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Last 10 WrestleMania's - The Epic, One time Only Matches 2

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WrestleMania 22
was a decent "Big Time" feeling PPV. The one time and only match on this occasion was the Edge v Mick Foley hardcore match. This was Edge's first big match WM singles moment, as he and the long departed Mick Foley stole the show among the vast hardcore audience. This was WWE in 2006, hardcore wrestling was big among the public and had been since The Attitude Era, and they would soon attempt to reinvigorate ECW. The highlight was Edge spearing Foley through a flaming table from the ring to the floor to get the 1-2-3.

The other big draws

One big match was the No Holds Barred bout between Shawn Michaels and Mr McMahon. A lot of anger was in the iwc in the run up to this over McMahon's right to be in this position, but the match was fun enough, as HBK brutalised McMahon once he got rid of nasty interferers like Shane McMahon and the Spirit Squad.

Undertaker had his least significant and least promoted "streak era" match of all as he defeated Mark Henry in a casket match.

Unfortunately Mickey James defeated Trish Stratus for the womens title but forgot to lez out for everybody at home. H.L.A, Hot Lesbian Action, will it ever come back? We had a lot of it haha.

Rey Mysterio became the biggest underdog of that time as he predictably (though definitely rightly) beat Randy Orton and defending champ Kurt Angle in a fast paced but criminally short Triple Threat to become World champ, and thus a funny sight would emerge for months of him being vastly outsized by his BIGGER THAN AVERAGE title belt. As for the angle, all I'll say is RIP Eddie.

Triple H entered as Conan the Barbarian (lol) and John Cena made his way to the ring with an entourage of 20's style Tommy Gun and dressed in black with a hat kind of people, including CM Punk, and fought over Cena's WWE Title. This Mania was in Chicago, and they really, really, really hated Cena and loved Triple H, cause Chicago (and me) would take SUPER HEEL over SUPER CENA anyday. Fanboys orgasmed simultaneously as Triple H did the DX chop AS WELL AS Michaels in his earlier match, teasing and resulting in an eventual reunion. Cena somehow won with an STF a.k.a STFU (To me, this was when I noticed Cena would win every match he was in).

WrestleMania 23 may have been "All Grown Up" but seemed a misconstructed card to me. I liked it, I'll always get into WrestleMania mood but it didn't have much appeal for me as the most recent efforts. The big money spinner on this (or you would be led to believe) was the Battle of the Billionaires between Donald Trump and Vince McMahon, gaining widespread media attention, and it would be officiated by the always great Stone Cold Steve Austin. What is so odd about this is that the actual in-ring competitors took a back seat publicity wise, Umaga and Bobby Lashley, unlike most WrestleMania big matches. Happily for everyone McMahon ended getting his head shaved, and Austin stunned everybody, Hooray!

The other draws

Match of the night was rumble winner Undertaker beating up Batista for the Wold Title and keeping the streak in tact. Whoever says Batista's not a main event quality guy, look at this match.

The actual main event of the night was John Cena WINNING..AGAIN grrrrrrrr, beating Shawn Michaels by STFU in a rather good match actually. I say Grrr because I like many others really thought that it was time for Michaels to have another run with the strap, and because it was kind of fun to hate Cena, because it was so easy haha.

The Money In The Bank match was huge. Unfortunately I have never seen it in it's entirety because I never ordered the PPV before and I haven't been able to find it on Youtube. But the competitors included Edge, both Hardyz, Mr Kennedy, Finlay, CM Punk, Randy Orton, and King Booker. Apart from Finlay, all huge names in that match, which Kennedy won making him look indeed like the future.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather v The Big Show was the thing that put butts in seats for WrestleMania XXIV in Orlando. The match was heavily hyped and got what WWE always want, and that's a bit of mainstream media. The timing was impeccable on WWE's part, as Mayweather had just come off victorious after a big time fight against Ricky Hatton. As he is a celebrity, Mayweather beat the Big Show, even though that would never, ever, EEEEEEEEVER happen in any other scenario.

The other Big Draws

Once more, I feel dirty. For any wrestling fan, which thankfully make the most noise at these events, the match of the night would live long in the momory, and that was HBK retiring Ric Flair at this Mania. Great match from 2 of the very best storytellers ever.

The Raw main event consisted of John Cena and Triple H, both on the comeback trail, trying to beat the bastard that was Randy Orton for his WWE Title. This match looked absolutely huge on paper and was not too bad, even though fan favourite Triple H didn't win and evil monkey Orton did. At least Cena didn't win, so that was a positive as the IWC becomes a pretty unbearable place to congregate when he's champ.

SD's main event was a streak v Ttile match, which included a handy little nugget that Edge had never lost at WrestleMania either (conveniently forgetting the previous year). Taker won in what was a really brilliant match by his new arsenal attack, Hell's Gate.

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