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Predictions for Heel/Face turns in 2012

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Second post. As the title say, this is all about my predictions for who will be turning heel, turning face, and what kind of impact each will have on the individual. I'll begin with the Face to Heel turns:

1. John Cena: They NEED to do this. Even if it isnt a full heel turn, at least make him a more serious character. I believe Cena and the WWE will benefit from a change of character from Super Cena.

2. Sheamus: Ever since becoming a face, Sheamus has been on the mic less and less. He's better suited as a heel IMO, and with him on Smackdown, it'll allow him to maintain a consistent spot in the WH picture.

3. R-Truth: This is someone else who needs to be a heel, or at least on some neutral level. His promos were made better by him not being the fan favorite and I believe a heel turn could net him a mid-card title.

4. Big Show: Every year, at least 1 big man who is a face has to go on that "mean" streak. The "I'm angry because i'm big and get no respect" streak. This year, it'll be the Big Show. What will it mean for him? Hmmm... Maybe feuds with Orton and Christian (He'll be up shortly)

5. Mason Ryan: He... doesnt matter right now. Turn him heel, have him squash people, and maybe give him a feud against a mid-carder than can carry him (Christian-again...he'll be up shortly)

Now here are my heel to face turns:

1. Christian: To put it simply, Christian as a Face benefits ALL up and coming heels. And with my guess being that he'll be moved to Raw, I see him bringing up the value of heels such as Mason Ryan and R-Truth. I believe Christian has a US title run or even WWE Championship run in him this year, as long as the WWE books him right, Christian will greatly benefit the business.

2. The Miz: YUP! The Miz will turn face this year! His time and heat as a heel isnt where it once was, it's time to turn Miz into the 2nd best Face on the mic. A Miz v Jericho feud would be mic GOLD for the WWE. I just feel as if it's time Miz gave it a go as a face, personal opinion.

3. Kane: I dont remember the last time Kane was a heel for an entire year, and to counter my prediction that Show and Ryan will go heel, with Ryan actually gaining some relevance, Kane's face turn is a must. Also seeing as I believe this year will be Takers last, a Brothers of Destruction brief reunion seems possible.

Those are my predictions, as a bonus, here is who I think is changing shows and what they'll be doing at some point this year.

1. Wade Barret (SD to Raw)- WWE Champion Barrett v Punk (Want it)
2. Alberto D. Rio (Raw to SD)- WH Champion
3. Kane (Raw to SD)- Mid Card, maybe feud for main title, but no victory.
4. Cody Rhodes (SD to Raw)- US title run and WWE title contention
5. R-Truth (Raw to SD)- Mid Card
6. Christian (SD to RAW)- Mid Card- US title run, WWE title contention
7. Randy Orton (SD to RAW)- He will NOT be on WWEs 2nd show for all of this year. WWE Champion.
8. CM Punk (Raw to SD)- Someone has to go to the big blue wrecking crew. Punk v. Daniel Bryan. Punk will win WH title.

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  1. Kryptonite's Avatar
    Kane was face when he was a tagteam with big show.
    Punk will not be placed to SD.
    But i like your predictions. *thumbs up*
  2. Final_Silence's Avatar
    I agree with all but a Sheamus heel turn and Kane face turn. Both will and should stay what they are. Then to the bottom list, Punk will not go to SD. And I'd like to see Kane stay on Raw and fued with Rhodes to build Rhodes up even more. Have some crazy fued. But really my prediction is this year you will see the end of the brands anyway. It would be so smart. The brands only happened because there was too much talent. Now there's not enough to be done with it.
  3. inyourhouse's Avatar
    John Cena will never turn heel I'm sorry it just aint gonna happen. At best all we can hope for is for him to get angry at the people who boo him but as a proper heel it just wouldn't work and he's too big a draw, massive kid fan base (seriously you see how much merch he sells) and the whole patriotic tribute to the troops and make a wish he just aint gonna be a fully fledged heel. I think people are sick of seeing cena in every main event and overcoming the odds and hes been champion what 13times! Hopefully he'll take a back seat and they will put him against big heels instead of fan favs.

    Anyway enough of my rant about Cena, I think R-truth is doing well as a face he makes me laugh but then you take him seriously as a wrestler unlike the santinos who just let themselves become a laughing stock that no-one can take em seriously (also what made chavo leave imo)

    Punk to smackdown? Hell no keep him where he belongs he's on the biggest roll and deserves to be top dog.

    I do agree though with Show becomming heel bout time the big man got mad and Alberto deff needs to be WH champ on smackdown. And yes I'd love to see the Miz turn face he's gone from main eventing wrestlemania to nothing. He's done nothing of any relevance or use since (Awesome truth was crap imo) he needs to change I just can take him seriously when he tries to do his tough guy voice.
    Updated 01-23-2012 at 05:47 PM by inyourhouse
  4. bearkg88's Avatar
    Read your blog, and i agreed with some of what you said, but couldnt agree on other stuff. Of the face to heel, the only one i disagree with is John Cena. It won't happen. Like inyourhouse said, Cena will never become a full fledged heel, just an angry man at best. Though the rest I agree with, especially Sheamus and Mason Ryan. As for the heel to face, the only one I agree with is Christian. I don't see the Miz becoming a face, atleast not this year, and with Kane coming back, I doubt within a year he will be a face. As for your drafts, I think Barrett would be served best staying on SD, and CM Punk staying on Raw. The others I could see happening, and agree with. Not a bad blog bro

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