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TNA iMPACT Recap & Review 19/01/12

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Starts off with a video package showing what happened last week between Hardy and Roode and the whole affair with the World heavyweight Championship match. This kind of pisses me off a little just because I can’t be bothered having to watch the screw finish again, but I guess it’s fine for people who missed last weeks title defense.
Sorry About Your Dam luck. James Storm’s music hits and he approaches the ring. Tazz and Mike Tenay remind us that Storm defeated Angle last week with a Last Call Superkick…
Storm tells everyone that he is happy to be the #1 contender for the WHC due to his aforementioned win over Angle. He pays a little bit of tribute to Angle before proclaiming that he is going to whoop Bobby Roode’s ass for the WHC. As he finishes up Hardys music hits…
Hardy says he got screwed out of his WHC matches and that he will get his re-match before anyone else including Storm. Storm point out that Roode also screwed him for the title a few months back.. Roode’s new orchestral hits…
Roode comes out to heat and tells Storm he is the #1 contender for the winner of last weeks WHC bout, but seeing there was in fact no winner (due to the DQ) that he has no claim to a title shot. He states that Jeff Hardy had his opportunities and that he failed and isn’t getting anymore…Stings music hits…
Sting announces a #1 contender match between Hardy and Storm.
This was an okay opening segment. Storm was good on the mic and so was Roode, however I’m not sold on Hardy. Sting came in to set up the main event of the night in the form of the #1 contenders match which is good build but because it’s to babyfaces squaring off part of me starts to wonder if it will be a screw finish by Roode (again…) and lead to perhaps a triple threat WHC match….we’ll find out later…
Angelina Love has a weird backstage segment talking about….um… Eric Young…please don’t let them have a match…

Gunner’s music hits and he comes out accompanied by Ric Flair and Tenay talks about Gunner and how he has been injuring people including RVD lately.
AJ Styles comes down to the ring and the match starts off with Gunner dominating in the beginning. AJ has some offence and Gunner seems to get pissed before taking advice from Flair outside the ring. Goes back in and gets a pin cover. There’s a lot of back and forth….then…
Kazarian and Christopher Daniels approach the ring and Daniels tells Kazarian to: “do it”.
AJ throws Gunner into the corner so for some reason Flair decides to get up onto the apron and distracts the ref and at that moment Kazarian pops up on the apron and clotheslines AJ. Daniels then makes Kazarian watch as Gunner finishes him off with a DDT. Gunner then tries to injure AJ by piledriving him into the exposed concrete floor but AJ manages to get away through the crowd.
The match was short and was average at best. It was VERY predictable that Daniels and Kaz were going to come down and do something. On the plus note this was some good story progression of this feud. I also wonder if they have anything planned for Gunner because he just seems to be in random matches at the moment. Overall this was good as it is most likely building to a PPV match between AJ and Kaz which could be good. (C-)
Magnus cuts a backstage promo about how he is going to show Crimson what he’s all about…which is funny because clearly Crimson is standing right next to him…wow that was poorly executed. Crimson gets pissed and says he’s gonna end Magnus. Crimson needs to improve on the mic badly, it just looks off whenever he talks, you can tell he has his lines memorized exactly.
Bully Ray asks Sting to give him a World Title shot in the backstage. Sting says he will do what he wants and therefore NO. Bully Ray just gets hot and shouts alot about that before Sting basically bitch slaps him and walks off. I love Bully Ray promo’s their just ridiculously funny.

