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ECW - wrestling at its best

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ECW probably was the best company ever for wrestling, had amazing talents, naming a few Raven, Sabu, RvD etc the list can go on.
First memory of wrestling was seeing the debut of raven in 1995 and ever since then, he has been my favorite wrestler, outstanding competitor and sell great! i don't believe i watched one match off his in ECW and found it boring or uninteresting

The thing that drawn me to ecw was the violence and the fact the wrestling was so precise! and the fact it so much different to what wwe was doing and thats what made ecw just great to watch, not saying wwe in the 1990s was crap because it was amazing.

When it came to the paperview or show they did, there card for the night, always fantastic and it never disappointed, Every match was great in its own way and by the end off it you would. left a happy wrestling fan

Watching it you think ecw is perfect, but then wwe eventually poked there nose into the picture and started taking talents away from ecw. then it became clear wwe wanted ecw gone , but ecw wouldnt buckle kept fighting. but eventually the cost of running ecw for paul heyman was to high and it stoped. The mchmahon swoped ina dn bought the writes too ecw.

WWE eventually brought ecw back to the airwaves and god that was a bad idea, they had took everything that was good and replaced it with all the stuff wwe does ringwise and storyline wise. ruining a great companys rep, because they wanted more money, from a company that wasnt theres.

Favourite Matches:

Raven vs Tommy Dreamer ( Every Match)

Mikey Whipwreck vs Steve Austin vs Sandman

Tajiri vs Super Crazy (Mexican Deathmatch)

Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko (Every Match)

Sabu vs Douglas vs Terry Funk

Rob Van Dam vs Tommy Dreamer vs Sandman vs Sabu (Extreme Rules Match)

Taz vs Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka

Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn ( Every Match)

Mick Foley vs. Mikey Whipwreck


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