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The Piper

RAW is...Mediocre.

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This is probably the 1500th or so blog each of thee hath seen upon thy glorious web page, but I digress.

The Titles:
WWE Champ(ionship)-I had always said that Punk would, and should be a champion one day, but now Punk has that whole tirade of change thing going(or not going) for him. This entire feud with him and Johnny has really been useless, because the WWE hasn't changed at all.

United States Championship-I literally screamed at my Tele when Zack won the title, not because I'm stuck in the past with the real wrestlers (shockmaster being the exception), but because the title has been on a horrible downfall since (King) Sheamus lost it.

Tag Team-Not even real titles anymore, the rebirth has failed terribly for the WWE, even worse than before. It has come to the point where it would be in Vince's best interest to hire the Headbangers back (no, don't read it again, that's really what I said).

The Commentary-A real hot issue in the WWE as well as the IWC right now, but remember the commentary team in 1988 of "Superstar" Billy Graham, and Gorilla Monsoon? Made the event so much better (even with the Reageu Brothers in attendance). But now, each match just seems so much worse with Michael Cole burying the talent, and Booker T being just so bloody annoying.

The Entertainers:
I'm not going to entertain (or bore) each one of you with individually pointing out the talent on Monday Night Raw, but over all, the talents, aren't that talented, with the obvious exclusions of Miz, R-Truth, Ziggler, and as much as I hate to say it, CM Punk.

With the sub-par writing, bad talents, irritating commentary, and unappealing, and innefective championship belts, RAW, as well as the WWE, are going to get worse, before they get better.

Side Note
I picked up Countdown to Lockdown last week, and just finished it, I consider it a must-read for all wrestling fans of WWE and IMPACT!(TNA).

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  1. The Resh's Avatar
    I think this is the first blog I've read that I could relate to 100%. Good shit, man.
  2. Reichwulf's Avatar
    Raw's been worse than mediocre for awhile now.

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