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WWE 2012 Royal Rumble Predictions

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Match 1: Triple Threat Steel Cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Daniel Bryan escapes the cage while Mark Henry and Big Show were distracted with each other.

Match 2: Kane Vs. John Cena. After about 14 mins in the match, John Cena walks out saying he won't embrace the hate and he doesn't need this match. Kane follows and it ends in a double count out. They brawl in the backstage. Kane chokeslams Cena and screams he will embrace the hate.

Match 3. WWE Championship match. CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler. At some point Johnny Ace gets knocked down. Mick Fooley comes out from the back with a referee shirt on and counts the the three after a GTS to Ziggler from Punk. Punk hurries out with Fooley before a screaming Vickie can wake up Johnny Ace.

Match 4: 30 Man Royal Rumble Match.

Entrant 1: Wade Barrett
Entrant 2: Chris Jericho.

Jericho and jumping out around the ring slapping hands with all the fans, while Barrett looks disgusted. Jericho finally gets in the ring and offers a handshake to Barrett. Barrett pushes Jericho. Jericho then hopes over the ropes onto the apron and Barrett looks confused. Jericho hops down eliminating himself.

Entrant 3: Mason Ryan.

Ryan and Barrett go at it.

Entrant 4: Yoshi Tatsu

Tatsu comes in and helps Ryan beat on Barrett.

Entrant 5: Cody Rhodes

Rhodes comes in and sides with Barrett, throws Yoshi over and beats down Ryan. Rhodes and Barrett toss Ryan over.

Entrant 6: Ezekiel Jackson

Jackson comes in hot and takes it to both of them but the numbers game catches up and is eliminated by Barrett while he was distracted on Rhodes.
Barrett and Rhodes are not attacking each other.

Entrant 7: Brodus Clay

Brodus clay comes in dancing and is too much weight for Barrett and Rhodes to take over.

Entrant 8: Goldust

Rhodes looks angry because his brother is in the RR. Goldust comes out and goes for Rhodes as Barrett has his work cut out for him surviving Clay.

Entrant 9: Booker T. Surprising everyone, as he gets up from commentary. He goes in and helps Goldust take out Rhodes. Then quickly from behind clay tosses both of them over and starts dancing while Barrett lays in the corner.

Entrant 10: Kane

Kane comes out and knocks Clay off his feet, then tosses the big man over the top rope with ease. He turns his attention to Barrett who cowardly slides out the ring UNDER the ropes.

Entrant 11: Ted DiBiase

Ted stands outside the ring for a moment staring at Kane. Ted braves up and enters the ring and lands a few punches. Kane knockes ted down with a vicous uppercut. Cena comes on the titantron and distracts Kane. He says since he already has a match WM he can't be in the RR, and that earlier tonight he wasn't running away from Kane. He then says he does want to embrace the hate! All this is a mere distraction. Barrett slides back into the ring and quickly tosses Kane over. Kane is furious and and heads to the back for Cena.

Entrant 12: Hunico

Hunico and Barrett from an alliance beating on DiBiase. They toss him over and Barrett turns on Hunico tossing him over . Barrett is in the ring alone.

Entrant 13: Sheamus

Sheamus runs don to the ring and he and Barrett burst out in a brawl. Sheamus mostly dominates Barrett during this time.

Entrant 14: Jinder Mahal

Having a problem with Sheamus much like Barrett, he and Barrett work together to beat down Sheamus.

Entrant 15: Randy Orton

Randy comes down and goes right for Barrett and evens up the odds some. Quick RKO to Mahal. Tosses Mahal over. Then Goes for Barrett, RKO counterd, pushes off into a Brouge Kick. Every man for himself. Barrett and Sheamus then go at it some more.

Entrant 16: Primo

Primo stays out the ring the whole next 2 mins. Why? Barrett and Sheamus Brawl in a corner.

Entrant 17: Epico.

Oh thats why. Primo and Epico run in the ring and start to beat on Orton who is know just starting to move after the Brouge Kick. Sheamus and Barrett are still going at it.

