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Jericho speaks, Miz is number one, and Laurinaitis to be future endeavoured?

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Tonight I did something I haven't done in a while; sat and watched Raw without constantly updating my Twitter feed (I still occasionally updated it, a personal favourite of mine was 'Brodus Clay is living in an Amish paradise' after seeing his entrance attire). The end result in my eyes was a nearly flawless episode of Raw just six days before the Royal Rumble.

I'll tackle this as best I can since pretty much everything that happened tonight was relevant in the build up to the Rumble, and I don't want to bore anyone with a long blog entry.

I'll start with what was a genuine surprise to me; Jericho finally spoke! I was expecting him to remain silent until after the Rumble so as to leave us in some doubt that he might not win the match, but now I'm waiting to mark out at his entry in the match and hopefully his victory. An interesting point my cousin made was that Trish could be the woman mentioned in his original comeback promos, but I can't see it myself. Opinions?

Another thing I was glad to see was that for the first time in years we've been given the number one entry in the Rumble match. I always love to anticipate the Rumble match and what better way than to give us a known entry? I personally cannot see The Miz going very far, but I wouldn't mind seeing him have a long stay to kick off 2012. All I can safely say is I expect himself and R-Truth to eliminate one another (this feud could go to Elimination Chamber).

Also, Cena finally embracing the hate was something I loved. I'm finally finding a reason to watch Cena again and all I can say is, thank you Kane!

The Barrett/Sheamus angle seems to me like it isn't that important to the fans. I disagree with this mentality, and I'll tell you for why. This build to the Rumble is simply a trial run for a potential future Rock/Steve Austin or Cena/Orton feud to me. Both superstars are the future of the company along with Ziggler and Rhodes, and I can see a great WrestleMania match coming from these two. Then again I could be blowing this out of proportion simply because I'm loving that two British superstars are getting some decent air time. I'll say this once, long live the Barratt Barage!

Seeing Johnny Ace put in a situation to be potentially 'fired' was a sour note I think. It all seemed like a last minute way out of making Punk look like Super-Cena at the Rumble - overcoming the odds no matter how dire the situation. Nonetheless the segment did its job and the fact that Ziggler is 4-0 against Punk actually makes me think he could win in his second Royal Rumble World title match this Sunday. It should be a great match.

I honestly wish I had something bad to say about this week's Raw to make this a more interesting blog entry and entice more opinions in the comments, but even Brodus Clay is growing on me (I can't tell if that's a good thing or not). All I can really quarrel about is that the Zack Ryder segment was far too long and got no sympathy from a pretty quiet crowd (I don't blame them, Ryder's gimmick is simply not good enough to warrant any role in the Cena/Kane feud). Also, the 'injury' is in no part Cena's fault - if by some miracle Eve reads these online dirt sheets I thought I should throw that in there.

Anyway, that's me for this week. Thanks for reading.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. knox's Avatar
    good recap, do this every week man, i enjoyed this
  2. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    Very nice. I do think he's going to compete against Punk for the WWE Championship. My guess, on why he was remaining silent, is to prove Punk a point. Punk keeps calling himself Voice of the Voiceless, so he keeps silent to let Punk hear the voice of the voiceless. I believe Jericho will use this argument and goes on claiming that Punk calls himself the best wrestler in the world, but that it is invalid since he is the Best in the world at what he does.
    Anyhow, great recap!
  3. bearkg88's Avatar
    Pretty good blog bro, the only thing I disagreed with was Punk being made to look like Supercena remark. I simply loved Punks expression in the final segments of Raw, he looked like he literally wanted to kill Lauaranitus apart. The way I looked at the Johnny might get fired, then Punk attacking him, it leaves up that air of will Johnny screw Punk as a means to get and back after being attacked and possibly cost him his job, or will he go back to the Johnny from recent months with little to no spine
  4. dres1214's Avatar
    Great Blog. IMO I feel that Ryder needs to be repackaged. His gimmick was good but I don't think it'll go far. I don't take him serious. But thats just me. Raw was good. I was hoping that Punk hitting the GTS was going to be similar to SCSA hitting the Stunner on Vinnie Mac. But it didn't feel that way.

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