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STATE OF THE 'E: PG Didn't Do The Damage

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Welcome to another often imitated but never duplicated blog version of SOT'E! Yes, this is the second one in a week. I know, I'm shocked too. I've had a lot of time to sit back and think on things recently and I'm able to focus right now. So, I'm capable of throwing a couple at you guys.

Going through rough times makes it easier when you've got something to ease you. I've taken a break from the forums and from e-fedding. I have a ton of personal crap going on that I'm sure none of you care about so... on to the blog.

Like the topic says... turning THE 'E into a PG product wasn't the downfall of the company. The "downfall" as people like to call it actually came when VKM decided to take his privately run company and make it viable on Wall Street. He took his product and made it publically traded. THAT was truly the beginning of this situation.

When you go and make yourself a public company, more people have intrest in what you're doing. More people want things to be done their way. Too many hands in the cookie jar at once. That was probably the worst thing he could have done when it came to the longevity of it.

The reason he did it was a double edged sword in its own right though. Yes, his ratings were amazing, sales were amazing... ad revenue was not. VKM's company was hemmoraging money trying to compete with "Billionaire Ted".
By doing all of that, VKM was in an unfortunate losing battle. No one wanted to be associated with them. The only option was to do what they did.

They've only been close to closing up shop a couple times. This was one of them. Licensing companies didn't want any part of them for how fowl their company was becoming. In 2000 they decided to take the bull by the horn and trust their company in the hands of the people who can buy and trade. This seemed like a smart decision and technically, it was. They saved the company and eventually took WCW out of business, ECW folded and WWE bought it all.

They saved themselves and took out their competition. But realistically, at what cost? When they did this, the investors became more critical and scrutinizing of the business end of THE 'E. They started demanding changes. They were offended and didn't want to be anymore. A storyline of Triple H raping a mannequin that was portrayed to be Kane's ex-girlfriend got them into a ton of heat and thus we saw the beginnings of a kinder WWE.

At this point everything is treading. Every year the company continues to lose revenue and stocks go down further and further. This was sadly dictating how the business was run. VKM was/is in panic mode and reacted harshly. After he declared the "Attitude Era" dead, the "Ruthless Aggression Era" was born. More stars were created quite rapidly and THE 'E started to re-gain some steam.

The numbers weren't there anymore though. A lot of people had grown tired of the company and instead were leaving wrestling all together or going to other feds ROH, NJPW, TNA to name a few. They wanted more and got more within these companies. Now, we look at where we are.

Linda McMahon running for Senate, Chris Benoit murdering his family, blood being taken away for all of those reasons above and also because of Hepatitis C running rampant apparently. And of course the steroid abuse. THE 'E has taken a major blow and is having a hard time recovering. It doesn't help that everything is so "family oriented" now either. Hardcore fans don't want any part of it.

They focus more on the "entertainment" value than the "wrestling" value. And by proxy that makes them look bad. The wrestling is "bad" in people's opinions and in their book WWE is a kid company. Which makes me wonder, they're attempting to intergrate more and more into the "Universe" by way of wrestling and they're having more "adult" oriented storylines, are they trying to get those viewers back?

Or are they trying to hook kids for life like we are? With that in mind, will they and can they take their company off the market? If they do, what will happen? Will the licensing companies fly away? Will the fans flock back?

As usual everyone, questions, comments and death threats below. See ya' space cowboy...

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  1. Kryptonite's Avatar
    sir, i was about to read it, then i realized you are so boring
  2. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Death threats hahahaha yes Rob I'm going to kill you

    But yeah another great read, the guy above has no reason for his statement as he said himself, he didnt read.
  3. Mikey52's Avatar
    I enjoy your reads generally but you're far too 'this IS why', not 'in my opinion'.. which detracts from the reading.

    Anyway I agree with alot of what you write. on this occasion, not in the slightest, I don't have too much time at this moment to write an in-depth opinion on why I disagree but I will try to shortly as I think it's a good talking point.
  4. Earthquake's Avatar
    An article right to the source, kudos.

    I think a big problem with the WWE trying to create "life" fans out of the new generation is that stuff like youtube makes wrestling readily available in archive form. What is to say that person by person, as soon as they become bored with the product, maybe because they're older or whatever, isn't interested anymore and decides the only wrestling they'll watch is old youtube vids.
  5. Bagg's Avatar
    Well done Mr. KO. An enjoying read. But i mean, can we say that 5-6 years of poor angle execution, short term booking and general inability to attract new fans, is the result of shareholders? I agree completely in the sense that it cant be raunchy and the company is kinda handcuffed in what they can and cant put on their television. However Vince Russo in the past has had nobody filtering him and loaded tv with boobies and feces and blood and gimmick matches, and we all know how that went. Regardless of rating, Ill watch an angle or a wrestler if they are compelling, so a fair share of the blame has to go to the writers in general who (CM PUNK aside) have been grasping at straws, case and point, before he had to retire, Edges gimmick was "eliminating things that are dumb" ...pffffft. No shareholder wrote that...all wwe creative.
  6. Cobra Commander's Avatar
    The problem is not PG 100% but it is part of the problem. I think the writer are trying so hard to be PG they use it as an excuse not to put on the best show possible. I agree with earthquake about the whole you tube thing. I just got done watching a great match between Triple H and Stone Cold and that one match has been better then anything the WWE has done in the past year. Here is the link for those who doubt me.

    I want them to go back to putting on shows like this one. Long bitter rivalries that lasted months, had meaning, and be willing to do ANYTHING to get the WWE championship. The point is no you don't need to go overboard and have Kane have his way with a dead body but violence, blood, and four letter words is why I tune into wrestling. Yes RAW has it moments now, like the one yesterday was better then any RAW they have put on in months but we all know after Wrestlemaina it will fall off again. All I ask is for a good show, with good story lines, and believable reactions. It does not have to be tasteless, just good.

    I want wrestling to be fun again.

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