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Top 5 Custom Tag Teams I would like to see in WWE

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I'll be writing about 5 Custom tag teams that I would like to see in the WWE! Hope you enjoy the read!

5. Tyson Kidd and Yoshi Tatsu
These two are great high flyers, which I always like to see. Yoshi is okay in the ring, but Tyson Kidd is excellent, and I think they are both underated. But the only problem is that Kidd is a heel while Tatsu is a face, so this is how I would book them. So their rivalry is over, well Tatsu thinks it is. But Kidd wants more, they brawl in the locker room. Kidd wants a match with Tatsu so he can beat him, but.....(say T.Long) in his office announces a tag match with Kidd and Tatsu teaming up facing Epico and Primo, if they win then they have one more match. The match ends with Kidd and Tatsu brawling and T.Long announces a rematch at Smackdown next week. Same tag match but it ends in disaster again! Epico and Primo walk out after Kidd and Tatsu can't come to personal terms. T.Long says one more match, but it will be against the Uso Brothers. But this time, Yoshi plays more agressive and the team actually works. But the Uso's get the win. Tatsu and Kidd argue outside the ring but then they both break the Uso's celebration, thus turning Tatsu heel. Now Tyson Kidd has a new tag partner who is a heel, and Tatsu has officially turned heel and it suits his face paint.

4. Justin Gabriel and Trent Barreta
I think this team would actually work, I know that Barreta is with Yoshi Tatsu but I prefer the team of Gabriel and Barreta. I would have this as a face team, and again, they are high flyer cruiserweights. And they both would have a sick finisher, with Barreta applying the Springboard Tornando DDT and then the opponent is on the floor on his back. That gives Gabriel the chance to apply the 450* Splash. This team would be great!

3. Brodus Clay and Ryback
I'm not all bothered about Ryback, but Vince McMahon pisses his pants for the big guys. I find Funkasaurus hillarious, but I was dissapointed with the debut, purely because I was expecting a monster. This team could work, just please turn Brodus Clay into a heel, so they can create this monster tag team.

2. JTG and Shad (Cryme Tyme)
Erm........Okay I cheated on this one, but I absolutely love Cryme Tyme. They had a brilliant gimmick, stealing JBL's hat, the tag team belts and then selling them to the fans for money. They had a brilliant catchphrase which goes 'Money, Money, yeah yeah' but for some reason they didn't win the titles once! They always got a good reaction, great chemistry and don't forget, JTG got an upset victory over Jericho, and then after a few months, Cryme Tyme split. And that's when the ball was dropped. Shad was scheduled to be a monster heel, but was released and JTG......? I absolutely love this team, so I would advice WWE to sign Shad and reunite the two!

1. John Cena and Randy Orton
Why not? After WM 28 you have John Cena with nothing to do, that's if he defeats The Rock, meaning that he is unstoppable. I would have Cena and Orton team up. This would let guys like Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes solidify their main event status, with Cena and Orton still doing something, so its a win-win. If they win the tag titles, who cares if they held it for a long time, wouldn't if give prestige to the belt that was precious before? Yes, is my answer. I doubt this would happen but it would be great.

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  1. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Nice blog. Although now that Kofi and Evan have split up, I would like to see Evan get with Tyson Kidd. I think they have the dynamics to fit together. -Rick
  2. jerard's Avatar
    It would just be nice to see them do something with the tag team division at all. Right now it is such a joke it is about the same as the Divas. I just don't even watch either of them.
  3. Cobra's Avatar
    5. Tyson Kidd & Yoshi Tatsu (heels)

    4. Brodus Clay & Santino Marella (keep the entertainment but have Santino be a tad bit more serious. I think their gimmicks can mesh well)

    3. Jack Swagger & Alex Riley

    2. DiBiase & McGillicutty

    1. Mason Ryan & Justin Gabriel (powerhouse & high flyer)
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    Tyler Reks n Santino..I mean it will e serious fella n the other is a funny guy...but, in the team I want Santino to show his wrestling skills more...
  5. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i would love if they had put mcintyre and sheamus together as a tag team as the celtic connection i would have also loved if they put the damn titles on the usos already
    i think they need to bring some new talent a real tag team with a real tag team gimmick with one goal the tag team championship
    oh well
  6. B-ri's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gruendar
    Tyler Reks & Brodus Clay = Funkasaurus Reks "nuff said"
    That's fantastic haha!
  7. midian's Avatar
    Alex Reiley and Michael McGuilicutty
    Justin Gabriel and Kofi Kingston
    Reks and Sheffield
    Hawkins and Kidd
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