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Gentlemen's Corner: Submission wrestling

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Dear Sirs and Madams,
Allow me to introduce myself to you. I am a long-time reader of ewrestlingnews and since like a year i've been reading trough the blogs of the likes of: Knox, Rick Splash, Dk-wrestling Savior, Dr Death and the Crippler. Since i enjoy reading other persons thoughts on the subject that all binds us together, i was wondering if myself could also pull it off to share my piece of mind to all of you. I will focussing on the WWE since i don't watch TNA at all and ROH to few to give an constructive thought about it. So hence i would like to present my piece of thought:

"The Gentlemen's Corner"
The rules are quite simple. I share my piece of thought and i leave the opportunity for my fellow gentlemen to wonder, analyse and criticise.

In this blog i want to start with a subject that is close to home: Submission wrestling.

Current time
Let me start of with a sad note. In the modern day of the WWE there is a real lack of submission moves displayed in the squared circle. Ofcourse we have a few talents who have a submission finisher, but in my humble opionion there are very few who also build there style around submission moves.
Let me get one thing straight, a headlock or a hammerlock does not count as a submission. Last time i saw someone tapping to a headlock it was 5 years ago, it was my little nephew and he's 15 years younger as i am.
My stumbling point is: Why does the 'E sign all technical wrestlers and let them go to waste in the undercard to eventually be Future endeavoured?

Constructing a base to build on:
So what could the 'E do to reanimate submission wrestling? Well let's just start with showing more submission moves. Don't let talent demonstrate just one move, or have a submission finisher, let them chain-wrestle a bit more. We all know the 'E have's on of the finest chainwrestler alive: Sir Willam Regal. Let the man work out a little program with a Tyson Kidd, or even Jack Swagger. Those two are utterly most technical and should pick up the ropes soon enough. After chainwrestling a bit, let the guys demonstrate there technique and give them the time to show some of the submission moves the have.
After the base is set, the 'E could take on the next step. Actually reviving submission matches. I know, Breaking Point was a concept of showcasing submission wrestling, but fellow gentlemen, be honest. Legacy vs D-X in a submission count anywhere match? They got to be kidding me.

Submission matches
Because when i want to see a submission match, i would like to so competitors who actually can pull of some finishers. I don't mind seeing at a ppv as first or second match a mid-card submissions match as long as the talents fit the program. Don't let them go outside or use foreign objects, save that stuff for no holds barred matches. Let them expose pure technical skill, like they did a few years back in RoH with the pure title belt. Heck, steal that idea 'E and come up with your own Pure title...That would be....legendary! (Quote to Barney) I would bet some money on it, that a match like that would also put asses into the seats.

Creditbility of Submission-moves
I might be biased, so dont blame me, but i don't care much about how believable a move is, as long it's not to wacky. I mean, the Tarantula which Tajiri displayed is one of the most farfetched moves i have ever seen (would tie perfectly with the Canadian Destroyer), but as a fan i don't mind much about creditbility, as long as it's been executed correctly and flawless. When Bryan Danielson was wrestling in RoH he used his mexican surfboard-strech quite often, and even if this move is unrealistic, it was still always a highlight to see it been pulled off. So let the talent work out some moves, give them time to display and then we the "WWE Universe" could have more moment to applaud for.

Submission Finishers
Since most the greats of the 90's and 00's have gone to retirement, or aren't working for the 'E anymore (or both, WOOOOOOO) we lost alot of good submission finishers. Ofcourse some talent still haves a submission finishers, but still there is still some room left for some more. How often do you see CM Punk using the anaconda vice? And how often of the times that he uses it, is the opponent tapping to it? Precisely.
Now i dont want to look like a cynic to you, my fellow gentlemen, so i admit i see small improvements. I see besides ADR and Jack Swagger also Dolph Ziggler using a sleeper finisher. Ofcourse we have Bryan Danielson using the Le Bell Lock, which in my opinion isn't really fit for him. So i will keep my further opinions about this manner to myself, since the whole thing is to start looking brightly.

And since i want to end off with a positive view i want to tell you guys some of my favorite submission moves and the wrestlers who pulled them off at their best.

Historic Submissions
Figure 4 leglock - Ric FlairSharpshooter - Brett Hart
Million Dollar Dream - Ted Dibiasi
Mandle Claw - Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Jack, Mick Foley
Tilt-a-Whirl Guillotine Choke - Bryan Danielson (If you haven't noticed this move, just search on the Tube, no not the red one, for this one. He pulled it off on SD! against ADR)
Ankle Lock - Kurt Angle
Camel Clutch - Muhammad Hassan (I know, the Sheik have made this legendary, but i wasn't around at the time. I knew the move from tapes, but i was really digging how MH made it look like an insult)
Cobra Clutch - Sgt Slaughter (although this move is really a laughingstock nowadays, back in the day it was almost 'hardcore')

Well Gents, my tea is up, my time is up. I hope you enjoyed the conversation. Till we meet again and until then take care...

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    ah, yes, indeed
  2. Cobra's Avatar
    Thumbs up on your blog. I agree that it would be awesome to see more submissions used in the current wrestling product. Top of my list for favorite submissions would be Brett's Sharpshooter. Also, though I'm not a Jericho fan as much as others, I liked the Walls of Jericho (formerly Liontamer). And Malenko's Texas Clover Leaf.
  3. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lefthandright
    If you remember back far enough in the 80's, a lot of wrestlers employed choke holds. They may not have finished a match with it, but the ref hold always lift the hand and let it drop once, lift it again and let it drop twice..and finally a third time is when life would just manage to return
    I was considering bringing that up and it's a valid point. This date of age refs still check de arm of the wrestlers, but i noticed that after one fall the ref stops the match and declares the winner. If 'E brings back the threefall check up it would be a great momentum maker in a match.
  4. Rick Starr's Avatar
    This was a great blog, and I agree that WWE has dropped the submission, for the most part. But we can not forget Daniel Byran, who is great at submissions. and Jack Swagger from time to tome likes to use the Ankle Lock himself. But other than you are right on the money with the WWE. Again great blog -Rick
  5. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Starr
    This was a great blog, and I agree that WWE has dropped the submission, for the most part. But we can not forget Daniel Byran, who is great at submissions. and Jack Swagger from time to tome likes to use the Ankle Lock himself. But other than you are right on the money with the WWE. Again great blog -Rick
    It may be true that Daniel is a great technician and haves some really great submission abilities, but since he's gonna be a sneaky heel champion we won't be seeing much of that anytime soon.

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