Entrant 18: Zack Ryder

Ryder runs to the ring. Goes after Primo and Epico. Orton gets up and goes after Sheamus with a kick RKO, then right to Barrett. The two brawl. Epico and Primo start to best Ryder with the numbers game.

Entrant 19: Kofi Kingston

Kofi teams with Ryder to fight off Epico and Primo. Sheamus gets up and heads towards Orton and shoves him. Orton turns his attention to Sheamus and shoves him back. Barrett sneaks and tosses Orton out and grins forgetting about Sheamus. Sheamus kicks orton sending him out of the ring IN BETWEEN the ropes. Orton is furious. He RKO's barrett through the Spanish announce table and hits on him with a steel chair before leaving.

Entrant 20: Santino Marella

Santino comes in and dances around. Epico slaps him aginst the face and eats a Cobra and Ryder quickly tosses Epico over before he could fall to the mat. Primo rushes towards Ryder to just be tossed over as well. Ryder does the fist pump, Kingston the BOOM BOOM thing, and Santino the trumpet all three in the middle of the ring. Sheamus grabs Santion and tosses him over. Kingston and Ryder quickly back up, and the three man go at it.

Entrant 21: Drew McIntyre

Drew pleaded he would win the RR to keep his job. He hesitates to the ring. Sheamus hits the mat by a drop kick from Ryder. McIntyre stalks around the ring on the outside. Kingston and Ryder back and forth.

Entrant 22: Jack Swagger

Swagger comes in, and he and Ryder go at it. Kingston and Sheamus back and forth. Teddy Long comes out and tells Drew if he doesn't get in the ring he is FIRED. Drew is upset and slowly gets in the ring. He teams with Swagger going after Ryder. Barrett is being taken back on a stretcher now.

Entrant 23: Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph comes in and helps Swagger and McIntyre. Kingston and Sheamus decide to help Zack out for the moment so now its 3 on 3. But McIntyre shocks Swagger and sends him over the top and Ziggler yells at him. McIntyre goes on the side of Sheamus, Ryder and Kingston but Sheamus just smiles and nails him with a kick. Ryder and Kingston go double team Ziggler who scratches and claws to stay in. Sheamus tosses nearly over but for the sake of he jobs he mangaes to somehow stay on, Sheamus moves on to the other three thinking he eliminated Drew.

Entrant 24: The Big Show

Big Show comes out pretty angry he failed to win the World tittle. all the men watch as he comes out. Big Show steps over. The 5 men charge at him but Show knocks them down one by one. He Tosses Kingston over easily. He grabs Ryder who is begging him "Bro, please, no!" Sheamus hits Show from behind. Then Ziggler drop kicks his knees. Sheamus, Ziggler, and Ryder beat down on Show, McIntyre is sitting in a corner trying to heal up.

Entrant 25: The Miz

The Miz comes out and quickly aids in beating down show. They get Show up to his feet to send him over but it was a mistake. Show chokeslams Miz, then Knockout punch to Ziggler and Sheamus. Show then goes to toss over Ryder, but McIntyre takes out his legs from behind. Show looks furious as he gets up, and stalks McIntyre. Show knockout punches McIntyre, and the goes back to the other guys.

Entrant 26: Mark Henry

Show drops Ziggler from his grasp and watches Henry make his way to the ring. The two push eachotther back and forth. Show pushes Henry against the ropes and goes for the closeline knocking Henry over, Ryder, Ziggler, Sheamus, and Miz quickly go from behind sending the Giant over. Miz quickly surprises Ziggler tossing him over but then eats a Rough Ryder from Zack. Sheamus goes to work on Zack, McIntyre is still laid out.

Entrant 27: Rey Mysterio

Rey rey is back and runs to the ring. Hurricarana to Ryder. Drop kick to the knees to Sheamus, Sends Miz to the 619 position and connects. Barrett finally stumbles his way back to the ring and hits Rey with a nasty clothesline to ruin his momentum.

