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Top WWE 10 Superstars who deserve a belt Part 1/2

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10. Tamina - Divas Champion
This diva is really underated, she is really talented, looks like she's been in a feud with Natalya, another great diva. I can actually see her winning the belt, please WWE, give Tamina a massive push! She can wrestle unlike some! (Pointing at Kelly Kelly)

9. Dolph Ziggler - WWE Champion
I can see this happening , he's currently involved in a feud with Cm Punk and Mick Foley....I think. He needs to drop Vickie Guerrero, let her manage Jack Swagger, I think Ziggles can cope without her. He's improved on the mic and he's promo with Mick Foley was excellent. I think its a bit too early for him, but after WM 28 and a few more events he could eventually win the gold.

8. Hunico - Intercontinental Champion
I may get bashed for this but I'm ready. I think I'm one of the few people who think that Hunico has got some brilliant talent. Obviously if the Cruiserweight Champion was to come, then Hunico for the win! but I doubt that. I was really impressed in the flag match against TedDiBiase where he lost, but he was pretty impressive.

7. Drew McIntyre - Intercontinental Champion
Remember his first reign with the belt, the guy held it for 160-1 days which I think is pretty good. This guy has got fresh mic skills along with a Scottish accent, andnd he's decent in the ring. He's having 'if you lose, you fired' matches, and losing them. But I personally think he will win at the end and be really dominant. Let him feud with Cody Rhodes, he wants revenge after Rhodes ditched him after their poor tag title run. A feud with Rhodes would be epic, let them have matches on PPVs and Smackdown, with McIntyre winning at the end (keeping it heel vs heel). So then he could have a dream feud with.......look down

6. Randy Orton - Intercontinental Champion
Okay, I'll come clean, this is a 'want' reign, the reign that I would love to see, Remember Orton's 1st reign? Excellent! So say Drew has had the Intercontinental Champion for 6 months, which gives alot of prestige to the belt. Let him feud with Orton, they both have the same personality and this feud is one to see! I would love to see this, I doubt this will happen but I really think this feud could be excellent.

Hope you enjoyed Part 1, stay tuned for Part 2! Have a good week, bye.

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    I could see Tamina as a decent Divas champion, as well as Ziggler and I really think he will get his reign this year. I just hope its a decent reign. I could also see Hunico. You bringing up Orton, that would be interesting and different to see, but only if he was heel Orton. As for McIntyre, I've never been high on him or seen anything special in him.
  2. cjstonecold's Avatar
    Tamina would be a GREAT diva's champion. I think she's number three behind Nattie and Beth!!!
  3. Kryptonite's Avatar
    Here is the problem, Orton is not Jericho?
    No one would be happy having Orton the Intercontinental, because we have a lot of superstars that need this title.
  4. Godsmack78's Avatar
    I love that you put hunico on this list.. the little dude has got mad game and swagger..... push him and make a cruiserweight division stat.. im gonna get blasted for this but i am 33 years old and i cant fucking stand who the e is pushing.. dolph spirit squad ziggles, not sold on him.. yes he works a good match but his promos are still shit.. and shame on ppl who are comparing him to mr perfect, slow down... and to say he deserves the wwe title is no better than me wanting rtruth to hold the gold(just to have a LEGIT black wwe champion) but i digress.. everyone else on this list is pretty dead on .. im getting tired of seeing orton as a face as well. time for punts to the head again..yay. tamina is a solid worker but she is just not hot to me which is why they keep pushing god awful eve. yea shes hot but dammit im not sold on her or the division until kharma comes back(happy day not so much for the bellas
  5. Zekic's Avatar
    I really loving hunico right now,for some reason i like him even more then sin cara.

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