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The Titles in WWE: Do They Mean Anything Anymore?

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Hey Everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here about to save your week, once again, with a fresh new blog that's not the same ol, "but what about the Attitude Era?" or "WCW was great". Instead, I'm going to discuss the importance, if any, the titles in the WWE hold. A good question would be, What do the titles mean these days? They flip flop so much that it's hard to keep count who's champ anymore. I mean, how many WWE champs did we have in 2011? 7 or 8?

WWE Championship

Clearly, and I mean crystal clearly, WWE has put the most emphasis on this title. The top storyline going in the WWE revolves around this title. Seemingly, it's as high as you can go in the WWE. The WWE is pushing CM Punk as a major top superstar right now and they're pulling it off because he's holding that title. Without that title, he loses steam. So, I'm sorry for all the Zigglites out there who think that Dolph is ready for a title run, but CM Punk is the man right now, and he's not losing the title to Mr. Ziggles. So, is the WWE Title relevant? I give it a thumbs up. Yes!

World Heavyweight Championship

A lot of credible people have held this belt over the years. However now? I don't know what to think. It seems like this belt is cursed. Randy Orton held the title and suffered through a major lack in competition. Then he lost it to Marc Henry, and he suffered even more. Now, it's the hands of Daniel Bryan and I think the WWE dropped the ball with this whole Daniel Bryan MITB thing. He holds the belt and they're burying him, along with the title's credibility. Whatever their plans are for this title, right now, I think they're just killing time. This title match was the opening match at last year's Wrestlemania. By the time The Undertaker and HHH fought, no one even remembered who Edge beat. I see more of that this year. I don't know what they're waiting for, but the belt is a glorified IC Title at this point. No Relevance.

United States Championship

Okay. After Ziggly Zoo lost the title to Zach Ryder, they did put more emphasis on it. When Ziggles was the champ, after he beat Kofi about 11 times, it became more of a decoration than anything else. He was being catapulted to the top title picture at that point. He lost the belt to Ryder and is now in the WWE Title picture. Of course, this past Monday, Jack Swagger won the title so we'll see what's next. But taking the belt off Ziggler, and putting on a Ryder, who wears it proudly and really seems to take it seriously, the US Title has become relevant, once again.

Intercontinental Championship

No secret here. Obviously the IC Title means nothing. Cody mentions a blurb about it every once in a while during a promo, but there hasn't been a contender for it in a while. I don't count the Booker T feud because that served a different purpose. Booker was never getting that IC Title, and neither is Goldust. So, they're pushing Rhodes to main event status, and the IC Belt is, like the US Title was with Ziggler, is decoration. I guess the WWE only feels the need to have one mid-card title to focus on. The Intercontinental Title. Gone from Prominence, to Irrelevance.

Divas Championship

It is a title in the WWE, therefore needs to be put on the list. I'm not so sure the Divas themselves are relevant at this point, let alone the title.

Tag Team Championship

Well, I don't know how to feel about this. Air Boom had a nice run. Now, Evan Bourne can't seem to stay away from the funny stuff. So, how many times will we see Epico and Primo (can we name them please??) go against the Usos? Or will Kofi get another partner? Is there even another tag team out there? How can you have a serious tag team division with three teams? What purpose are some of these mid-carders serving that you can't pair a few of them up and have some matches? The Tag Team Titles...I'm going to say, semi-relevant.

Well, there you have it. News has been pretty slow recently so this is all I could come up with. I will be posting a new perspective on a John Cena heel turn over the weekend, so watch out for that. Thanks for reading.

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  1. silentq's Avatar
    So you give the Heavyweight title no relevance, but the tag titles semi-relevance. That's a joke. How can you say that the tag titles are relevant when there is literally less than 5 actually tag teams? You actually state this in the blog. You pretty much raise every question of what is wrong with the division then give it semi-relevant.

    Pretty much in today's WWE, the only thing that matters is being the WWE Champ. If you are stuck on Smackdown it is the Heavyweight title. Eventually they will unified. The tag titles are not even remotely relevant as the tag team division isn't even remotely relevant. This blog, no relevance.
  2. knox's Avatar
    great blog and i must say i agree. Your play on words are very funny
  3. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    I actually wrote a blog about this in 2010 on one site and again in 2011 on this site. I agree with the lack of relevance... it's disheartening.
  4. Godsmack78's Avatar
    the only thing i strongly disagree with is zack ryder giving the us title more relevance and prestige.. how?? his run was a joke and it actually hurts him more because it was a premature ejaculation that cena had that caused him to get pushed but unless he changes his gimmick quick ryder will get buried too,.. im still not sold on dolph fucking ziggler.. dammit wwe stop pushing ppl that dont deserve it.. i wont generalize but all in all good blog.. i hate that the titles dont mean shit anymore. and so appropriate that you bring up wcw and the attitude era in your intro because the belts were the companies back then...
  5. Cobra's Avatar
    Why does my comment not show?
  6. Parallax's Avatar
    In a word, "NO".

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