Entrant 28: R-Truth

Truth comes out and goes after The Miz. The Two brawl back and forth with hatred for eachother. Truth then Tosses The Miz over the top rope. Miz is mad and comes back in for Miz but Sheamus sees and Kicks his head off. Truth and Sheamus then go at it. Barrett and McIntyre double team on Rey until Ryder evens up the odds.

Entrant 29: Christian

Christain comes out to a positive reaction to the fans. He is now face again. He comes out and helps out Rey and Ryder. A lot of near eliminations but everyone survives for now.

Entrant 30: BATISTA! Huge shock.

Batista runs to the ring and quickly throws Ryder over. Then spinebuster to Sheamus. SPEAR to McIntyre! Spear to Christian! Spear to Truth! Spear to McIntyre and tosses him out. Rey Stares down his once best friend Batista. The exchange some words. Rey runs at Batista and sets him up for the 619 but gets caught. Batista tosses Rey out. McIntyre on the outside realizes he is out and starts to have a fit tossing stuff around. Sheamus and Barrett form an unlikely alliance and go after Batista to slow him down.
Truth tries to sneak up on Christian to toss him out but Christian counters and sends Truth over the top. McIntyre starts beating on Truth on the outside with rage. 4 men are left. Sheamus, Barrett, Christian, and Batista. Christian rests in a corner almost forget about by the other three men, Batista pushes off Sheamus and Barrett. Batista picks Sheamus up and BATISTA BOMB! Drew sneaks in back in the ring and with the help of Barrett sends Batista over. Batista looks furious and chases Drew to the back. 3 men left. Barrett picks up Sheamus to send him over the top but Christian hits him from behind. Christian slaps him in the face, but Barrett stikes back with a clothes line, turns around to see Sheamus coming at him with a Brouge Kick, quickly dodges and sends Sheamus over. Sheamus is pissed and and heads to the back. Barrett turns around to see all thats left is Christain. The WWE Universe urges Christian on. Barrett is just toying with him for a couple of mins. Christian reversals Barrett, and starts to pick up steam. The two are back and forth. On the Titantron is shows Sheamus working together with McIntyre to beat up Batista. Sheamus and McIntyre come out back to the ring. The circle Christian along side Barrett. They jump on him. A new alliance has been made. The start of the United Kingdom. The pick Christian up and Barrett looks well on his way to victory. However......YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME. Edges music hits. The three man are distracted but Edge comes from the crowd. and spears Sheamus and McIntyre but eats a boot from Barrett, but Christian sneaks and throws Barrett over winning the Royal Rumble!! Celebration is short lived though, The United Kingdom go for Christian and and Edge. Orton and Batista come out though the United Kingdom's big debut is spoiled.

Christian is going to Wrestlemania! United Kingdom is formed. Batista is back. Tell me this wouldn't be epic! I dare you.

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  1. owenhart4life's Avatar
    Updated 01-21-2012 at 11:19 PM by CMRyder
  2. stewie_bassist's Avatar
    Edge wouldn't be getting involved in anything as his injuries are to severe and he doesn't seem like the type of person who is stupid enough to risk any further damage. Plus, Ireland isn't part of the UK so that stable name wouldn't make any sense.
  3. pjpjr6's Avatar
    Awesome blog.
    Updated 01-21-2012 at 11:18 PM by CMRyder
  4. Cross's Avatar
    Some of it unrealistic I will admit. And some of it wa shard to follow cause I think you mixed up some of the people. ButI did have fun reading it. And thanks for not forgeting about Batista, Rey, and Christian.
  5. CMRyder's Avatar
    I'll admit my ending is pretty far-fetched. But I'm still going out on a limb and say Christian will win it, but maybe not the whole United Kingdom bit.
  6. Rehmix's Avatar
    This is a great read. I liked that you went through the whole rumble. Nice surprises too. Not saying that they are going to happen, but they would be really sweet.

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