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Even Newer Perspective on A Cena Heel Turn

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Welcome Everyone to DKmania!! *waiting for loud, glorious ovation to end*.

I'm back with sort of a follow up, but now, just a newer thought that came across my mind when seeing the rewind of the Cena/Kane segment where Cena viciously took out Jack Swagger. Is that the final sign for the heel turn? Could it actually be happening now? Or will Cena Rise Above Hate, and remain the most hated face?

But here's my new perspective on the whole thing. What would happen if Cena did turn heel? It seems to be what we want. I'm sure the majority of us who watch wrestling and aren't 8 years old, want it. The WWE recognizes this so they tease us every week with it. And thinking about it now. What would it mean if he did turn heel?

I'm thinking that we would like it. But it would be so short-lived because it would have the Stone Cold Effect or CM Punk Effect. See, the kids like Cena because he's like a superhero. Kids love Batman. They love Spiderman. They love Superman. And they love John Cena. When we were kids, or at least, when I was a kid, I loved Luke Skywalker, Superman, Batman, and Hulk Hogan. And some who are a little younger than I am, probably loved Bret Hart. But as we grow, we recognize things getting stale and crave change.

So, what would happen if Cena turned heel? The Austin Effect. The CM Punk Effect. The shocking thing that we would cheer for because we want something different. How popular was the NWO? Half the crowd at every event wore NWO shirts and loved the new concept. Austin started cursing and defying authority and the fans started cheering for him, even though he was top heel at the time. The turn was so drastic that in an instant, Austin became Hoganesque in popularity and the once face of the company, Bret Hart, became a heel.

The same thing would happen to Cena. The kids don't understand so when Cena starts being mean, the kids will be sad. *And Yes, the WWE will be sure to show all their frowns on camera* The kids didn't understand that when CM Punk sat at the top of the ramp and ranted on about being the best "Wrestler" and the crowd went, "oooooooh", it was because the term "Wrestling" was supposed to be outlawed. CM Punk defied authority and they worked his interview to seem like a shoot interview and we all ate it up. We love that stuff. The kids don't get it yet, but we love that stuff.

So Cena turns heel and the kids are sad. And all of us who want him to turn heel because it's new and different, what would we do? We would eventually start cheering him. So if he turned heel, it would be so short-lived it would be almost irrelevant because in his heel turn, he would become a face.

Did I confuse everyone enough with this write? Have a good weekend everyone. Thanks for reading and I'll post again on Monday after Raw.

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  1. AndyWonder's Avatar
    I don't see how the Cena haters are gonna change their minds if he does the heel thing.
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