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WWE SmackDown Recap and Review

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Video Recap of last week and AJ getting carried out on a strecher after her collision with Big Show air before the show starts.
Lillian Garcia announces the arrival of Daniel Bryan and the boos immediately start flooding in. Daniel Bryan's heel turn has just been played out masterfully. When he enter the ring he does so looking REALLY pissed. Although sometimes D-Bry is a bit iffy on the mic at times he really can tell a story just by his facial expressions. Impressive.
Cole and Booker set up the main event between Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry, this is some nice build up to the main event. Wow this crowd REALLY doesn't like Daniel!
Daniel Bryan talks about how he is pissed about how a 500 pound monster bowled over his 95 pound girlfriend. He says it was intentional and that Big Show is bitter because he only has a 45 second World heavyweight Championship reign.
Apparently AJ "career could be over" as DB states that she "insisted" on being at ringside because she loves him and that he dedicates the match the her.
He says he will beat Henry and announces that Big Show isn't at Smackdown tonight as well and that is lucky because he would not be responsible for what he would do to Big Show. He implores Big Show to do the decent thing and Quit.
I REALLLLY like Daniel Bryan and his new heel persona. WWE has done a good slow buildup with him and the crowd seems to have completely turned on him. now. This was a quite a short promo and was too the point. The only small criticism is that it was very much a repeat of what he said on RAW this week but that is nit picking seeing he is on the Smackdown brand and is likely to re-emphasise what happened last week. Overall, great opening promo.

They cut to a backstage segment with a load of guys playing roulette and all that jazz before Teddy Long and his walking innuendo friend Aksana talk about how the Smackdown Roulette works (i.e you spin the roulette to determine match stipulations). Aksana suggests her and Teddy have a pillow fight match these segments get on PG TV I will never know.
Cody Rhodes comes out and talks trash about his brother Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust and states that he is the last hope for the Rhodes family. He spins the roulette for an upcoming match and gets "players choice", which means he can pick his opponent for his next match....Cody says he will fight anybody but then picks Hornswoggle......I hate hornswoggle he diminishes wrestling and is not funny.
It definitely looks like a Cody vs Dustin match is going to happen, either at the Rumble, Elimination Chamber or perhaps WM. And again, I hate Hornswoggle and Cody Rhodes should be above this nonsense as the Intercontinental Champion.
This better be quick. Cody Rhodes beats down Hornswoggle before he gets to the ring a bit before Justin Gabriel's music hits and he runs down to save Hornswoggle seeing they have some kind of bromance on the go lately. Gabriel gets a mic and states that he should pick on someone his own size. (no rating.)

The match is a bit of back and forth moves in the corner and such before Cody takes control after a drop down sucker punch, a Rhodes staple move coincidentally. Rhodes starts a beat down on Gabriel with a chin lock and a some kicks. Hornswoggle is still outside the ring, I have a feeling he might get involved. Gabriel mounts a comeback with a reverse DDT variation (I think) and a drop kick before setting up for the 450 Splash but Cody crawls out of the way. Cody Rhodes goes to hit the Alabama slam but Gabriel counters into a roll through pin. He then gets a couple of near falls. Cody counters and hits the Cross Rhodes for the win. Hornswoggle looks upset. ha.
For what it was this match was quite good. I was surprised by the amount of offence Gabriel had, although I was glad he didn't win I feel with a better persona he could actually do okay in WWE as his in-ring work is decent. Overall some good back and forth action with the tease of an upset, but I feel this was just a precursor for a Goldust vs Cody match. (C)
Mark Henry is in the back with the Roulette to spin the wheel for the World heavyweight championship match. He says this is stupid and blames Teddy Long for what happened to AJ last week. Seems Henry might be moving away from the Monster heel gimmick. The wheel is spun and reveals that the match will be a Lumberjack match... which will most likely set up some odd finish to allow Daniel Bryan to retain, but we'll see...

