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Top WWE 10 Superstars who deserve a belt Part 2/2

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Hey guys, Shaz11 here. This blog is part 2 of the Top 10 Superstars/Divas who deserve a champion!

Please read Part 1 first, here is the link!!!

5. Uso Brothers - Tag Team Champion
Shouldn't they be champions already? These guys can wrestle for goodness sake. After Epico and Primo's feud with....whoever it is. Let these guys step up and win the belts!

4. Christian - World Heavyweight Champion
I think this guy needs the belt, but a lengthy reign. A veteran like him shouldn't have had a poor reign, in fact two poor reigns! Let him win the belt again. A lengthy reign, it should be.

3. Wade Barrett - World Heavyweight Champion
This dude is a great wrestler, and one of my favourites so far. He's impressed me since his debut, he makes a great leader, leading Nexus and The Corre. Fantastic ring abilities and mic skills and he is an English man. I absolutely love this guy, after WM 28, I think he will win the belt, no doubt about that. I was really enjoying his feud against Randy Orton, until he got injured. But then WWE said that Barrett did it by pushing him down the stairs, which I thought was a clever move, making him a bit of a monster. I'll be honest and say I think he should win the feud against Orton, I mean look at Sheamus and John Cena. Sheamus won the belt from the poster boy of the company and Cena is still loved by the Kids and Adults. It's a doubt, but it would be a great move!

2. Santino Marella - United States Champion
This guy needs to be taken seriously. I know he's there for comedy purposes but this guy has got some real talent. He's great in the ring and mic. He's very underrated, have him feud Jack Swagger, have Swagger and Vickie Guerrero insult him by saying he's a pussy and all that. And he defeats Swagger after being more agressive. And keep him as the comedy guy, a funny agressive wrestler? Why not? At least everyone wins.

1. William Regal - World Heavyweight Champion
I know the IWC love absolutely love this guy, it was reported that he wanted a title shot against Daniel Bryan, in a Teacher vs Pupil match, that would be sick! He's worked so hard through out his whole career, being successful in all divisions, except the main event. He is one of the, or the best superstar on the mic today, and in the ring. If this were to happen, I would scream! in joy. Well, if Mark Henry can get a world title then why can't Regal, in fact Henry's gimmick was originally scheduled for Brodus Clay, a beast who can wrestle. So if Henry can win the big one then Regal can! Let Regal be the first Englishmen to win the big one!

Hope ya enjoyed the blog, leave your comments and opinions please! Have a good day!

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  1. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    Regal for president!
  2. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    Regal for King of the World
  3. Kryptonite's Avatar
    Regal for God
  4. -TxCxL-'s Avatar
    I honestly think, if Barrett asked regal to help him get alittle more technical in the ring, because he has the power and speed down pat, he will be the top heel in the company, and the best on Smackdown, besides Orton.
  5. Godsmack78's Avatar
    i agree with everyone but the usos.. they just dont have it.. yes they are a legit tag team but not title worthy..and is it me or have they gotten fat? one of them had a dui and i just dont see them doing anymore than midcard level..they do not deserve a title.. hell even primo and epico dont deserve them.. they may as well kill the damn division cuz its shit

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