3. Mikkaelson's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pjpjr6
    In your entire blog, you didn't give a single reason why you would have Wade Barrett win. Wasn't that the whole point of your blog?
    Because WWE have invested too much time in the angle to throw it away. It's says it right there in black and white. This is my reason.
  4. Mikkaelson's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Am I Strange?
    Historically its about 50/50 As to the winner of the royal rumble winning the title at mania, 1990 hogan lost to warrior, 1995 shawn michaels lost, 1997 steve austin lost, 2000 the rock lost. Thats just listing some of the earlier ones.
    Hogan was already the champion and Steve Austin did not wrestle for the championship. Shawn Michael's I will give you but he wasn't in the main event. Randy Orton and The Rock are good calls. But I didn't say I was right, just more knowledgable
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