Right off the bat just gonna say Rosa...oooffft. Not sure I really understand this match as Epico and Primo have squashed the Uso's a few times now on the way to the titles so realistically you would expect another decisive win by the champ. But considering these are really the only two tag teams in the main brands in WWE we'll find out soon enough if WWE have anything planned.
The Uso's start of strong with a few double team moves and get an early near fall. However, one of the Uso's is thrown out the ring and Epico and Primo team on the one left in the ring. They get a couple of near falls before the other Uso (Jey I think) comes in and its business as usual for the Uso's as they get the upper hand again. Rosa Mendes gets involved with a distraction and turns the tide again before the Backstabber is hit and Epico and Primo win...again.
This match was a bit pointless. The only reason for it seems to be to make Epico and Primo look strong which serves to real purpose as they have no challengers now that Air Boom is on the back burner due to Evan Bourne being a plonker. The match itself was short and average but really didn't capture my attention that much. Would have liked to have seen at least some story progression but understand that Air Boom's dissolution has set the tag division back a few steps. (D+)

ANOTHER Teddy Long/Aksana skit, one was enough in my opinion. LOL okay the innuendo about slot machines and her pulling and yanking to all the money comes out was funny but how in holy hell do they get this on PGTV!? Sheamus breaks it up to find out what kind of match he will have with Wade Barrett. It's a tables match, this could be good.
To quote: "the following match is a dance off"...hopefully Jim Ross doesn't come out and do a dance again. Nope its the only living Funkasaurus in captivity - Brodus Clay who gets a decent pop from the crowd. There is quite a bit of canned crowd noise I think when he gets down to the ring.
After the Ad break Vickie Guerrero comes down to the ring as Clay's opponent and does quite possibly the worst dance I have EVER seen. Then Brodus does this really (for lack of a better film) jiggly dance. If you watch this keep an eye on Lillian Garcia who looks like she is trying to keep herself from bursting out laughing!
The crowd proclaim Brodus Clay to be the winner before Vickie dances again to prove she is better. Then....
William Regal's music hits. WTF? he comes out and tells people to not laugh at this wench and Vickie starts crying. Then Brodus calls Regal a "funky chicken" and asks him what he has....this is getting realllly weird right now. Regal starts dancing and is actually half decent before Brodus hits a Funk It (running crossbody) before saying "My bad, somebody call his momma".
This segment was very strange and dragged on a bit too long I thought. That being said I believe Brodus needs a real fued and some matches to see if he will survive with this Funk gimmick. If this sets up a feud with Regal I will look past this trippy segment and enjoy the fued it could create. If not, it was really not needed.

Both these guys could do with the momentum as they go into the Royal Rumble and this could be an intriguing match up. The match starts off as a complete brawl with both guys getting some offence. Sheamus trys to put Barrett through a table with a body slam but Barrett counters and gets outta dodge. He gets Sheamus back in the ring and nearly kicks Sheamus onto a table outside the ring but Sheamus just falls on the apron so Barrett goes to suplex him over the ropes through the table but Sheamus counters and punches Barrett before punching him over the table!
Sheamus try to get another table in the ring but Barrett kicks the table through the ropes to hit Sheamus in the face. Eventually they get the table in the ring and tease Barrett powerslamming Sheamus through the table. Sheamus then set up Barrett on the table before going to the top rope but Barrett managed to get off the table and sets up for a superplex but gets fought off. Sheamus then jump off the top rope and OVER the table which I didn't see coming! Barrett pushes the table before Sheamus hits the Irish Curse Backbreaker.
Sheamus sets up the table in the corner and goes to Irish Cross Barrett through it before...
Jinder Mahal runs to the apron and draws in Sheamus, then Barrett throws Sheamus through the table in the corner. After the match Mahal trys to put Sheamus through a table but gets hit by the Brogue Kick then being put through a table.
This match was going well and I was really into it before the finish. There were some good teases with the table and it felt like this match actually mattered due to these two both vying to win the Royal Rumble. I wasn't too happy with the finish as the Jinder Mahal/ Sheamus feud is very stale and does not draw my interest at all bu overall I enjoyed this match and can understand why a clean finish didn't happen as these two can have a good feud in the future. (C+)

I love how they just happened to have a Mexican flag just on the off chance it was a flag match on the Smackdown Roulette. Hunico is also accompanied by his lackey "Kamacho?". Not sure I get the pretense of this feud, which is something to do with Hunico not liking Ted due to not being invited to his Di'biase posse parties or something. Hunico gets close to getting his flag first but Di'biase gets up to push Hunico off the top rope before he himself goes to get his flag. Hunico goes to stop him and gets hit with Di'biase's finisher, Dream Street I think then Di'biase gets his flag and wins.
Drew McIntyre gets fired backstage by Teddy Long for losing his matches but Santino says he wants to prove his win over Drew last week was not luck and says he should "double down" and have another match with him. They spin the wheel and draw a blindfold match.

