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All about Jack Swagger

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For those who missed Raw, Our new United States champion is Jack Swagger, and with the realisation that Jack might acually be around for quite a while, I would like to asses Jack Swaggers carrer up to this point.

The Look
Jack Swagger is a guy I would watch out for in the WWE, he has a greatly monsterous build, and a face that makes him actually look like a wrestler. But he also does that weird bored-angry crossover face expression that makes you want to spit on him.

The Mic Skills
Jack has the mic skills to really make him a good heel, except that whole All-American, American, American, American....American thing he does in all of his promos, that's not heel annoying, thats change the channel annoying. So let him develope his mic skills by giving him more time to talk for himself, not by Vickie Guerrero talking for him.

The Titles
Jack's first title on WWE television was the PG-CW (ECW) championship, which is one thing I don't like about ECW, is that their title is less prestigeous than the million dollar championship. But 104 days as the ECW champion is a carrer starter no matter how little prestige the title holds. He was a former world champion, and the current United States champion, one Tag-Team title reign will officialy make him a triple crown winner, but he needs a real tag-team partner created by storyline, not just the first guy the writers thought of.

I am strongly opinionated towards saying that Jack Swagger is the best A.M. and pro wrestler in WWE today. But with not very much competition, that is easy to say, Jack Swagger has the force and power of British Bulldog, and the pure wrestling ability of Kurt Angle.

Having a mascot eagle played by Chavo Guerrero, training Michael Cole for an illegitamate Wrestlemania match, having an illegitimate manager for the sole reason of getting heat, these are things that make Jack a less serious wrestler, and make people become less invested in hating him, and more invested on what else is on Television when he shows up on RAW.

Don't become a jobber again, lose Vickie Guerrero as a manager, stay U.S. champion, develope some better mic skills, and fight real wrestlers instead of Santino or Zack Ryder. He should not have won either World Championship in his first year, and for future sake, find him a real partner, and not just the other guy with the same manager.

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  1. knox's Avatar
    This is my kind of blog bud lol I love hearing about Swagger and its good to see I'm not his only fan. I completely agree with everything you said. Swagger has everything it takes to be a full time maineventer but its the WWE holding him back with Vickie and by making him Ziggler's sidekick.

    Basically, they want to make Swagger look this cocky heel that always gets made a fool of and he doesn't deserve that. Save that for Santino or someone else. Swagger is a real wrestler and I'm talking the true mat based wrestling that Dolph Ziggler & Shelton Benjamin were doing.

    I really did enjoy this blog and Roddy Piper is my favorite wrestler of all time lol cool screen name
  2. CPMunk's Avatar
    You remember Swagger winning championships? Needless to say Swagger is forgettable. From his unbearable lisp to the fact that no one respected him as champ. The future maineventers are currently main eventing, Punk and Danielson, Truth, Miz and Sheamus.
  3. toobeastly33's Avatar
    lol is this CPMunk serious? I love miz but future main eventer? Ha! Truth?? you have to be jokeing!!! Swagger is the real deal, they just need to build him right. As for Bryan...he is a great wrestler, he just does not have the it factor to be a top guy. If he works on his charisma he can get there though. bottom line swagger need a real shot
  4. pjpjr6's Avatar
    Swagger needs to be a face with his All-American American gimmick. Give him a prolonged feud with guys like Drew Mcyntire, Jinder Mahal, etc. and get him over with the patriotic gimmick.
  5. owenhart4life's Avatar
    the miz did all the wwe asked of him and more. the miz is a great heel and would be a great face. but you already know that.
  6. jackw9's Avatar
    gonna put it short swagger aint nothing special soon we be forgotton about
  7. gdevil101's Avatar
    good blog, good points, i'm hoping they dnt drop the ball with him
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