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Top 5 Funniest Moments - Volume 2 (Y2J - Chris Jericho)

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To kick off volume 2 it only seemed right that we go for our recent returnee, the ayatollah of rock and rolla, some of the funniest moments of WWE have come at the hands of Y2J. When it comes to comedy, Chris Jericho really is 'the best in the world at what he does'.

Chris and Vince Discuss Updating Vince's Music

After returning from his first break away from the WWE Chris was never going to avoid talking about music when he returned. Thankfully they managed to fit this into a great segment with Vince.

Jericho and The Rock See Who's Better At Annoying Stephanie

Possibly one of my all time favourite moments of the attitude era. When two of your favourite stars team up to take on a common enemy is always something special, but when two people so skilled on the mic get together, only good things can happen.

The William Regal 'Earl Grey' Incident

William Regal was vastly underrated when it came to his mic and comedic skills and during his feud with Y2J this resulted in some great moments, including the 'earl grey' incident.

Y2J and The Rocks Secret Handshake

Again The Rock appears and this is generally because Y2J played off The Rock brilliantly during these years. This is a fantastic moment backstage where they both try out their cool handshakes on each other.

Chris Gets Down And Dirty With Steph

More funny due to the un-PG nature and shock value this carried, moments like this is what made Chris great. Not only was he funny but he also pushed what was allowed at the time.

Thankfully we may have such moments again now that Y2J has returned, and much like he played off The Rock, he has the like's of Punk and Ziggler to play off these days so here's to some more classic moments soon.

Thanks again for viewing and feel free to comment, and look out soon for more volumes including the likes of Vince, Stone Cold, HHH, CM Punk and Many More.

Ifff you reaaaaaddddd, what!!!

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Y2J is the most entertaining on mic....I like him more than rock on mic when it comes to making fun....

    all the videos r gr8..but, I also like one more segment of his...probably it was before 2000 or 2001 Summmerslam..where he makes fun of Radicalz..n few months before..where he makes a segment on benoit saying benoit on a boat, benoit as a I love that segment as well...

    n I love all of his segments with Deam Mallenko in WCW....The man of 1004 holds thing....

    I'm a huge Jerichoholic!!!
  2. Kryptonite's Avatar
    I'm a huge Jerichoholic to,
    I love your funny segments thing keep it up.
  3. Earthquake's Avatar
    I would love to sex wee all over stephanies tits

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