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Change the Rules of Tag Team

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Hear me out, for the idea I have had is a long shot heaped with controversy if it were to ever be implemented.

Watching last weeks Smackdown show I saw a tag team match that not only had me interested but more importantly had the crowd interested - the tornado tag match between epico & primo v the Uso's.

The crowd loved it, it was incredibly fast paced with plenty of notable moments.

We all know that Vince McMahon thinks tag team wrestling is pretty much a spent force. Whether it is potential pairings of wrestler's together that don't gel, owing more to combined charisma than in ring abilities, it is hard to gather. Vince sees the modern WWE superstar as a brand in themselves, but more to the point is how many guys on the roster are going to be unselfish and approach any potential tag team they are in with real enthusiasm? The world is different these days, we are in the selfish generation, which is as accurate a statement as Robert Roode could ever come up with. I'm not in the business myself but obviously the goal of every guy is to reach John Cena level and be the main man. How many would remain patient and optimistic only being in a tag team. It is not just about politics in WWE, it is about attitude of the wrestlers themselves.

But anyway back to what this blog is really about. I think a departure from the traditional tag team route would be a good idea for WWE. I reckon Vince is under the illusion that the hot tag culture is staler than john cena and he just doesnt have the heart for the tag team division, coupled with the problem of who he thinks can actually be a tag team.

The tornado tag was arguably the match of the night. I watched it with my friend who hasn't seen wrestling in a few years and we pretty much agreed that tornado tag's were the shit. I can probably count on one hand the amount of tornado tag's I've seen in my lifetime. When talking about the tornado tag, we could only use it as reference from wwe games about how awesome it is.

It would risk the hate of the Iwc but then again what doesn't. Daniel Bryan is pushed to the moon by winning Money in the bank and then the world title but people are cynical right away, wondering how long he'll actually hold the belt, that he looks weak, and a vicious circle is there.
It would surely be more heat on wwe than anything in years from the wrestling community. or it might be embraced by some hopefully.

WWE is evolving. Wrestling is evolving and tag team wrestling needs a shot in the arm. People are ready for tornado tag to be in their face. Usual tagging can exist for main event guys in tv matches, where a hot tag means something.

Does anybody else think it's a good idea? I welcome opinions. If you rant at me telling me why I'm wrong I'll chew you out though, because an opinion can't be wrong.

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  1. guerillas's Avatar
    i agree of all the tag matches in the past month the tornado tag was more exciting and could be the new thing to reinvent the tag team division
  2. Dazzaschofield's Avatar
    I have to say I both agree and disagree. As much as I thought it was the best match seen in a long time, if Tornado matches were to become the norm then it would take all excitement away from them. Having them more often I'm all for but not every match. What they need is main event potential in the tag devision. The reason it worked before is you had teams like The New Age Outlaws who were a tag team but you believed they could go toe to toe with the likes of The Rock and Foley. It made the tag devision interesting as quite often on raw you had a tag match as the main event.

    The days we don't have the same believable talent in the tag devision, I mean could you really see Primo and Epico going toe to toe with HHH and Punk?

    They have tonnes of untapped potential that could benefit from being in a tag team; mason Ryan, drew McIntyre, Tyler reks, Alex Riley, justin Gabriel and the list goes on.

    I could easily see mason Ryan and Tyler reks in quite a dominant tag team with a decent manager to do the mic work for them while they develop. And stars like these have the benefit of being believable at the main event level, I can see Ryan/reks easily getting over as main event tag heel against someone like punk/HHH.
  3. Earthquake's Avatar
    @Dazzaschofield Good points, it would be a good venture for the wwe to go with though. As you know, they love to make a big deal about "being revolutionary" all the time and doing something like this would be good for wwe's ego, but they would need to make it a big deal.
  4. The Brown One's Avatar
    It's not simply Tornado Tag matches that will make the tagteam division interesting again. It's getting the right teams, giving them long matches, and having them in storylines where they're allowed to work the mic. That gets the fans involved in the match, rather than just going through the motions and sitting through another tagteam match.

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