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5 Greatest Heel Turns Ever

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Hey wrestling fans, here's a list of my 5 favourite heel turns. These are instant and surprising heel turns you didn't see coming, and they made the character into a mega heel and major player. This is not about how the heel turn turned out, this is about the moment of revealing.

5 Rikishi admits he ran down Stone Cold

Alot of people bitch about Rikishi being behind the whole hit and run thing but I enjoyed it. Everyone in the crowd and at home where shocked, nobody efver thought it would be Rikishi.

4 Triple H reveals himself behind the hit and run

When he hit Austin with the sledgehammer it was epic. Triple H had just turned heel again just as soon as people were getting used to his face run. "It was me all along...You Dumb son of a bitch"

3 Brock Lesnar turns on Kurt Angle

This was very unexpected as Brock had been a successful face and had a lot of momentum. When he feigned injry in a cage match against Mr McMahon his friend Kurt Angle (special ref) turned his attention to McMahon. Brock kips up, hits him with the F-5 and launches him into various sides of the cage.

2 Hulk Hogan joins nWo

Absolute unbelievable at the time. It never, ever seemed like Hogan would turn heel, and when he did it was a complete shock. Legendary moment.

1 Stone Cold turns heel at Wrestlemania

I couldn't believe this when it happened. The fact that it happened in the main event of Wrestlemania was epic. The fact that he was now aligned with Mr McMahon was the only way it could have been done. Watch the match, it is arguably the greatest match ever held. Listen to the crowd.

Let me know if you have any suggestions on what I could have put in. Thanks.

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  1. stynesy's Avatar
    good choices. but i always thought shawn michaels on marty jennetty had the biggest impact on me. never saw him throwing through a window. pretty mindblowing for a youngfella!
  2. Earthquake's Avatar
    good call actually, i'd take out rikishi and put that in, that was completely unexpected, never mind the break up of the rockers
  3. akbar's Avatar
    Good blog but to me hogans turn should be first...
  4. Earthquake's Avatar
    your probably right akbar, but jim ross's commentray just about makes me think its the biggest thing that ever happened
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Even for me Hogan's turn is the biggest one..but anyways it is a gud blog..n I accept ur point on came unexpected..

    I felt that was the stage set for The Rock to become heel...but it turned out to be Rikishi...I was shocked at taht time..

    just think..a dancing crowd loving rikishi as a monster heel...but wwe dropped the ball on him very soon...
  6. cnoevl21's Avatar
    i agree about hbk and janetty being up there. but one that really got me, not sure if it really counts cuz triple h i believe was actually a heel at the time, but when he went to reform DX with shawn, gave shawn a DX t-shirt, they came out to DX music, started doing the whole ARE YOU READY... and then triple h pedigreed him.
    That killed me cuz i always loved DX, i was so stoked for them to be back. to have it for such a brief moment, i was just floored.
  7. Sony's Avatar
    No mention of Jake "the snake" Roberts heel turn when he betrayed Warrior and joined forces with the Taker? That turn came outta nowhere!
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