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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts The Good, The Bad, The Impartial

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Another monday has come and passed, and with that, comes time for another edition of Uncooked. Lets get into it shall we.

The Bad

Sheamus vs Jahinder Mahal
I like Sheamus, but I am tired of seeing Sheamus wrestle/feud with Jahinder. I don't see anything special in Mahal, and would rather see Sheamus move on to something better. I will admit though, at the end, the interaction between Barrett and Sheamus hinted to me of a feud after the rumble. Now that I would like to see.

R Truth vs The Miz
I've actually enjoyed the Miz/Truth feud so far. Then when I heard these two were facing each other tonight, I was kind of disappointed because I felt like creative is just giving them their match and then move them on to something else. I was honestly hoping this would go on until Wrestlemania, and have a grudge match between the two. It may still happen, but I just get this feeling that the Miz/Truth feud isn't really going to go anywhere from here...hopefully I am wrong though. Another thing, the last few weeks I have enjoyed R Truths promos, but tonights, idk, just didn't click with me, not his best work in my opinion.

The Drawn Out Ryder Ending
The actual match will be in the impartial section, just and fyi, but after the "match" when they showed Eve and Cena looking on at Ryder while he was being loaded up on a stretcher and then into an ambulance was just drawn out. They went to a commercial, and came back and were still focusing on that. Yes i get it is to further the Cena/Kane feud, and I will admit the last part with Eve saying it was Cenas fault, and then Cena slapping the mic out of Josh Matthews hands, did make up for the boringness of seeing Ryder getting loaded up. I just felt like they could have cut this down some and done something better with the time.

The Impartial

Kane vs Zack Ryder
While I didn't think this "match" was anything special, I saw the point behind it. To have Kane destroy Zack Ryder, furthering Cena accepting the anger and hatred towards Kane. I get it. Was it one of the more exciting ways in recent weeks they've progressed the Cena/Kane feud, not really. My hope is, since The Rock probably won't be back to the E until after Elimination Chamber, that they will continue the Kane/Cena feud to atleast the Elimination Chamber. Anyways, my hope is they go a different route in progressing this feud than with Zack Ryder.

Funkasaurus Brodus Clay
I smell a William Regal Brodus Clay feud. Personally I feel like unless they do something with Brodus in the next few weeks, asides from having him come out, dance, squash, and dance, I'm going to get bored of it. I think a Regal/Clay feud could be really entertaining though. I'd feel bad for Regal though because you know he would just be used to push Clay, and Regal to me is better than that.

No Diva's Segment
Did anyone else notice there wasn't any kind of divas segment this week? No match, no backstage dialogue, not even any kind of speculated divas match at the rumble. Has the WWE just given up on the divas division? My guess is they just wanted to put a focus on the import things going into the rumble, which I understand.

The Good

The Opening match/Segment
Personally I liked John Cena this week. Seeing him not do his usual running to the ring, throwing his hat off stuff, just watching him walk to the ring, have that stern look and then kind of get in the face of Punk, was different from Cena of the last few months. Then the actual match, to me was a pretty good match. Why i say that, is that it was different than normal tag matches. Yeah you had the time where the face got beat down by the heels, and interesting enough it was Cena and not Punk which caught my eye, and it had its hot tag, but the best part, it didn't have its usual ending where the fresh face cleans house and gains the win. I was glad to see Ziggles get the win on this one.

Jericho and The Highlight Reel
Each week after Raw, i keep wondering what Jericho is going to do next week to make me want to see what he does next. When I saw the schpeel before the commercial break saying he was coming back with the Highlight Reel, I thought.."Yes..finally Jericho is going to speak". Then he came out, and played his video. Granted I know it was showing highlights of his career, I can't help but feel he is going to shoot for challenging for both main event titles at Wrestlemania. I know most will say I am wrong, and hey I know likely I am, but this is the WWE and anything is possible. Finally though when Jericho finally spoke, I won't lie, it has made me that much more excited for the Rumble and next mondays Raw.

No Smackdown In First Hour
It was right before ten when I realized "Hey, there hasn't been any Smackdown stars in the first hour" Even then, there was only one match. I liked that. I get it is a Raw "Supershow" but it is still Raw so the focus should be Raw, and the Raw storylines.

Ending To Raw
Can I simply say, bravo WWE. This was an ending to Raw that I thoroughly enjoyed. Granted last week was very exciting, to me, this week was the perfect ending. You have HHH coming back next to evaluate Mr Lauranitus, which I hope they can John or bring in Mick to do some kind of storyline to decide who becomes the permanent GM, you have Punk attack Lauranitus, and can I just say i loved Punk tonight. From the moment he came out for his match with Johnny, to finally lifting him up and hitting the GTS, the look on his face, was that of the man just wanting to tear Johnny apart. It was pure gold to me. You have Johnny saying Mick will be in the rumble, and the sweet ending, after Punk puts down Lauranitus, Ziggler comes up from behind to put down Punk which I honestly did not see coming. The only way I could have thought this would be better, was if Ziggler was standing over Punk with the title in hand.

All in all, a decent Raw. I am thoroughly looking forward to the Royal Rumble, and next mondays Raw. Until then, hope you enjoyed reading.

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  1. BahGawdKang's Avatar
    The only thing I didn't like was the melodramatic Ryder segment.
    But, I was drawn to it because the storyline is similar to one I made in WWE '12, where Kane murdered Ryder at The Rumble. (For the record, I have a passion for lame storylines. Mine is different, as Kane goes to prison, gets "Born Again", and leads a Ministry Against Darkness. Then, Ryder comes back, as he was never really dead, which makes Kane go insane again. Something tells me I am Vince Russo's only fan lol.)

    I thought it was a fun episode, though. Jericho's promo was an ominous way to set-up Sunday night. That is, if he ends up getting booked to win.
  2. inyourhouse's Avatar
    I like the idea of Jericho challenging for both titles 'end of the world (title?) as we know it'. Even though 'end of the world . . ' probably just refers to a massive heel turn and rumble win. They need to start a nice long build with punk leading into Wrestlemania, which I hope is the 'main event' in the traditional sense of being the last card on the bill and not cena v rock.

    Yeh that Ryder segment went on too long I jus thought Cena looked stupid with his hand over his mouth in shock (Havent seen him act that bad since the Marine) And I agree Brodus needs to develop more he cant just come out and have the exact match with a different wrestler each week otherwise I'm going to get very bored very soon.

    No divas, no santino wtf and please god stop wasting valuble air time with Mahal. I understand they are trying to look PC and tick the ethnic diversity box but he just sucks balls and is holding sheamus back!

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