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How to Bring Back The WWE Tag Team

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Hello, Once again. I once did a post about it and since Primo and Epico are tag team champions, I wanted to re-post it and what I would have done.

So, it starts with Kofi saying that Bourne is out for a couple of months due to injury (lies but who cares?). Kofi says that he will find a new partner and he will fill the tag team spot. Primo and Epico are taunting Kofi for several weeks with beating him some several times with Kofi getting maybe 1 win. (sound familiar?) At the Royal Rumble, Kofi announces his tag team partner, Justin Gabriel! (They are both from africa so that makes sense) They defeat Primo and Epico and they will be tag champs for a time. They defeat Primo and Epico at Elimination Chamber and they beat the Uso's and Primo and Epico at Wrestlemania.

Time for Bourne to come back. Bourne says that he wants his tag title back, but Justin Gabriel says that it wouldn't be fair. They both have tag matches with Kofi and win, and they both agree to a match at Extreme Rules where Kofi is the ref. Winner is Kofi's partner. Extreme rules arrives and Justin Gabriel wins cleanly. Bourne can't believe Kofi betrayed him and beats him down. (Bourne heel turn)

Bourne cuts heel promos against Kofi and Gabriel and says he wants a championship shot. Now it is his time to find a partner. Last Monday before Over the Limit, Morrison makes his return shockingly and looks face, until he attacks gabriel and kofi i.e Morrison is heel. At Over the Limit, Bourne and Morrison win becoming the new tag champs.

Bourne and Morrison are cocky as ever and Kofi and Gabriel, the uso's, and primo and epico all get shots against them and Bourne and Morrison cheat everytime. It is then scheduled for a Fatal 4 Way tag team match for the belts at Fatal 4 Way (duh). Bourne and Morrison retain there and then we come to the finale.

Kofi says that this has gone on for too long and that they need to finish it at TLC in a Ladder match. Somehow, the Uso's are added and so are Primo and Epico. Zoom forward to Tlc. The Uso's are out, Primo and Epico are out and so are Gabriel and Morrison. Bourne and Kofi are fighting at the top of the ladder and it is intense. Out of nowhere, Primo pushes the ladder sending them both through tables outside (don't know where they got tables, they just did). Primo and Epico win and that is the end....or is it?

On the next show, Kofi and Bourne keep attacking each other and they keep hurting either Morrison or Gabriel. They are pissed and they leave them. Theodore Long makes a tag match (playa) and Kofi leaves Bourne as Gabriel and Morrison win. (New tag team.) Kofi and Bourne are then left for a feud til however long.

So that is it! How did you like it? All opinions welcome and this is what I would have done.

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Meh, interesting idea, never will happen
  2. madnonsense's Avatar
    Morrison is done with WWE. I don't see any news sources that WWE will re-sign him back. Although having Evan Bourne as a heel is a great idea, but he should find a superstar who haven't had any TV time as of late to become his tag team partner.
  3. Cobra's Avatar
    Interesting blog. Especially since you have it planned out for PPVs to come with a total of 4 tag teams in the mix. Kofi & Gabriel could be interesting, though being both from Africa shouldn't matter. Though honestly I think Gabriel and Mason Ryan would make a awesome high-flyer / power house duo instead. And I agrees with madnonsense about Morrison. Can't see him returning.
  4. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    very creative but why are the uso's and epico & primo out so fast they are better teams then the 2 makeshift teams you pushed first those 2 tag teams have to prove themselves better and morrison has to return why don't you think of something so the uso's can win the tag titles? that'd be more realistic and id'love to hear your thoughts about that
  5. TheEelDeal's Avatar
    Problem with tag teams is it used to be an intro or developmental opportunity. Almost all the greats came through there - HBK, Hart, even HHH to an extent. Great place to develop a story line from and give wrestlers characters.

    Now its just a holding point for wrestlers not doing anything - like Kofi, Bourne etc. I think of all the wrestlers coming through and how they fall flat, if introduced in this way they'd get more traction. But it needs credibility and McMahon doesn't care about it.

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