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Top 5 Funniest Moments - Volume 1(The Rock)

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We've had the golden age, the attitude era, the dull years and the new so called 'entertainment era'. All of these times appealed to a certain type of fan but for myself WWE is never better then when the action in the ring is dramatic and hard fought but the segments in the back are filled with laughter and excellent comedic moments.

In this blog I will show you what some of my favourite funniest moments have been for some of the funniest superstars I remember.

Let's start with the granddaddy of them all, possibly the funniest superstar to ever grace a WWE ring...The Rock!

The Rock, Hulk and Kane Backstage Segment.

Moments like this just don't seem to happen anymore, three wrestlers who are massive challengers in the ring who can just act plain sill backstage yet still be seen as a force to be reckoned with backstage. Although Kane arguably stole the segment, The Rock trying to make Kane jump is bladder achingly funny.

The Rock Mocks The NWO.

When the NWO entered the WWE they were an easy target for someone like The Rock, a shadow of their former glory made segments like this relatively common and here is my favourite of the interactions.

The Rock & HHH Mid Match Argument.

Although not much happens it's always funny when someone can make a comedy mid match segment like this work.

The Rock Imitates Stone Cold Steve Austin

This was an excellent promo that took swipes at Taker, Rikishi and others but the final insult was thrown at Steve Austin, although not the funniest words The Rock has ever said this make my top 5 just for how well The Rock imitates Stone Cold's accent and head swagger.

The Rock and Kurt Talk Pie, Stroodel and Big Jugs of Milk!!

Never has the WWE been more double entendre than when The Rock and Kurt Angle were together, looking at The Rock in this video I'm sure he was struggling to keep it together. A truly funny moment.

I hope you enjoyed these funniest video's, if you did I look forward to sharing more from other great WWE superstars soon.


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  1. Earthquake's Avatar
    brilliant seeing this stuff again, especially rock and triple h goading each other on to smash in the skulls of the other two.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    gr8 concept n gr8 blog bro keep it up...i luv that segment where The Rock n HHH smash kurt n benoit...

    pls do bring Edge n Christian's funny moments n don forget Y2J..I love all segments of Y2J against Benoit...

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