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My Wrestlemania XVIII Card (A realistic card)

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Hey guys this is my second blog, I've seen a lot of blogs lately regarding the Wrestlemania lineup and what matches are gonna be on the card, while I have no doubt the majority of you are sick to death of reading blogs predicting Wrestlemania Cards I thought i'd add my two cents, keep in mind this is if all wrestlers were fit and healthy! So here goes

My Wrestlemania XVIII Card

Intercontinental Title Match:

Cody Rhodes V Dolph Ziggler

Now I know this has no chance of happening as both are heels but I think that's the perfect angle going into Mania, think HBK V Rick Martel at SS 92, both played heels and pulled it off excellently, I would love to see these two in a similar style feud trying to one up each other each week with the blow off at Mania, these two are easily the best two wrestlers in WWE at the minute and I think the match would be awesome, which in the long run would finally and deservedly cement both guy's status as main event players.

Kane V Mark Henry:

I like Kane's new character and the fact he's relevant again, I would have Henry as a face though and booked as the only guy capable of stopping the unstoppable monster.

HHH V Alberto Del Rio:

The current blueblood v the original blueblood, I'm not a fan of Del Rio, I find him boring and his matches are pretty terrible, if anyone can get a good match out of him its the always reliable 'Cerebral Assassin'.

MITB Ladder Match:

Zack Ryder V Jack Swagger V Sheamus V The Miz V R-Truth V Christian

Why has this been turned into a PPV? It was one of the main reasons to watch Wrestlemania these past few years, as it always provides exciting and innovative action, although the eight man ladder matches tend to be a little overcrowded so that's why I have opted for the traditional six man match.

Beth Phoenix V Kharma:

If I had my way no diva's match would be on the card, but they would never not have a divas match at Mania so this is the only match I would like to see, the two most powerful divas in WWE at the minute locking up, I think both ladies would put on an excellent match, and the feud would inject a bit of excitement into the stale and boring divas division.

Battle of the Highflyers:

Rey Mysterio V Sin Cara

This would be an excellent match, if both guys were at the top of their game, a few months ago this was realistic but due to the injuries sustained by both, this potentially great match will not happen.

The Streak Match:

The Undertaker V Wade Barrett

Barrett IMO is easily the most over heel in the company at the minute, and he is on a hell of a run, he's excellent on the mic and he's improving all the time in the ring. I think he would benefit greatly from a match with Taker, if booked right he could be the greatest threat to the streak, but I'm of the opinion that the streak should never end. After this Barrett would definitely be solidified as a top guy and a definite future World Champion.

World Heavyweight Championship:

Daniel Bryan V Randy Orton

I dont know what everyone else thinks about Bryan but his current run as champion is excellent IMO, I was worried they were gonna turn Big Show heel for the 34573395th time in this feud but wisely and correctly they turned Bryan, he's really coming into his own as the whiny crybaby heel who cheats to win, obviously it hasn't been seen on camera yet but we all know Bryan was behind getting AJ knocked over by Big Show. I'm on two minds who will the Rumble as I think it's a coin toss between Orton/Jericho so whoever wins it between these two expect the other to win a qualifying match of some sort to become Number One contender, Orton would be the perfect opponent for Bryan as he would definitely help him further and better his heel character. Oh and I would give Bryan the win, Orton doesnt need the belt.

WWE Championship:

CM Punk V Chris Jericho

The match everyone wants to see, 'The Best In The World At What He Does' V 'The Best Wrestler In The World' The feud has the makings of one of the best of the year, Jericho WILL eventually reveal himself as a villain, although I have no idea what the 'ItBegins' videos hint at, I do think it involves becoming King Of The World again, Jericho's return couldn't have come at a better time for Punk IMO because after the Johnny Ace angle plays out there's not much left for him to do and I do feel he's becoming a tad repetitive and comfortable in his promos, no person better to make you up your game than Y2J.

Generations Match:

John Cena V The Rock

Obviously this is happening and I am very much looking forward to it, all the talk of Cena turning heel beforehand is white hot at the minute, but I don't think it will happen, Cena is gonna get booed regardless so it doesn't matter, save the heel turn til after Mania where it would be more significant. Regarding who will win, I think it will be The Rock, although it would not surprise me if Superman won the day yet again, the only thing I DO NOT want to see happen is both men shaking hands at the end of it like Rock/Hogan at X8, that would be a truly awful and cheesy way to end the show considering the amount of heat both have for the other.

Anyways if you have got this far I appreciate you taking the time to read the blog, all opinions/comments/criticism is welcome, Thanks Guys.

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  1. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    You say a realistic card, but then go on to say most of the matches can't/wouldn't ever happen?
  2. lewism173's Avatar
    LOL having realistic in the title is such a over statement
  3. DBOR's Avatar
    I never get tired of reading WM predictions! The ADR vs hhh is an interesting idea.
  4. Kryptonite's Avatar
    Thumbs up for your fantasy!
  5. Mooresy29's Avatar
    @Phillyraines Cheers for the feedback, who do you think is the two best wrestlers in WWE at the minute?
  6. xAzureSkye's Avatar
    Wrestlemania XVIII = 18. :S
  7. pjpjr6's Avatar
    lol, fucking dolt. "A realistic card" and then in the first paragraph, "Now I know this has no chance of happening"....

    People, if you're going to blog, don't be an idiot.
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