Right, the Magnus vs Crimson match kicks off with Magnus attacking Crimson when he turns his back to pander to the crowd. Magnus dominates the start of the match. Out of nowhere Crimson hits the Red Sky and wins.
Joe gets involved and puts a beating on Crimson…Magnus joins in before Morgan runs in for the save but also gets beat down.
This just straight up pisses me off this match. I mean you are trying to build Joe and Magnus as a credible threat to Morgan and Crimson’s tag belts only to have Crimson squash Magnus? Really? I get that you had Joe and Magnus look strong and get heat at the end but did Magnus really have to get beat in like 1 minute flat? (- no rating)
Eric Young cuts a stupid promo about how he doesn’t fight girls and ODB comes out to and says some filthy inuendo stuff…. These segments are awful and it looks like Angelina Love is going to have a match with EY….not looking forward to that at all.
They show a recap of all the Garrett Bischoff stuff and how he has a mystery trainer and all that…Then they show a video package of Garrett training, wow this is cheesy haha.
ANOTHER video recap of the Knockouts match from Genesis with the DQ. And sets up the cage match between James and Rayne. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne are having a chat in the back about how Kim will be there for Madison.
Mickie James starts the match off with some offence gets a few near falls and submissions. Madison Rayne comes back with before the TV ad. And dominates most on the return. There is quite a lot of crowd canned noise in this match, which is quite funny seeing the crowd in the shots are quite dead (OFC its the impact zone so thats expected.) After a bit of back and forth Mickie wins clean from a spiked DDT.
The best match so far, mainly because it wasn’t a total squash and I was happy to see a clean finish. This could result in a Madison Rayne turn on Gail Kim as she said she would help but didn’t. Overall this was moderately enjoyable. (C)
AA Austin Aries cuts a backstage promo pretty much about how awesome he is. I have to agree, by far one of my favorite guys in TNA right now. Sets up him cutting a promo later…
There is another backstage segment this time with Mickie James celebrating her win with Velvet Sky and Tara. Mickie says shes gunning for Gail Kim now. Mickie sells a leg injury from a previous fight…
Hardy has a backstage segment (another!?) saying he’s dealing with him getting screwed and hes gonna go into the #1 contender match and hope for the best….
A video package is shown detailing the X division match at Genesis and Austin Aries talks about how he is the greatest man that ever lived and he’s one tough SOB. He says he is that good that he might just have to retire because no-one is a challenge.
Aries comes down to the ring…And brags about being the best and that nobody else is in his league. He works the crowd and gets some good heel heat. He says that he may have to look elsewhere for competition…. BOOM motor machine guns music!
Alex Shelley returns! Im marking out by this point! Shelley talks about his injuries and how the MCMG will be back in 2012 and how he will beat Aries. These two have a good back and forth on the mic, best promo of the show so far. Aries discounts Shelley as a threat. Alex Shelley demands a title shot. Aries tells Shelley that if he wants a title shot he need to go into the locker room, find an X division wrestler and beat them. Shelley replies saying he will go one better and let Aries pick his opponent and once he beats them will take Aries X division title.
This was by FAR my favourite segment of the night.
ODB continues with her torrent of abuse towards Angelina Love. Oh wait, Winter attacks ODB and they have a cat fight on the floor before winter whips off her belt and whips ODB. Kinky stuff right there… haha
The moment we have all been waiting for…. -_-
Eric does all his rubbish of grappling the ref and all that…which IMO is getting stale. I really hope this match is over quickly. AND he grapples the ref again….and then starts doing the ref’s job. Winter comes in and low blows EY, thank god its over.
ODB then comes out and then gets double teamed by Winter and Angelina, now whips are involved EY saves her and ODB kisses him.
These segments are annoying. Some of it is funny but not enough for it to be worth TV time.
James Storm talks backstage saying he will beat Jeff Hardy and that it is his time to be the World Champ.
The crowd is behind both guys off the bat. The match starts off with a lot grappling, headlocks and armdrags. Its very 50/50 to start off. Storm goes outside the ring and hardy crossbodies out the ring to gain the upper hand. Storm comes back with a slingshot suplex. Storm then keep hardy grounded with a chin lock for a while. Then Hardy hits a whisper in the wind of a near fall and once again gets the upper hand.
James Storm tries to go for the eye of the storm which is countered then hits a suplex variation of some kind. He sets up for the last call superkick which Hardy dodges and counters with a Twist of Fate. Hardy then goes for the senton bomb but Storm gets to the ropes to stop it. Storm then goes for the superplex but is fought off and falls down to the mat then hits Hardy with an enziguiri. He then hits the superplex at the second time trying.
…..Oh wait, what is this. Yup you guessed it another screwy finish. Bully Ray comes into the ring as both men are down after the superplex and is carrying a chain. He hits the ref with a double sledgehammer then proceeds to beat Storm and Hardy with the chain. Another ref comes out but gets punched in the face before he even reaches the ring and Ray continues to the beat down. Then ANOTHER ref comes out and gets nailed.
Sting comes down the ramp with a baseball bat hits Bully Ray a couple of times then chases him out the ring and up the ramp. Then Roode comes into the ring and hits James Storm with the Championship belt then hits Hardy as well.
Roode grabs a mic and says that as the most dominant champion of all time he declares the match a no contest and gets heat by basically being a douche and proclaiming him self to still be the WHC.
Okay, where to begin! The match itself was going quite well before the clusterfuck at the end. I was enjoying the back and forth between Storm and Hardy and actually wanted someone to win for a change. I can see Bully Ray and Sting having some sort of fued now because of all this happening, which leads me to believe that they may just be setting up Sting for a match with Bully Ray to happen at the tapings due to take place in London in 2 weeks. But in all honesty Bully Rays interference in this match was unnecessary. I did however feel it was good to makes Bobby Roode look strong at the end by beating down both challengers and not look like a total pussy. Overall , the match was good but there was waaaaay too much over booking and personally I would have liked it more if Roode was the one who interfered first and basically just beat down Storm and Hardy. Not only would have this made Roode look much stronger but it wouldn’t have been as much of a cluster due to all these people getting involved. They could just ignore the ODB and EY stuff and give Sting and Ray a segment instead of having them involved in the Main event for no real reason. This however was decent build up to a potential Triple threat WHC match at the next PPV. (C-)
Impact was fairly average this week, one problem I did have throughout the show was that there were too many backstage promos and not enough actual wrestling. There was some decent build to PPV matches which is good to see but I felt some of the story telling they did could have been done in the ring instead of all backstage promos. Segment of the night was Austin Aries and Alex Shelley, watch that if you can. Adios Amigos.
Wrestling Gugu. out.

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  1. monctonvike's Avatar
    Great read! a couple of random thoughts I would like to share. Storywise everything is building to something. I can see a tag match with roode n bully vs storm and jeff soon maybe a three way to determine the number one contender.

    The backstage segments I have no issue with other than I hate when they use the same ppl that cut promo`s earlier in the night.

    I hope they have some huge matches lined up for our friends in the UK impacts and against all odds. AGAO was one of my top 4 tna ppv`s last year and I am hoping it delivers again.

    Overall Impact has been much better the last few months I would give this weeks and overall C+ or B-

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