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STATE OF THE 'E: Territories And Indies

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Hello everyone and welcome to the newest edition of STATE OF THE 'E in blog form. They say writing is a good form of therapy. Well, right now I kind of need it. So, as usual... Bare/bear with me as I ramble off my thoughts and opinions on something else. This time I'm going to talk about something I don't see being talked about.

How important were the Territories to development?

Well needless to say... very. Back in the day a wrestler had the option to go around the country and make a ton of money doing so... as long as they weren't green. To be honest, most of the territory system was kind of messed up though simply because of HOW they were run. The reality of it is, if you weren't mindful of the business they'd have a short career.

People were out to get you in the territory days. It was a huge mental drain on the competetors. No wonder why they were on so many drugs. The environment was nowhere NEAR healthy for them. Always worrying about who was going to screw you out of money, all the travel, all the expenses. It built character. It built who they were. It built their performances... they EARNED their money.

I'm nowhere near saying these new guys don't earn their money but, they're soft. They don't have it bad. The get their money, they stay in their place on the card and they're happy with it. In the territory days, they were battle tested and ready to be one of the top drawers by the time they reached WWWF/WWF and the NWA. You had so many places to choose from in the past that you could make big money at. Now, you have WWE and TNA in America. In other parts of the world you can make great money as well. But, at what cost?

In reality you can say that were developing a territory like system with the Indies. The only problem is, no money and no draws. In the past when someone like Roddy Piper was on some random card, he'd be payed a lot and they'd sell the place. Who do you have on the Indy circut like that? No one. Indies are a fantastic tool because they get their testing from there as well.

The can get mindful of the business through the Indy scene. The only problem, expenses have gotten more and the pay has pretty much stayed the same. The promoters of the indy events can't afford to pay these guys the amount of money they technically deserve. Guys like Pac, BxB Hulk, Chuck Taylor, El Generico, Kevin Steen... they work for the top promoters in the indy scene but they don't make a lot of money doing it. These guys are pretty insane in the ring as well.

For the longest time, VKM used his "Farm System" as a way to get new talent. But, with that system kind of failing to churn out "The Next Big Thing", he's finally started sniffing around the indy scene. There are a lot of guys in THE 'E's farm system right now, FCW. Finally there's a decent system in play that will allow these performers to fine tune their abilities and play on the biggest stage.

These guys are world travellers, they're battle tested, they love the business. And maybe that's their downfall? I mean, we all saw what happened when they brought in Mistico and let him perform HIS way. There's no one really who knows his style. That's because these guys all came from FCW. Now, soon enough when the Moxley's and the Black's are called to the roster and they get more and more Indy scene guys, they'll have an amazing group of talent that's been there and know what to do.

Alex Riley isn't the next big thing in THE 'E. Neither is McGuillicuty, Ryan, Otunga or anyone else. The only TRULY successful person to come from FCW and the "new" farm system has been Sheamus. And by "successful", I mean Championship reigns.

I'm very enthusiastic about THE 'E's future... all they have to do is accept that they may not be able to make the next big star. That they may not be able to craft someone into the mold they want, they may have to accept that they need the Indy scene JUST like they truly needed the Territories. Those systems allow these wrestlers to be the best, these federations out there allow these guys to craft and ply their trade.

No, they're not the big guys, they're not the "MONSTER" that gets shoved down our throats everytime VKM gets a hard on and remembers Hulk Hogan. We're in a different time and era... the guys aren't big because they're not jakked on friggin' steroids. The sooner VKM realizes that, the better. There's a ton of talent out there to be farmed and in all honesty for you guys to go see.

Chikara, DG:USA, and PWG are some of my favorites of the Indy scene. You can count ROH if you want to as well but, they have a National TV deal and are considered "The Big Three" with WWE and TNA. Check these shows out. The quality isn't that great for pyro, crowd size or even cameras... but the in ring action is unparalled.

Thanks for reading another edition of my blog. Comments, opinions and death theats can be left below. I'll be back with another blog soon enough.

See Ya' Later Space Cowboy...

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  1. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    good blog Rob, a subject i don't really know much about but that's provided a bit of insight.

    also, i think it's 'bear in mind' haha :-)
  2. Earthquake's Avatar
    brilliant reading about that kind of stuff, good job mate
  3. akbar's Avatar
    Greaattt blog....1 thing is that I think the whole experience of watching wrestling isn't the same if there isn't a big crowd and quality camera standard...that's why I struggle to enjoy you know why I mean? Lol
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    Gr8 read!! Again Sheamus is already an accomplished wrestler in Europe before joining FCW..he had a huge exposure in Europe....
  5. Mikey52's Avatar
    Akbar, I personally prefer the Indy feel, more intimate crowds etc. but I understand what you're saying with TNA and I think that has more to do with the TNA crowd (alot to do with being at Universal Studios where you don't need to buy a ticket) but you should check out someone like ROH/DG:USA/PWG sometime cause you would probably enjoy it. These crowds are smaller but way more passionate and louder than WWEs live crowds with a much smaller audience alot of the time. Infact ROHs shows have bigged crowds than at 'the Impact zone' these days. So yeh, try check one out dude, you might be surprised.
  6. Mikey52's Avatar
    infact try to get ROHs last iPPV Final Battle, abslutely incredible matches, incredible crowd and atmosphere and a match of the year contender with the main event.
  7. akbar's Avatar
    Mikey52, I'll check them out now..
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