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WWE Wrestlers who Deserve a Push

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First off, I'm new to this site, and I'm also a first time blogger. I'd like to think of this as a starting platform of sorts for my blogging. So, with that said, let the blog begin.

1. Dolph Ziggler (To Main Event) - Ziggler does what he does well. Every time he gets on the mic, I wanna rip my hair out, cause he annoys me... to perfection. And I'm sure everyone else who isn't a #Heel agrees with me. Dolph is an excellent ring worker as well. When I watch him wrestle, I see him selling moves like no one else does or even can. He lands on his back and basically does a back flip with only inches between him and the mat. He impresses me in the ring and on the mic, and that's why I think he should get his main event push, well, at least all the way through. Basically I want them to continue what they're doing with him, but don't do what they did last year by sticking him down in the mid-cards again.

2. Cody Rhodes (To Main Event) - Its simple, albeit being a Rhodes fan, he can aggravate me to the same point that Ziggles can. On the mic he excels, being able to interact with the fans and draw heat the moment his theme plays isn't a quality a lot of heels have. Rhodes is also an excellent ring worker. He does his work in the ring to the same extent of Ziggler, being able to do many things in the ring, but still looking good and even when doing all of it. Rhodes is a guy who I see should be a big star in the future, and really should be now, but with Cena, Orton, and others running around, I don't see it happening in the near future.

3. Christian (To FULL TIME Main Eventer) - The reason I say this is because Christian is a former World Champion, but after those two runs, he was stuck in a seemingly never ending feud with Sheamus until his injury. I see Christian benefiting from going face again, and letting Vince see the amount of cheers he gets in an instant, and if Vince really wants to go by the fans, he'll make Christian a full-time main eventer. All this, and I haven't even mentioned his in-ring and mic-work. Christian is a veteran of his craft, and one of the best in the business today. He does what he does well, and can do it for years at a time. And Christian is one of the guys who can make everyone in the arena stand for him and cheer as a face, and draw just as much heat as a heel, solely based on his mic work. Christian is a guy who can easily be a big-time player in the WWE, but Vince just won't let him.

4. Santino Marella (To Upper Mid-Carder) - I know what you're thinking, "Santino Marella, REALLY JHF? Really?" To that I reply "Really." Santino is being held back MAJORLY! Santino could easily be an upper mid-carder, as long as they gave hi the same gimmick he had in OVW (For further info, search "Boris Alexiev" into YouTube). Not to mention Santino is... decent in the ring. He can carry a match against any low-carder, but is usually carried when facing main eventers. Santino is someone who could benefit from a gimmick change, from just a plain joke to something A LOT more serious! This change would help Santino's career GREATLY!

5. Ted DiBiase Jr. (To Upper Mid-Card) - DiBiase is a great ring worker, with a legacy, and could probably to more good than harm if he was allowed more mic-time. Lets face it, Ted carried Jinder Mahal through their rivalry, and is almost completely gonna carry Hunico. He is a great worker. Ted sorta holds himself back in the ring you can tell. If he didn't, he'd be an upper mid-carder a lot faster. Plus, he could be in a great feud against Rhodes, and it'd be an even rivalry, no carrying what so ever.

This ends my first ever blog, and it really should too. Its 12:30 AM here and I've got Finals in the morning. So, until next time, PEACE!

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  1. toobeastly33's Avatar
    totally agree man. esp with santino. I would love to see him taken seriously. I think the guy is so funny, but unfortunatly i think WWE set his charecter for good. I feel bad for the guy bc of all the work he has put in. But he has been this for so long that he might be stuck. good blog
  2. ArtfulDodger's Avatar
    I love Santino. I was planning on writing a blog about him. He plays his character perfectly in the ring. He's a good wrestler, and he makes each move individual to him and his style.
  3. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    I agree with you on Cody, Ziggler and Santino. I have my doubts when it comes to your Christian point of view, since the guy is already a sort of Full time main eventer, but just one who's not constantly in the title picture like Randy Orton and John Cena. Ofcourse this is arguable dependable on your definition of a fulltime maineventer. I would exclude Ted Dibiasi Jr. for personal reasons, but i understand your opinion of including him.
  4. Braathan's Avatar
    Gotta agree to an extent, but I only think two of them can be achieved in a short space of time. Dolph Ziggler has the attributes, but has an awful gimmick and a mid-card manager in Vickie Guerrero. Split him off and give him a decent gimmick and he's there.

    Santino will need at least a year to no longer be considered a joke, mainly because he does it so well. My guess is that he is happy where he is and the wwe brass are equally so.

    As for DiBiase, he is also years off an upper mid-card push. Gotta disagree with him carrying Hunico, I personally think this guy can really wrestle. Ted will need consistent booking with progressively decent performers if he is ever going to be pushed to the upper mid-card.
  5. Slivon's Avatar
    The uni-brow wearing freak Santino deserves a push but not Drew McIntyre. Are you serious bro?
  6. jackw9's Avatar
    KOFI enough said
  7. n2winlisa's Avatar
    Dolp Ziggler, has the worse mics skills how can you even say he is good on the mic. That is embarrassing. Until he does not need a Manager to garner heat he will not be a constant Main Eventer.

    I can agree with Santino, he just needs to get into better shape
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