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The Logic Behind Ending The Streak

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I read all of the blog's about the streak and I am sorry I am adding to the fray but one thing sticks out in my mind when I think is what is a better move for the Future of the WWE:

A: Giving the Undertaker the Ability to win at Wrestlemania 28 to move the streak to 20-0 or,

B: Ending the streak and giving Undertaker's opponent the title as the biggest star in the WWE.

I am not sure who has the next longest winning streak at Wrestlemania, something it tells me it may be The MIZ, and I dont ever see him challenging the streak and for that matter I dont think anyone will ever beat the streak regardless if it is at 19 or 20.

The scenario that I think will work better than giving HHH a 3rd crack at the streak or Kane challenging his brother and losing is as follows:

The Undertaker is first seen at Wrestlemania 28. He does not wrestle a match. He simply makes an appearance saying he is returning to the darkness and he will return at Wrestlemania 29 to defend the streak. This way he gets to rest more and his match does not become the undercard to Cena vs. Rock in Rock's hometown.

Now enter Cena... Ironic how Kane takes an extra special interest in making Cena embrace hate and get angry. Cena loses to the Rock at Mania, he disappears for a couple of months- he then returns with a venegance that Kane has been trying to instill in him. He wipes out opponents , taking the extra liberties such as doing things as angry as Orton's punt kick ( maybe he STF's people until they cannot compete anymore) .... Cena has now found his heel status and then closer to Wrestlemania the Undertaker arises and his mission is to make the hate "REST IN PEACE".....

Cena and Undertaker wrestle a 15-20 minute match at mania and at the 20th minute, with the Undertaker incapacitated, Cena thinks about the fact that the streak is right at his hands. Will he snap back to the Loyalty and Respect Cena or will he continue his anger. Cue the Red Lights and Kane on the Big Screen- He simply says "end him"... Cena locks in the STF and Taker reluctantly taps out... The screen fades on Kane, the Undertaker crawls to a standing ovation and Cena takes over as the streak breaker and the man who now has no idea of his own identity and standing in the WWE

Let me know what everyone thinks about this scenario

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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    I think you completely missed the point of giving the streak to someone younger than Taker. Why would you give it to Cena? Hes not got that many years left, and has been at the top of the company for 5 years now! He doesn't need it at all, and it would just be a waste. Giving it to someone like Barrett or Sheamus would be more beneficial to their careers, since they're likely to stick around 7 or more years.

    I'd rather just see Taker face a veteran for his final match. That way we get a great match, and a great memory, not some young kid beating the Streak.
  2. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
  3. hbk2416's Avatar
    Cena doesn't need to beat Taker to be a huge star. I would rather see someone like Barrett or Ziggler beat him. They would immediately become red hot heels. A win over Taker at Mania would make someone's career. Cena's is already made.
  4. blink's Avatar
    It's not exactly a streak if he takes a year off from defending it. A streak is several wins in a row... Not periodically.
  5. -TxCxL-'s Avatar
    A good perspective on the situation but it should not happen with Cena, he doesn't need it. IF THE STREAK IS TO END, IT HAS TO BE WITH A VETERAN OR LEGEND. IF NOT THAT, IT SHOULD NOT END. I am all for pushing younger talent. But look at the situation presented in front of the WWE. Lets say Sheamus faces Taker at Mania, and he ends the streak. Look at who Taker has beaten in the past in his streak. HHH, HBK, Edge, Orton, Bastista, Kane, Flair, etc. Pretty great list there. Lets say Sheamus ends the streak, but somehow, later in time, he is fired, gets in trouble with the law, aka, not being able to wrestle in WWE anymore. Now, if you think WWE looks stupid now, how stupid would they look then?, ending the greatest streak of all time. Then the wrestler does not follow through.
  6. sexyboy14's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by blink
    It's not exactly a streak if he takes a year off from defending it. A streak is several wins in a row... Not periodically.
    What about 2000? Or 1994? He didn't wrestle at those WrestleManias.
  7. Sourman's Avatar
    In response to the brown one's comments- what exactly have Barrett and Seamus accomplished in their careers that warrant them being given the single best accomplishment available today, ending the streak?

    Barrett was the leader of the Nexus, who basically made his cronies attack people and then he gave his finisher after the person couldnt get up. Cena ran him out of Nexus and destroyed him. Yes, he is great on the mic but his accent and mean scowl are not enough to be given the honor of breaking the streak.

    Seamus- he is a machine but what has he done besides derail HHH's career. he has been swithced from heel to face, and I smell another heel turn, I don't see the WWE putting all of their stock in Seamus.

    Based on my blog, I was stating the idea that I read from everyone on here. What is a better way to turn Cena heel and end the streak, using the current format of Kane turning Cena heel. John Cena has busted his ass for 10 years in the WWE and if you remember the point of Wrestlemania 18. Hogan passing the torch to the Rock, who then left for Hollywood. Cena sees this as Rock passing the torch to him, however if Rock wins that will fuel an anger for Cena to get the biggest torch available: THE STREAK
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