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Heels or Faces? How about a Tweener Stable

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Afternoon folks!!!! This is my second blog posting.... I chose a topic in which I see in the forums alot on this website, but added an idea that I think would make the WWE more interesting than it has been of late... We talk constantly about things like : Will Cena turn heel? or Is the Big Show a better face or heel? In addition brand separation has gotten watered down IMO with the "supershows" focusing on both brands anyway.... So what if the WWE had a stable of wrestlers, who not only showed no allegiance to the Raw or Smackdown Brand, but unlike the Nexus - their main motives were to capture all titles thus bringing relevance to the belts again.... The main point of this group would be to show no allegiance to any other WWE Superstars or DIVAS that are currently on the roster, but also at times have arguments within the group so that loyalty is always on each members mind- My stable of Tweeners would consist of the following....

1. R-Truth : This guy plays the tweener part to a tee. He is athletic, agressive and his promos where he is muttering to himself (or Little Jimmy) have been fantastic. Picture Truth interrupting a promo by Santino and running to the ring and beating Santino down, and then yelling in the mic that "Little Jimmy made him do it"..... Looking sadistic and almost insane-like and then the next week when Swagger is pounding Santino, Truth comes for the save because only "he can give beatings"

2. Drew McIntyre- This guy needs something fast, as seen by his massive losing streak- Whereas Truth would be the Unpredicatble one, McIntyre can go back to being the Chosen One... Drew would have a group to help him with his promos- Instead of main eventing Superstars for the rest of his career , Drew can use this stable of tweeners to help him finally achieve the Chosen One Status

3. Randy Orton- IMO Orton is a tremendous heel, who has fallen victim to the love of the crowd.... So why not unleash the Viper on everyone who comes in his way. Orton has used Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase in the past as cronies who do the dirty work... Orton has slowly fell out of the Championship picture and has had few nagging injuries- he is getting hungry again...He will use every friend or foe, heel or face for his own gain

4. The last piece of my stable is Daniel Bryan. Bryan has gotten stronger as a heel lately but he also is a symbol of what the IWC stands for. His technical abilities are excellent, and he could be the enforcer of this group, allbeit the smallest member of the group...When this group starts getting its footing, it will be Bryan who interrupts a match with one of his many submission holds- He can also hide behind the other guys which he seems to try to always cheat the system now.

Each one of these wrestlers will see strengths in the other three that the can utilize for self gain, throw in a manager like William Regal to lead these guys or maybe bring EDGE back in some form of manager duties- The group can follow EDGE's persona of being the ultimate opportunists... I hope this makes sense, as I was really sick and tired of reading of everybody's dream card for Wrestlemania and who should Undertaker fight- Please comment away!!!!!!

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Good Blog!! n I think...R-Truth, Orton and DB can be gr8 tweeners..n there is one more guy who can be THE BEST TWEENER is CHRISTIAN!! Yes, The Captain Charisma can pull off a gr8 TWEENER!!!
  2. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Awesome idea here, in my opinion... This would shake things up a bit: a group of volatile wildcards that answer to no one. I can see where each potential member can gain from it. That, and WWE is short on factions and supergroups right now anyway.

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