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My Wrestlemania predictions

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Sup guys, this is my first blog, so thank you for reading. I wanna post my WM predictions here, who I feel will fight one another, along with who I feel will win. So here it goes:

1. Money in the Bank: Kofi Kingston v. Dolph Ziggler v. Cody Rhodes v. Jack Swagger v. R-Truth v. The Miz v. Sheamus v. Jinder Mahal v. Zack Ryder

Winner: Dolph Ziggler- Unfortunately, as great as the concept of Money in the Bank is, it's given the WWE a way of not having to develop many storylines for their mid-carders for WM. Which has hurt the development of them. I see Dolph winning because the reality is, that after WM, Cena will be back in the title picture, and they are going to have to find a way to keep Dolph involved while Cena feuds with Punk/Jericho etc.

2. Gimmick Match: Big Show v. Some random celebrity

Winner: The celebrity- It's pretty much the only thing they can do with show if they dont involve him in a title match.

3. World Heavyweight Title: Daniel Bryan v. Randy Orton v. Wade Barrett v. Christian

Winner: Randy Orton- I belive that due to Edge being inducted to the HOF this year, they will have Christian involved in the title match upon his return. They'll want Wade Barrett in the picture as well, but I see this as the best way to end Bryans reign while note having him get crushed by Orton in a singles match... they'll do that afterwards.

4. Legends Match: Booker T/Mick Foley/Rey Mysterio/Mark Henry v. Kevin Nash/Kane/Alberto Del Rio/JBL

Winner: Booker/Mick/Rey/Mark- Now I know this will pretty much NOT happen, but with the recent trend of old schoolers poppin up, I figure maybe WWE will give guys like Booker, Nash, Foley a match at WM. This also give ADR,Kane,Henry and Rey something to do without throwing them into MITB. Just have them team up with the legends.

5. The Streak: Undertaker v. HHH III

Winner: Undertaker- At this point, there really is nothing they can do with Taker in terms of challengers. Personally I feel they should save his final match for next year against John Cena, the "Face" of the WWE attempting to end the streak is the last big match they can pull off with him, not sold on Lesnar.

6. WWE Title: CM Punk v. Chris Jericho

Winner: CM Punk- I belive Jericho will win the title from Punk, but not at WM. Allow Punk, who is this year version of Austin- to get the W on WM. And then after that, have Super Cena turn heel and take the belt.

7. Generations Match: Cena V. Rock

Winner: Rock- To put it simply, THIS will be the final straw for Cena. Cena will lose, Rock will win. Cena will try to do the "man" thing and shake hands, The Rock will Rock Bottom him,celebrate and fade away into the sunset to never be heard from again. And after this... Cena will snap.

So there are my predictions for WM, please give your thoughts and stay tuned for more from me. Thanks!

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  1. cjstonecold's Avatar
    Finally!!!!! Someone who thinks that Cena vs. Undertaker next year will be Taker's last match!!!
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I love this card. But I don't know why everyone who's predicting WM has to water it down with gimmick matches. A fatal Four-Way for the World Title, AND a MITB Ladder Match? AND a 4 on 4 Legends Match? *Even though you're right in that it probably won't happen*.

    I love how you ended it too. Because I do feel that The Rock will win, and ride off into the sunset, never to be heard from again...until it's his time for HOF.

    Good Blog
  3. Slivon's Avatar
    Since the WWE still have 2 PPV to go before Wrestlemania your prediction is 100% BS. And for all we know there will be a TNA Invasion and we will see Yoshi Tastu as the WWE Champion.
  4. searle's Avatar
    silvon chill out, hes entitled to write what he thinks is gonna happen, not bad card mate, not liking tha legends match tho.

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