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Slammy Awards 2011

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This is Cross here with my Slammy Awards 2011. Now I understand in WWE magazine they had awards for certain superstars that were not aired. Some of these may be the same for me that they put in the magazine, but these are awards that didn't gety noticed that I think should. So here we go with blog 3.

Moove of the Year-

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This was a very good match put on by these two. Niether Kofi Kingston nor Wade Barret botched such an awesome finish to a match. Well done to both of them. Now I understand that alot of you would say one of Randy Orton's RKOs should get this but this was just so :O. But just to be fair.

Finisher of the Year
RKO. I understand both are pretty much the same but moove of the year is more specific while Finisher of the Year should count towards whose finisher was more shocking over the year. So I got to give it to the RKO especially with Christian knowing how to sell it.

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Shocker of the Year
I have to say alot of things happened in 2011 that shocked me. But nothing shocked me more then CM Punk leaving the WWE with the WWE Championship. His shoot yes was shocking and amazing that it did inspire change, but I did not think that WWE would just have CM Punk leave the company with the title.

Rivarly of the Year
CM Punk vs John Cena. These two never sugar coated thier promos. Amazing build ups to thier rivarlies and legitimate matches. I would give to to Christian and Randy Orton but thier rivarly went to overused and old. But CM Punk and John Cena got unpredictible and made me want to tune in Raw every week.

Match of the Year
Cm Punk vs John Cena MITB. Yall might think I am overating them, which that is your opinion, but no rivarly last year had a build up, match, and unpredictibility like these 2. Don't get me wrong, Taker and Triple H stole WM27. Before the match it was predictable, but soon as Triple stole the Tombstone alot of peoplethought it was over. But it wasnt. Plus they didn't have a strong build up.

Tag Team of the Year
Airboom. Not alot of tag teams happened this year, but these two were credible champions and stayed as a tag team throughout the whole year without breaking up and starting a rivarly (which we have seen so many times). So Airboom thanks for adding high-flying excitement and ending the reign of boring Micheal Mguilicutty and David Otunga (though they did work well together).

Diva of the Year
I have to give this to both Beth Phoenix and Natayla. I thought their Divas of Doom/Salvation/Pin Up Strong(whats with the name changing) was a really good idea by the WWE. Natayla has got some mic ski;lls (sad to see her job) and Beth actually had a good matches with Kelly Kelly and Eve. I got to give them to these two cause they prooved the divas division can be better. WWE just needs to use them right.

Breakout Star of the Year
Hard. Between Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes (I will just give it to both of them). Dolph Ziggler so charasmatic with his "show off" gimmick and put on great matches week after week even if he lost. And Cody Rhodes has to have the Gimmick of the Year. He went from Dashing, Undashing ( gimmick of the year), to now. Prestigous champions who could cut really well done promos.

These were some awards that just had to be noticed. And please feel free to comment and help me become a better blogger. I would like to hear yall's proffesional input. And if you have any choices that you would rather have , just let me know.

Thanks for reading. This is Cross saying remember the Cross.

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