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Who'll win the Rumble?

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I've seen quite a few of these posts so I waited a week or so to post mine but anyway here it it.

Chris jerhico
This may happen but if he is going to have a match vs punk at Wrestlemania I see no need for him to win the rumble. However maybe She will come down to the ring and assist Jerhico. Whatever happens I would rather Jerhico didn't win the rumble.

Wade Barrett/Sheamus
I think either of these two winning is a possibility as they aren't really involved in much at the moment but I could also see these two eliminating each other to continue their current feud. I also think the winner is likely to be on the smackdown brand as raw is quite full at the moment. Barrett/Sheamus vs Bryan would produce some great matches and promos so I wouldn't be surprised if either if these two won.

Cody Rhodes
By the end of the year Cody will be a main eventer but I don't think he'll win the rumble yet. At Wrestlemania I see him facing either Sheamus or Barrett for the intercontinental championship.

Triple H

This would be a surprise and I'd love to see Triple H win the rumble. But I don't see him working full time from the royal rumble up to Wrestlemania. Unless he was going for one final run which would end with him retiring at Wrestlemania.

Randy Orton
I really hope this doesn't happen but it's in his home town so it's a big possibility.

It would be great to see him win the rumble if he has recovered in time. He could return as a face win the rumble and then win the title at Wrestlemania.
Surprise appearances/returns predictions
Triple h
Mick Foley
Booker T
Shawn Michaels

What I want to happen and who I want to win
Have Kane enter at number #19 and break his record for the most eliminations by eliminating 13 people. Then when he finishes his feud with cena have Kane cut a promo saying that he doesn't want a championship match for his royal rumble win. He wants to face undertaker. He says last time they faced Undertaker was buried alive and that this time he'll be dragged down into the depths of hell. Undertaker responds by saying he's beaten Kane at Wrestlemania before and that this time Kane will truly rest in peace.

Wrestlemania 28
Undertaker vs Kane
Streak Match - 3 stages of hell

Thanks for reading and I look foward to reading the comments. I expect most people will probably disagree with Kane winning the rumble.

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. Melevolent 27's Avatar
    2 thumbs up for the Kane idea
  2. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    I don't think your plan for Kane will be happening, but if you were creative and i was VKM, i would surely as hell go for it. Awesome idea.
  3. Slivon's Avatar
    Drew McIntyre
  4. Callum's Avatar
    @Melevolent 27 @Beer_Villian Thanks
  5. n2winlisa's Avatar
    Miz is gonna win it. They have made a big deal about him being #1, and they have been grooming him to be the next Cena. Watch it happen
  6. masterzeke's Avatar
    under surprise appearances you could have put bobby lashly
  7. Viking's Avatar
    CM Punk will win. why would they hype that current champions can enter so much if not?
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