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TNA losing out on Eric Young? (Jeremy Fritz)

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Quick introduction to those that don't know the depths of Eric Young, he's thirty-two years old from Ontario and has been with TNA from 2004. Right moving on to why I think EY should set his eyes on another promotion if TNA continue to drop the ball with him.

Eric Young has had a variety of gimmicks he began "jobbing," comic relief with TNA but has had more serious roles along his career such as feuding with Robert Roode and Jeff Jarret even becoming the leader of World Elite who at one point. Whom I thought were going to play a huge part in the development of under-achieving, new and willing to learn talent... guess I was wrong. I've not had problems with any of his gimmicks he's shown he's a decent actor; as well as being capable with a microphone.

Lmao, take a look at these two videos... testament to him being capable of playing other roles than being a random jobber.

So now you're probably wondering, "What about his wrestling ability?" Well I'll just cover that with a few videos...

So we've covered Eric Youngs comic relief, his loyalty to the company and his abilities on the microphone and to portray other decent characters that aren't always jobbing. We've also seen him perform a few spots, moonsaults and what-not. So I guess you're wondering, that's decent wrestling but not great. (For all you DB and Kurt Angle fans, don't worry I love them too.) Well, I didn't believe I'd need to amend this to the blog because Eric Young always shows off his grapples, holds and reversals but here's a little preview anyway...

Now after reviewing all of the above and judging how he's put himself out for the company and jobbed to Robbie E for example. Do you think he should move on to another promotion? I know WWE hasn't mentioned him but he's clean and more than capable of the following, wrestling, pulling off a gimmick heel/face or tweener and he knows his way around a microphone.

I'm not posting this because "I hate TNA," or anything but he's obviously rubbed someone in the "back," the wrong way since I've seen Eric since his debut as one of the most improving former developmental talents. Instead they chose to push Crimson who can barely wrestle or speak and has been around for a few months, Robert Roode who deserves it but you can't say he deserves it more than Eric Young; I'd say about the same.

Not sure what TNA is doing with this, I'm interested in seeing the responses namely because I'm starting to feel like I'm the only person that's noticed Eric Youngs potential.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. matt1tude's Avatar
    ive also noticed his talent and potential to be something great. from what ive seen watching EY since his team canada days i can say eric ticks all the boxes to be a true main eventer. *he's got the wrestling ability, *brilliant mic skills, *he's been over more than most of the main eventers for years, *he's very funny, a true entertainer, that seems to come naturally to him. however i dont think he should go to another promotion yet the thing hes doing with odb is quite entertaining and is giving him more airtime than he had before so he may move on to bigger things from this. *fingers crossed*

    now someone else will come in at some point and say no santino is funnier than EY. and if im right they will be the typical WWE marks that cant accept anyone outside their "Universe" is better.

    and now after that ill be judged as a TNA mark and they will be right difference is i accept what i am just like i was a WWF and ECW mark all them years ago. and now im rambling on to a WWE mark that does exsist...............yet. so i will stop lol.
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  2. TheAlphaMale's Avatar
    I agree completely regarding EY. He has played every single role imaginable and to perfection each time. I really thought as the leader of The World Elite that he would succeed and finally be given a serious run as a main event guy. He has proven his worth and the fans believe in him regardless on the gimmick. Santino is funny but doesn't quite have the charm or versatility of EY (maybe he will prove me wrong in the future) I feel EY deserves his shot, along with Daniels, and Bully Ray at the big strap in TNA.
  3. Razor's Avatar
    EY is sheer comedy gold, absolutely love the man. He is pretty damn good in the ring as well. I'd love to see him get a title shot. I personally think an EY/Santino tag team would be all around great, in either promotion. I'd like to see him stay with TNA, but mostly because there should be 2 great wrestling companies, and I think TNA really has that potential...

    What TNA needs to do to improve more is a long and varied list, but they've been improving. I'll be tuning in in 40 minutes, largely to see what happens next with EY and ODB.

    Incidently, I used to absolutely LOATHE ODB, TNA can thank EY for turning that around. Fair props to her, she's done a great job in her skits with him as well.

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