They are going to fight with blindfolds on so I'm really not expecting much. They start off by just punching fresh air for a good while. Santino sets up the cobra and tries to figure out where Drew is to hit him with it. He hits the rope and Drew hears him and then spears him out the ring. Drew bumps into the corner and thinking its Santino punches it. He is now selling an injury to his right arm quite a lot. Santino sets up the Cobra on the ref and while the ref is distracted Drew peeks through his blindfold and goes for a big boot bust misses and falls out the ring. Drew rolls back in the ring and Santino hits the Cobra for the win.
This was another loss of McIntyre and will most likely be storyline fired which I hope goes somewhere. Although there were some funny spots in this match it was a bit stupid and could have been a bit shorter. (D-)
Another David vs Goliath match which starts off with a nice spot where Henry pushes Bryan to the outside of the apron and Bryan looks at the Lumberjacks and basically says don't hit me with Wade Barrett shouting "or what?" which was a nice touch. I can see the Lumberjacks really giving it to Bryan at some point. He gets pushed outside again and pushes Tyler Rex out his way which is a bit stupid but I guess fits his new cocky persona. He then shouts at them to not hit him and provokes them quite a bit.
Cole and even Booker T bury Bryan a little bit on commentary which is a bit uncalled for. Wade Barrett lets Bryan know the guys outside will "do their job" if he gets thrown out the ring and you can see Bryan panic a little.
Bryan mounts some offence with his kicks with Henry in the corner before hitting him with a roundhouse kick. He goes for the pin cover and Henry kicks out and throw Bryan out the ring. They guys outside are still not attacking him but make it clear he better get back in the ring quick by surrounding him and pointing in the ring. Bryan gets back in the ring cautiously before getting hit with a clothes line from Henry.
Henry then starts to throw Bryan around like a Ragdoll and utterly dominates Henry picks up Bryan and throws him onto the guys outside. When Bryan gets up a bit of a brawl kicks off as some of the guys start laying into Bryan then throwing him back in. Mark Henry then falls to this outside and nearly all the Lumberjacks lay into him. Daniel Bryan starts to kick some of the guys from inside the ring through the ropes which only makes things worse for him...
Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes and Zeke Jackson run into the ring and start beating on Bryan in the corner seeing he seems to have annoyed them. Meanwhile Mark Henry pulls off the usual job of fighting off everybody outside with his strength. Henry then gets back in the ring and fights his way to the corner that Bryan is in. This upsets the Lumberjacks who then ALL get in the ring and beat up Mark Henry. A massive brawl just breaks out now and they promote the royal rumble a bit saying this is what it will be like with all the guys in the ring, nice touch there.
At this point Bryan crawls out the ring and walks up the ramp with his championship and leaves only to be cut off by Teddy Long. Teddy Long t asks him what the meaning of him running off was, Bryan says it is in fact Long who is out of line with all the WHC matches he has made him do and the fact he had 30 guys trying to beat him up in the last match. Teddy Long announces a Big Show vs Mark henry vs Daniel Bryan match in a Steel Cage for the rumble.
This match was a bit mental and didn't really showcase much actual wrestling. Nonetheless it did help progress the storyline with the WHC and Daniel Bryan's heel turn. I felt it worked well with a build to the Royal Rumble. (C)
Smackdown is one of my favourite shows right now and almost always delivers good in-ring matches. This episode had some really weird stuff going on at points and the matches were fairly average with a couple of stand outs such as the Sheamus vs Wade Barrett which the ending aside was a very solid match. I also noticed there was no Diva matches which didn't bother me too much. This show served as a good build to Royal Rumble matches and drew me in particularly when Daniel Bryan was involved. Not the best Smackdown in recent months but still a solid show.

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