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The Ending of Survivor Series 2010

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So just in case you guys did not see Survivor Series, Orton beat Barrett and John Cena is now 'fired' from the WWE. This presents the foundation on which this blog is formed.

So, I have some issues with this ending and I felt it would make a good blog entry. In a nutshell, it disappointed me. How? Well, first let me say that I am NOT disappointed because Cena did not turn heel. That seems to be what a lot of wrestling fans on the internet are complaining about. I am not going to lie. I was hoping for a heel turn, or expecting him to do something heelish. Kudos goes to WWE for actually putting me in that predicament and creating a convincing scenario where people were certain Cena was going to turn heel. Unfortunately, it did not happen. Oh well. It was the perfect opportunity to do so, but I'm sure another one will come around in the future. So I was not really all that upset that WWE did not pull the trigger just yet.

You guys have to understand how much of a role model Cena is to the kids and other fans. I've watched YouTube videos of kids, teenagers, AND adults (male and female) who worship this guy. I just recently watched video of a girl crying over Cena being fired. They really take this stuff seriously. So turning him heel may not be a smart move at this point in time. Does that mean it won't happen in the future? No, of course it will. He will eventually turn heel and there is really no way to get around that. That is how things work. It is just that now is not a good time to do so. On top of that, the setting for a heel turn on Survivor Series was way too predictable and we all know how WWE wants to make things a surprise. So yeah. Not too upset.

Anyways, what I AM upset about are two things. One, the result of all the build up throughout the month and the execution of that result. First, let's talk about the result.

So let me get this straight. WWE teases and teases Cena to do something crazy, had Piper put it over like a million bucks, and caused all this drama with the Nexus and the wrestlers over it, not to mention all the promos ...... only for Cena to call it down the middle like a typical match, beat up Nexus, and walk away. That’s it? No Miz coming out and cashing it in? No Cena Heel Turn [although highly unlikely]? No HHH return? No big interference? Nothing??? All we get is a typical match as a result of all that build up? I'm sorry but THAT is straight up crap and very disappointing. Why would you have Barrett lose straight out like that? One RKO. No kick-out. I mean, at least have a more constructive way for Orton to win. Like have Cena hesitate to count a few times - NOT just once. This is his career, damn it! Why the fuck would he just perform the count without thinking about it? But no, he just counted it like it was no big deal. Not very well sold. If you're going to build something up this big, then there needs to be something WORTH the build up and not just a typical match. At least have Miz TRY to cash in the briefcase. Hell, maybe even having R-Truth come out and attack Cena and turning him heel. Anything! But we got none of that. You mean to tell me you built this match up to the moon for it to just end like THAT? Wasteful.

Okay, so we got what we got. Orton wins. Cena is fired (until tonight on RAW or after a 2-3 month break). So, aside from this being a weak result for such a build up, not to mention my dismay of Barrett not winning the title as I predicted him too, it is usually something I have no problem accepting. However, I have my issues with this as well.

So Cena is fired right? Now, will someone please explain to me why he was so energetic about it? He literally went around shaking hands, mingling with the crowd, and saluting like he just won something? DUDE! You just got fired from what you love doing! Aren't you supposed to be mad or sad? Or something?? How the hell can he be so chill about losing what you love doing best? At least ACT like you've been fired. I probably would have been more okay with the ending if he was to at least sell himself being fired a lot better. Yes, it did give the feel of this being 'the last time' he will be doing this, yet I still think it was sold horribly. WWE did not do a good job at helping him sell it either. I mean, I was expecting people to come flooding out from the back and hugging on Cena and all that. I mean he IS the face of WWE and highly respected backstage. Have SOMEONE come out to support him. It just came across so horribly executed and it did not help an already lame result to such a good build.

Okay, now to talk about the positives about the ending. Believe it or not, there are some good things that came out of this. WWE finally did something to give the WWE title some meaning. I mean, for WWE to have their own top superstar lose in order to reserve the prestige of the championship was pretty cool. About time. Also, we got a small little loophole to the end. Last I checked the stipulation was if Barrett lost than 'he would fire him' right? Barrett has yet to literally fire Cena. So in a way we don't know if he is even fired or not, thus giving us a reason to tune into RAW tomorrow. Another good thing is if he DOES end up being fired, then there is the interesting perspective on how he will be brought back. WWE could work with that and spawn a storyline from it. Who knows? Those are the only things I could think of. Sadly, those things were overshadowed by the very poor result of the build up and execution of that result for me.

Overall, the ending made for a down right disappointing way to close off what could have been a potential PPV of the year. If it wasn't bad enough for WWE to book 5 out of the 8 matches on the WEEK OF Survivor Series and show how completely unorganized and last minute thinking their creative team is, the only match that had a good build up to it ends with a fluke of an ending. Isn't this supposed to be one of your best PPVs of the year? Remember the big four guys? Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, and Survivor Series? And this is what you could come up with? Good God. WWE. I'm begging you. Please get you a new creative team. Shit. Hire me! I'd probably do a better job than some of them.

Well, hope you enjoyed the blog. Feel free to leave comments. They would be appreciated.

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  1. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Looks like it had the opposite effect of me. Cena's character has been put into question ever since this situation started. He had doubts, questioned himself, and after hearing Piper's speech, he vowed to keep it down the middle. Wade and Orton still questioned it and you can see their reactions when he did call it down the middle. He did the right thing and called a clean match. I would have found it annoying if Cena did more then push Wade.

    As for how he's leaving, this is where being a Smark is bad. You're supposed to believe he's getting fired. So he was giving the audience one good memory before leaving the ring "forever". They're trying to make it seem real (which you can see with his farewell speech tonight). While anyone who experienced this knows better, the kids do not. And if you see it without thinking about it, it is sort of touching.
  2. Justdawg08's Avatar
    Funny, people complain about run ins and screw jobs during matches in WCW. People cry that they just want a straight up finish in TNA and WWE... they get one... and they want something else.

    Make up yo damn minds... sounds to me that people just like to betch and moan.
  3. captainmoonlight's Avatar
    I personally thought the finish to SS was perfect as I was sure that it would be a heel turn or he would just call it barretts way to stay out of the nexus.
  4. CobraNightviper's Avatar
    It's bitch and moan and yeah you get alot of that from the i.w.c(internet wrestling community)and just when they think they know how a match will end they know nothing I on the other hand have come to terms that it's just a scripted show and watch it for entertainment because at the end of the day that's all that it's suppose to be entertaining it's nothing to get upset(or bitch and moan)about.
  5. wrestlinggrl77's Avatar
    I thought SS was a solid show with a lot of good matches. I too thought Cena would go Heel on us but he didn't and was fired. Okay, we all know he wasn't fired (WWE ain't gonna let go of the Cena Money-Train for nothin') but his character is geared for children who still believe in the Super hero. So I can't be angry or disappointed.
  6. CMhuw24's Avatar
    I dont beleive it was that bad...
  7. 2xtreme's Avatar
    I think it could have gone worse. Like everyone I wanted a Cena heel turn to freshen things up a little. Like Rasslin_Fan says being a Smark is probably a bad thing here and we don't take it seriously cause we know he'll be back (although I'm not complaining about a poss break from Cena). Any more than the push from him would have made the whole thing a farce.
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