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The Top 10 Greatest Shoot Promos In Wrestling History

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Greetings community,

There has been something on my mind as of late that I feel I need to discuss.

I was watching some old promos the other day on YouTube, and it got me thinking, what are the 10 Best Shoot Promos in Wrestling History? I came up with my personal favorites, and here they are:

But before you ask, no. Stone Cold Steve Austin and/or Mick Foley will not be on this list in their own promos.

Honorable Mentions:
01: Tony Shivoane Promo On TNA Pay-Per-View 01-29-03
“This Is One Man’s Opinion” (WARNING: This Video Contains Some Strong Language)

02: Eric Bischoff Promo On WCW Monday Nitro 05-11-98
“The Challenge Heard Around The World”

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, This Is My Top 10:
This was the week after Stone Cold pulled the gun on Vince (McMahon). He had just revealed that he had just signed a five year contract extension with the World Wrestling Federation. The question though was, if Vince didn't authorize it, then who did, and why?
10: Shane McMahon on WWF RAW IS WAR 10-26-98
"My Name Is Shane McMahon"

My pick for Number 9 comes from the dying days of WCW. A cruiserweight emerged from the locker room stating that there was “Something That He Had To Do.” Not only did he give one of the best promos in wrestling history, but he called out the man whom he claimed to be “The Biggest Egomaniac Of Them All.” Hulk Hogan.
09: Billy Kidman on WCW Monday Nitro 04-10-00
“Hulk Hogan…I’m Calling Your … Out!”

The next man on my list is on my list twice. This event took place at one of the most historical venues in professional wrestling. The Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. It was a reunion show that was going great until it was crashed by a group of crusaders. Then, one man came out and decided to give these crusaders his thoughts during ECW One Night Stand 2005. His name, was Paul Heyman.
08: Paul Heyman At ECW One Night Stand 06-12-05
“I’ve Got Something To Say To You!”

On Valentine’s Day 2011, wrestling fans had an idea that something big was going to happen, we just didn’t know what it was or how big it was going to be. It ended up being one of the biggest moments of WWE in 2011. It was the triumphant return of “The People’s Champion” The Rock. In this incredible promo, “The Great One” wanted to address two key things. The first being how glad he was to be back in WWE, and the second being about “The Face Of WWE.” John Cena.
07: The Rock on WWE Monday Night RAW 02-14-11
“You Can’t See Me”

My pick for number six is a promo that isn’t just a promo that describes a specific event, it describes one man. “The Man.” I might get heat for choosing this particular promo, but it’s about the description of “The Man.” “The Nature Boy.” WHOOOOOOOO!!!
06: Ric Flair on WCW Monday Nitro in 2000
“If I Wanted To Be A Star…I Had To Get To St. Louis.”

I kick off my Top 5 with the promo that I believe was the unofficial kickoff of the Attitude Era of the World Wrestling Federation. It was the ending to the World Wrestling Federation’s go-home show to Wrestlemania 13. The date was March 17, 1997, the wrestler was Bret Hart, and his target was Vince McMahon and the WWF Fans.
05: Bret “The Hitman” Hart on WWF RAW IS WAR 03-17-97

On October 10, 2005, Jim Ross was fired from his duties as lead play-by-play commentator for WWE Monday Night RAW. He was replaced by the man who I believe is his next best thing, Joey Styles. Over the next seven months, Joey Styles and Jerry “The King” Lawler made a good broadcast team ring-side. Then it all culminated on May 1, 2006, when Joey Styles declared that he had had enough of “Sports Entertainment.”
04: Joey Styles on WWE Monday Night RAW 05-01-06
“I Don’t Need This Job. I QUIT!”

In February of 2001. Jerry “The King” Lawler quit the World Wrestling Federation in protest when his then wife Stacy “The Kat” Carter was released from her contract. Shortly beforehand, The World Wrestling Federation acquired Extreme Championship Wrestling. The owner of ECW, Paul Heyman, became Jerry Lawler’s replacement. For the next nine months, Paul Heyman and Jim Ross were a great commentary team. In June of 2001, Paul Heyman resurrected ECW and joined forces with Shane McMahon’s WCW. Together along with Stephanie McMahon, they formed one of the most powerful stables in wrestling history, “The Alliance.”
This is the second time Paul Heyman is featured on my list as on Thursday November 15, 2001, the go-home show before WWF Survivor Series 2001, he came out to the ring on WWF SmackDown and called out Vince McMahon.
03: Paul Heyman on WWF SmackDown 11-15-01
“…You Made Wrestling A Dirty Word. What Kind Of A Man Are You Vince?”

Now, my number two pick is the one that you all have been waiting for. The moment that had every wrestling fan talking in 2011. Seriously, this promo needs no introduction.
02: CM Punk on WWE Monday Night RAW 06-27-11
“Before I Leave WWE…I Have A Lot Of Things That I Need To Get Off Of My Chest.”

Now, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce my number one choice for the best shoot promo in wrestling history. I know I’m probably going to get a lot of heat for this, but here it goes.
This moment is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most controversial moments in the history of professional wrestling. A promo that was done by the true “Anti-Christ Of Professional Wrestling.” In most ways in this promo, he was telling the truth. It was a promo on politics and egomaniacs, and Michael Buffer said it best before he announced the main event, “Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight, we have witnessed one of the most amazing nights in Professional Wrestling.” Believe me, he wasn’t kidding. My number one choice for the Greatest Shoot Promo In Wrestling History, took place on July 9, 2000 at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida.
01: Vince Russo at WCW Bash At The Beach 2000 07-09-00 (WARNING: This Video Contains Some Strong Language)
“Hulk Hogan…KISS MY …!!!”

Well, that concludes my list of the best shoot promos in professional wrestling history. Tell me your thoughts, and follow me on Twitter @T_Hughes35

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  1. Kryptonite's Avatar
    you sir, are a genius
  2. shanemate's Avatar
    Brilliant choices, brings back some memories. Good job
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    @Kryptonite thank you. I take that as a major complement. You guys who read my blogs are all awesome. Thank you
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good stuff. I didn't watch the videos yet but I will. Awesome.

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