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The One Man Southern Jobber

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In the IWC, a large topic is jobbers, and most of them are the best guys on the roster, but the one that gets most of the air time between them all is the "One Man Southern Rock Band" Heath Slater: and as I did with Jack Swagger, Heath Slater gets a full overview of himself (although I am fairly certain he doesn't use EWN)

The Look
I'm not saying that Heath Slater is "a natural born main eventer", or "the best in the business", and he has that edgy, cocky, heel look that doesn't scare anyone, but it does make him seem like a guy who could hold the (normal, not the classic) Intercontinental Championship loud and proud for a long, interesting title run, not like Cody "I'll defend it every other month" Rhodes.

The Wrestling
Heath is defiantly not the best wrestler on the roster, but he does have a good high-flying, powerhouse mix that could work with some training, and by some, I mean a helluva lot of training. However, his wrestling does remind me a little of some of the good wrestlers from the 80's and 90's. Heath needs to work with a style that he enjoys, so he isn't so awkward in the ring, and he needs to work on more grappling, to make him more of a hybrid style wrestler like Christian.

The Titles
Heath is a two time tag team champion with former partner, Justin Gabriel. Out of the two, I always thought Heath was the more talented, but now he is jobbing to Justin, among others. At the risk of another tag-team rant, the two should either: not have gotten the tag-team Championships so early in their careers, or have not of broken up so easily like so many others have.

The Haters
Their is actually a song entitled "I Hate You Heath Slater" by Shining Wizado (link at bottom of the page), this guy hates Heath so much, he gets 13,000 views out of it. The main reason I can think of why people hate Heath Slater so much is because of one simple reason: He sounds like an idiot.

The Mic Skills

When I asked my friend what his opinion of Heath Slater was, he responded "I hate him, he sounds like such of a Dumb-ass". So, unlike Jack Swagger, Heath Slater is in desperate need of a manager. Heath does kind of sound like an idiot, but a well worked manager (no, not Vickie) could make Heath look like a real competitor in, and out of the ring.

Having Heath Slater start out in the Nexus as the weak member of the group, and then making him move on to being the weak member in the Corre, is not the way to give someone a prosperous career no matter which way you slice it.

Heath needs to stop talking, get serious, start wrestling in a style that agrees with him, get a new career jump-start, get a real manager, get a definitive finisher, and don't go up against guys like Sheamus. So with some work (yes, I will accept hate messages for this) Heath Slater could be the next Curt Hennig (there, I said it) in the ring and on the microphone.

Here is the link to "I Hate You Heath Slater"

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Rebel Lion's Avatar
    You didn't just say Heath Slater can be the next Curt Hennig, did you?? Drugs kill....please stay away from them, especially before posting a blog.
  2. IHW Wrestling's Avatar
    *mike* Skills lol
  3. el yaxo's Avatar
    i think heath slater would be good if he didnt suck at literally everything
  4. Melevolent 27's Avatar
    He should embrace the fact he sounds like a dumbass, talk it up, find a writer to help with some head shakeing idiodic one liners, and run with it. Stay heel. He already has something others dont, he naturally sounds dumb, and fans dont like it. (Barrett has made mention of him sounding dumb, and I believe they are friends) So its not an act.
    The best characters in wrestling have been extentions of their performers real persona, if you cover it up the viewers will work it out, and not get into the character either as a heel or face.
  5. Bob Bowman's Avatar
    He sucks and blows.................FE'd him

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