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The New Four Horsemen: Who would be in it?

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Hey guys hope all is well, Knox here. This will of course be another "Dream Booking" blog so bare with me. I don't expect any of this to happen lol just me using my imagination.

But I recently got to thinking, what if the Horsemen where reformed in the WWE with four new members. Who would be those four members. I will take you through whom I feel should be the four members if they were to do this.

Now the members I choose will most likely be the ones I feel that can carry the original swagger of the Horsemen but with their own unique twist. The same fancy lifestyle that the true Horsemen actually lived.


When it comes to stables I like the kind that isn't full of maineventers. Have one maineventer, a couple of midcarders and that one guy that just could use the exposure.

With that being said, this list won't include those top guys or soon to be top guys that are on their way to great things. So no Dolph Ziggler, Cm Punk, Wade Barrett or Cody Rhodes because they are on their way to big big things and a stable at this point in their careers would slow them down.

The Leader: Alberto Del Rio

Now for those who read my blogs, you all know that I'm not a fan of Del Rio at all but maybe this could do something for him. As we know, he had a very fast build to super stardom and eventually didn't deliver and I can almost assume that when he returns he won't be as creatively pushed down our throats as before.

But here's the deal. The WWE aren't just going to squash this guy. I think the best way to get him some respect and something more under his belt is to make him the leader of a stable. He already carries that similar Ric Flair like Horsemen gimmick with the money and the fortune and all his parties he loves to throw. I think this would be the closest comparison to Ric Flair's role in the Horsemen. Not to mention the fancy cars he drives to the ring.

Maybe this gimmick could help build him as a maineventer. The samething that the Nexus & Corre did for Wade Barrett. But the WWE should not completely bury Del Rio. The WWE has done a great job in keeping the Miz relevant after he lost the WWE Championship. While Del Rio is recovering from injury, the WWE needs to put him in some acting classes to work on his mic work but other than that, he's the full package.

Other options: Chris Jericho, Randy Orton (done before)

The Enforcer: Husky Harris

Just a perfect hand & glove fit for the New Horsemen. He has the swagger and the overall look of a top star and enforcer. He's the closest comparison to an Arn Anderson. Now Arn is one of the greatest of all time and arguably the greatest all time and I do see a bit of him when I see Husky perform.

Husky is a natural and not to mention the fact that his uncle Barry Windham is a former Horsemen member. What better way to honor that family than to bring Husky back to the main roster in this form of faction.

I've just always been a huge Harris guy so hopefully he resurfaces on television sometime soon. I love this man's work.

The Ladies Man: Ted Dibiase Jr.

I this would be a cool way to make him relevant again as well. Once again, for those who read my blogs, you know I'm a very very big Dibiase Jr. fan. He's also someone I'd call a natural.

He's been in a situation in which the WWE are trying to make him carry this whole "I Come From Money" gimmick but nothing about him screams money. The sad part is that they are making him the farthest thing from money. All he has is a theme music about money.

I think as a heel in this stable Dibiase would deliver. People are quick to bash his mic skills but many tend to forget that he was the mouthpiece of "Legacy" as far as him & Cody. He can cut an old school style heel promo if he wants and he's proved that time and time again. This would be an awesome opportunity to do something with this talented young man's career.

The Cocky Athlete: Michael McGillicutty

This was such a tough one. I soooo wanted to go with Swagger. But at the end of the day I had to go with Michael because this would be his only real chance to get on television in my opinion. He's awesome but the WWE fails to see them.

He reminds me so much of Orton. Orton came into the WWE so bland and looked like he would be nothing but a shadow of his father. He had that silly hair cut and just seemed horrible.

Eventually Orton was put into Evolution as the cocky young stud. This did wonders for his career and thus directly led him to the World Heavyweight Championship and the youngest to do it.

A stable can do that for someone like Michael and I would love to see that. I see something in this guy that's beyond just being the son of the late Mr. Perfect. Push this guy.

The Manager: Triple H

I was close to choosing William Regal because he would fit in perfect but at the end of the day I'd have to go with Triple H. His name alone would think them a big amount of credit and exposure right there.

Triple H is the one that was inspired by the original Horsemen. This is the man that's pretty much been pushing for the Horsemen in the Hall of Fame. He's the man that was the leader of "Evolution" which is the closest thing to the Horsemen.

I think he would be the man that really gives this stable a serious push. It would be a great opportunity to see Triple H try out this heel turn thing again.

Also I laid off the actual former Horsemen members just to give it their own twist with the same idea. So no Arn Anderson or Ric Flair as managers if they were to return.


I hope you all enjoyed this one. I had so much fun writing it. Please leave me some feedback on this. I think its a cool subject to think about. Be safe guys. Until then.

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  1. Imposter's Avatar
    Great list! I would personally like to add Cody Rhodes instead of Michael McGillicutt​y and I really liked your idea of putting in Regal instead of HHH, but I wouldn't be upset about your list happening.
  2. cloverstone82's Avatar
    Jericho. miz. cody rhodes. ziggler
  3. Parallax's Avatar
    Good idea for a blog. But an awful list.
  4. Xpacfan's Avatar
    Don't watch TNA much I see. AJ Styles, Robert Roode, James Storm, Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels says hello btw.
  5. MATTHEW's Avatar
    Barrett, Mcintyre, Ryan, Regal
  6. @awesome1's Avatar
    In WWE 12 I Have Dolph Ziggler,Michael Mcgillicutty,Jack Swagger & Tyson Kidd w/ Arn Anderson As The Manager
  7. allenstoney's Avatar
    I totally get the idea of the new 4 horsemen it sounds good on paper,but they had a faction in fcw the fortunate sons that had some moderate success.with the right cast and proper push it would get over...1 Ted Dibiase totally under used imo has the mic skills. people are so easy to compare him to his dad. when he is his own individual. 2. Alex Riley this guy his green but with experience can be as solid as they come. 3.Mike Mcgillicutty. drop that damn name he is joe henning folks and i think his work is great. just a lame gimmick his heart isnt into i believe. 4. Mason Ryan. this guy is big semi-athletic but would be the groups henchman. And as for a manager there are a few guys that could fit the mold but mostly i would say regal... he can still get it done in the ring if need be and has a charisma that works well as a manager or wrestler
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