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5 Things That Anger Me In WWE Today

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Yo what up, Kid Contra here, long time reader, first time blogger. I have been reading all of these great blogs and forums over the past year and figured that 2012 was the year for me to join the fun. I have been a fan of wrestling since I was 5 and now I'm 27, so I have all these wrestling thoughts, opinions and knowledge that is just going to waste, so I figured, what the hey, lets give this blogging thing a shot. so without further ado, my first topic will be... things that anger me about the WWE. Now, to be honest, there are so many things about WWE that anger me, I have been a fan for over 20 years and they have received years of my time and lots of my money, so I feel I have a right to vent a little. It's just like any relationship, I things I love and things I hate about the WWE, but discussing the things I hate is way more entertaining, right? To make sure I don't ramble on too long, I will give you a list of 5 things that anger me about WWE. So, on to the complaining.

5) Where are the Faction? Over the years there have been many great factions in the WWE that served the purpose of pushing one or more superstars to new heights. When I was young, the first faction I remember, though to be honest it was more of a stable, was the group of guys managed by Bobby the Brain Heenan, sometimes known as the Heenan Family. He had a rotation of three or four guys at any time; names like Rick Rude, Andre the Giant, King Kong Bundy, Hercules, Mr. Perfect, Harley Race, etc. Even though they did their own thing, they still stuck together and helped each other out, but more importantly, it was a way to push guaranteed starts to new heights (Mr. Perfect), give aging vets a place where they could still be effective (Andre) and give people who were not much on their own (Hercules) a little credibility, giving their characters a purpose. More tradition factions suck as DX, The Nation, Evolution, and so on, elevated stars to new heights (HHH, The Rock, Randy Orton Batista), gave aging vets a place (Farooq, Ric Flair), and gave lesser talents some credibility ( The New Age Outlaws, D-Lo Brown.) That is something that is missing badly from today's product; recent attempts (The Nexus and The Corre), didn't fair because of the group having no talent or garnering no interest, they failed because they were broken up too early. If given more time together, each group could have made a soild impact and possibly produced more stars then were created. Mason Ryan alone = ehh, but imagine him paired with The Usos, Jack Swagger and Christian, now we have a group that could do alot for all parties ( side note, those were the first wrestlers I thought of that could use a little help, minus Christian he would be helping them ofcourse, don't hold me to that exact collect of guys.)

4) Where Are The Tag Teams​? This is essentially the same argument as was made for the factions, tag teams help to create stars, but also not every wrestler can be a huge singles star. I am fine with teams breaking up because one of the members is destined for stardom like say Miz and Morrison. WWE saw something in Miz and decided to push him to the moon, but what about Morrison? Well he got de-pushed so much that he threw up the peace sign on his wait to the Indys. Now, what if you threw him in a great Tag Team, for IDK, forever! They are many great Tag Teams that just stayed Tag Teams such as Demolition, L.O.D., etc. What's wrong with that? You can still make money as a team, still make the Hall as a team and BTW most wrestling fans love Tag Team wrestling, a truly lost art in the WWE. Once you establish a guy isn't going to be a huge single star, throw him in a team. Evan Bourne alone = ehh. Kofi Kingston alone = not too bad, not too great. Together = Air Boom, an entertaining team, who along with Primo and Epico, The Usos and four or five other teams WWE could create with all the talent they have, could make a pretty darn good tag division.

3)How Bout We Have TWO DISTINCT BRANDS? I loved the brand extension. I loved the idea of having two separate shows, with two separate fan bases, that provided two separate experiences. I loved both brands having their own separate P.P.V.S, minus the big four ofcourse. Lets go back to that! I realize that Smackdown was a little weak for awhile there, but at least it was different. My friend and I were having a conversation today about the two brands and he had no clue who was on which brand because of the Raw Supershow and all that nonsense. WWE has tried getting better ratings for SD by having SD stars on RAW to increase awareness, but hasn't worked, so lets go back to each show being each show. You can divide the shows a bit better between both shows, so each show is worthy of watching and more importantly, necessary to watch. I don't have to watch Smackdown to know whats going on, I can watch RAW and see Orton, Show, Bryan, Wade, etc. If you have two shows then make it to where I have to watch BOTH shows to get my WWE fix. With such an expanded roster, it would be easy to do so. There would be room for Tag Teams, Divas, and everything that gets thrown to the side when focusing on advancing one show and a certain group of performers. Another great thing that occured during the initial brand extension was....

2) ONLY ONE WORLD CHAMPION!Having a WWE champ and a world champ is just plain stupid. You are no longer the best in the biz, you are the best on the show, which takes away a lot of prestige. Have one world champ, don't care if it's WWE or the WORLD HEAVY., but just stick to one, so that people actually care about who the champ is. It's just degrading to the World Champion to say how the WWE champ is the richest prize in the biz. If that's so then what's the point of the world champ? Isn't champion of the world better than champion of the WWE?

1) Get Rid Of The Spinner Belt! It was cool when it made sense. John Cena as a rapper with a spinner belt made sense, but now it just looks cheap. He doesn't rap any more, spinners aren't cool any more and seeing HHH or C.M. Punk with a spinner belt makes me die a little inside, its gotta go!

Thanks for reading, leave you comments, good or bad, I love them either way. Until next time friends... Peace

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  1. JSullivan's Avatar
    The world is too politically correct - that's the problem with WWE. They seem to have forgot that this is wrestling...Entertainment. Nothing more, Nothing less. This is why the WWE Sucks balls right now, and this is why the WWE won't progress anymore in my eyes.
  2. Earthquake's Avatar
    Jsullivan is absolutely right - the world has changed, in my view for the worse. people are mostly interesting in big shiny overelaborate stuff that looks great but has no character. case in point, the overly ugly stage set up at wwe shows. maybe im an old grump but seeing the "larger than life" stage set up makes me nauxious. Less is more i feel
  3. Godsmack78's Avatar
    Hell yes i want two brands and one champ.. it makes perfect sense..or if you want just have the damn supershow but dont call it raw and smackdown anymore because it waters down the smackdown champion which again was a WCW title. VINCE AINT HAVIN THAT AS HIS MONEY BELT.. sorry lol. so you want to keep it like it is and have the World Heavyweight Champion of the WWE.. And then on RAW have the REAL WWE champion. they switched it a couple of times but even when the wwe title was on smackdown it was the most prestigious of the two..always will be even if they put a gold spinning turd on it
  4. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i think they should put the usos in a stable since they won't be splitting twins up anytime soon have christian as the leading guy and have drew mcintyre as the midcard guy let christian as the whc do a double duty of managing and supporting a bit i think this could work they are all hard workers young talent and they all deserve a second chance at titles they are entertaining.
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